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Arlo Technologies ist ein Hausautomationsunternehmen, das drahtlose Kameras und Haussicherungssysteme herstellt. Arlo gehört Netgear.

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August 04: Probleme bei Arlo

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  • robsbledsoe Robert S. Bledsoe (@robsbledsoe) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome just “waited in line” for 10 minutes. Then nobody was there - call ended. Then connected with someone, worked for 20 minutes - and then he just ended the call. Please help me get my 3rd camera connected!

  • DwivediAbhi Abhishek Dwivedi (@DwivediAbhi) berichtet

    .@ArloSmartHome I am really pained by your customer service. Complained about a non working camera back in April (case # 42451689) and till date did not get a replacement (even after repeated follow up). This is such a bad service for a company who should take security seriously!

  • trushift Trushift (@trushift) berichtet

    @appleinsider I wouldn't be recommending anything from @ArloSmartHome - Arlo / HomeKit has been broken and still no fix. Can't use Arlo cameras on apple HomeKit

  • trushift Trushift (@trushift) berichtet

    @ask_Arlo @iBanks_x3 C'mon @ArloSmartHome Get your crap together and fix Apple Homekit already or refund me.

  • DanOrteez Daniel Ortiz (@DanOrteez) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome when will connectivity issues related to your smart hub not connecting with Apple HomeKit be fixed? Bought pro 3 cameras as you specifically market them as HomeKit compatible yet many people including me can’t connect there cameras to home kit since 07/19. Help?

  • JBowes7600 J. Bowes (@JBowes7600) berichtet

    @DuncanDaHusky @ArloSmartHome Oh no! I ended up purchasing and installing an Arlo hardwired video doorbell a month or so ago. I really like it so far. I hope they help you get it figured out soon.

  • boyettec316 Boyettec316 (@boyettec316) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome your cameras are the worst. It goes offline for no reason, then I have to troubleshoot and waste my time on the phone, only for this issue to happen all over again the following month. EVERY MONTH. It’s a useless security because it’s offline

  • andyrl3v Andy L 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺 (@andyrl3v) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome are your servers down all my devices seem to be disconnected?

  • KyleAllan Kyle Allan (@KyleAllan) berichtet

    @bachovski @ArloSmartHome Same issue, should this not be a priority?

  • Penfanackapan PenAkimbo 🏳️‍🌈 (@Penfanackapan) berichtet

    .@ArloSmartHome Hi, I lodged a support claim via the app incl screenshot. Thought issue was fixed. Two days later the support claim has been deleted from my account & my camera will no longer connect. Why has someone blocked my camera id? This isn't okay behaviour.

  • finleythefishy Dave the Rave (@finleythefishy) berichtet

    Hey @ArloSmartHome after a faulty camera out of the box, my case still isn't resolved, replacement camera can't be added to free trial and isn't recording. Agent has stopped answering on case 42573252 (UK). Help!

  • MsSuzieEllis Suzie Ellis (@MsSuzieEllis) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome @amazon I HATE using a, "2 STEP LOGIN".  I have a password. If I am REQUIRED to use this stupid 2 STEP SYSTEM I will trash these cameras & buy a whole new system from another company.  Does anyone know how to DISABLE this stupid feature???  I should be able to decide if I WANT it or not!

  • Patchey04 Patchey04 (@Patchey04) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome @amazon @ArloSmartHome love my Arlo cameras from over the years but the green screen issue on my brand new ultra 2’s needs to be fixed. When video records it’s just a green screen 40% of the time. Arlo support hasn’t reached out to me in days since I provided all the info. #badsupport

  • gw_wyatthealth George Wyatt (@gw_wyatthealth) berichtet

    Spent 1 hour on chat with @ArloSmartHome and they tried to blame their hardware problem on the new modem when everything else works fine with the modem. #poorcustomerservice I do not recommend them. Try #Google or #Amazon first.

  • andrew_f_martin andrew f martin (@andrew_f_martin) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome I've been chasing a resolution on your Chime2 for MONTHS and can't get an answer. I just want an RMA/refund at this point. Support Case # 42459456. Can you help just get this done?

  • ScottVaske Scott Vaske (@ScottVaske) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome You’ve made older cameras useless. They don’t record anymore, and no “tricks” helped! #garbage

  • srbaker Steven R. Baker (@srbaker) berichtet

    @dgoodlad @ArloSmartHome Placement hasn’t been a problem. One camera never stops seeing motion where there’s none. Another never sees it when it’s there. The doorbell keeps just going to sleep. And the app is just complete garbage. It’s not easy to use, the interface is missing things, and it’s crashy.

  • srbaker Steven R. Baker (@srbaker) berichtet

    If you’re thinking about getting @ArloSmartHome video stuff, don’t. The hardware is unreliable. The software is complete garbage. I have never been so unhappy with a product. It’s worse than having nothing.

  • DrIrishBloom DrIrishBloom (@DrIrishBloom) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome Me: Arlo, help! Arlo: it’s def your fault. Here’s some generic help. Me: okay did all that, still not working. It’s only been a year and half! Arlo: oh it’s been more than a year since bought? We’ll admit now it’s def our fault, but sucks for you. Want a coupon?

  • DixieLadyBR549 Trump WON! (@DixieLadyBR549) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome Arlo security cameras work great - ONE MAJOR PROBLEM with/Arlo package is inability to change the sound on notifications!! Great cameras, but at 2AM when we’re asleep & someone is on our property, we need a better ALERT sound. We need something loud enough to wake us up!

  • jweiss89 J (@jweiss89) berichtet

    @ring I've had a Ring Doorbell for over a week now with a known issue that won't connect or function at all. Your tech support has consistently failed to send out the replacement unit they promised. Which of your competitors should I buy from? @googlenest @ArloSmartHome

  • jdsmithphx101 Veteran (@jdsmithphx101) berichtet

    @xlegendxero @ArloSmartHome Return it. More problems will come. They are terrible cameras.

  • NYvoyager Kelvin Peña (@NYvoyager) berichtet von Lake Worth, Florida

    @ArloSmartHome Arlo app randomly logs me out of my Arlo account. This is effectively a design flaw because maintenance men went in my apartment and no video was recorded when it should have because I’m using geofencing and I was not home! If this continues I want a refund

  • Nessietown Vanessa Martinez (@Nessietown) berichtet

    @pedroatamayo @ArloSmartHome Yes! I’ve been saying this. I have been working on the same issue since February

  • Raphaelauad Raphael Auad (@Raphaelauad) berichtet

    @ring You are no help. I will not give ring another try. I’ll take my loss with your terrible product and after researching, I’m happily going to @ArloSmartHome 🙏🙏

  • ConciergeSpain Gladys Chavez (@ConciergeSpain) berichtet

    Después de 3 años y dos instalaciones con @SecuritasDirect estoy muy decepcionada del servicio técnico. Hoy tuve que abrir una reclamación por la falta de celeridad con un problema que tengo con una cámara @ArloSmartHome desde el 1er día que la instalaron! La Paciencia se agota.

  • rafskin Rafael Kouyghadosh (@rafskin) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome I keep trying to contact you guys and get nowhere. Please help

  • dcwhatwhat Jamie Madden (digitalchild) (@dcwhatwhat) berichtet

    Wow @ArloSmartHome did you get a cardboard box to program your 2FA system? I have never in my life seen such a terrible experience. I’ve spent an hour trying to help my friend log in to his camera system. 1 star do not recommend.

  • claireywalshe claire (@claireywalshe) berichtet

    @ArloSmartHome I just direct messaged you about our Baby Arlo which has been not working on & off since we purchased it in November. Please check. From a tired mother 😐


    @ArloSmartHome Why does your app often and randomly stop reporting that it has recorded videos? Seems to be an issue plaguing both iOS and android versions.