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Bitstamp ist eine Bitcoin-Börse mit Sitz in Luxemburg. Es erlaubt den Handel zwischen USD-Währung und Bitcoin-Kryptowährung. Es erlaubt USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum oder Ripple Einzahlungen und Abhebungen.

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  • BtcBlackthorne ₿lackthorne (@BtcBlackthorne) berichtet

    @Sawcruhteez @0l0ll00ll0l0 @MustStopMurad @LeahWald @Bitstamp Those pros should have studied the market cycle a little better. I look at @100trillionUSD charts to figure out where we are. The lower we go, the more likely the statement will turn out to be correct one time. Broken clock, right twice a day. 🤣

  • TimIowaCorn Delayed Gratification (@TimIowaCorn) berichtet

    @JoeCarlasare @Sawcruhteez @LeahWald @MustStopMurad @Bitstamp Brutal! Maybe it would make better sense if @Sawcruhteez received 1 BTC if price comes down to his target. @MustStopMurad is a good man, I’m sure he’ll amend the bet for the sake of fairness. After all, MSM did brag that his target was a for sure thing. 😂

  • DavidChudzik Dawid Chudzik ⚡ (@DavidChudzik) berichtet

    @LeahWald @CFan90 @Sawcruhteez @MustStopMurad @Bitstamp Im down @LeahWald. Maybe we can split the bet 50/50. I put in 10.5 million bitcoins, you put in 10.5 million bitcoins, and @CFan90 puts in 21 million bitcoins on the opposing side.

  • Heath783 Heath (@Heath783) berichtet

    @XrpMr click on bitstamp the chart that says no data scroll down and tell me what you see for the ask price for usd / xrp. the one chart stopped reporting two days ago but the one below in didn't

  • MarioGuja mario guja (@MarioGuja) berichtet

    @coffee8000 nah this app is very bad. bitstamp should work a lot to fix all the bugs

  • QGifty_service Qgifty (@QGifty_service) berichtet

    @zaifdotjp A year ago I've deposited ETH via internal transaction (from bitstamp) I've written a lot of issues And everyone you say "we will investigate and try to deposit your ETH" It's more than a year passed.... My ETH still on your ETH wallet And still not on my deposit... Do help pls

  • toomuch72 My2Centrist [I ❤️ Bitcoin CASH] (@toomuch72) berichtet

    @kingmr012 @mikerelentless @Egon_01 @Bitstamp @nejc_kodric Being anti government, as I am, has nothing to do with bitcoin. Bitcoin also won't make the government any more accountable or moral. They don't follow the same rules we are forced to by the government. Minimal local gov would be the only way to fix GOVERNANCE and those can be

  • QGifty_service Qgifty (@QGifty_service) berichtet

    @zaifdotjp A year ago I've deposited ETH via internal transaction (from bitstamp) I've written a lot of issues And everyone you say "we will investigate and try to deposit your ETH" It's more than a year passed.... My ETH still on your ETH wallet And still not on my deposit...

  • QGifty_service Qgifty (@QGifty_service) berichtet

    @zaifdotjp A year ago I've deposited ETH via internal transaction (from bitstamp) I've written a lot of issues And everyone you say "we will investigate and try to deposit your ETH" It's more than a year passed.... My ETH still on your ETH wallet And still not on my deposit...

  • HammerToe Matt Hamilton (@HammerToe) berichtet

    @ParamdeepO @AlexCobb_ @jack @xrptipbot A gateway is just a business that issues an IOU on the XRP Ledger. e.g. Bitstamp issue USD and BTC IOUs on the Ledger. You deposit BTC or USD with them and they give you an USD or BTC IOU in return. Anyone can issue IOUs, it harks back to the pre-Bitcoin idea RipplePay had.

  • Eduardo_CanalDS Eduardo De Souza (@Eduardo_CanalDS) berichtet

    @Bitstamp not the best one, but works. You still have to fix some bugs

  • VegasRenegade Hammer D. Lane (@VegasRenegade) berichtet

    @MarkYusko If we fix tax code, cryptos could be much high! @Bitstamp

  • CaptainScio CaptainScio: FA and TA For BTC And Indices (@CaptainScio) berichtet

    Imagine other exchanges going down because of stupidity, losing people’s #Bitcoin because they don’t hold their own keys. #Binance, #Bitfinex, #Bitmex, #Bitstamp, #Coinbase. So many exchanges. So MANY coins lost forever causing a shortage. Add in the halvening as well. Prices 🗼

  • WaveNotWave Rich Fineman (@WaveNotWave) berichtet

    @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp It won’t scroll down any further, it just zooms-+ the chart if I try

  • crypTruth Tex S Hodlem (@crypTruth) berichtet

    @rothbardsarmy @Bitstamp I'm sure they'd reset it for you with verification. Regarding the two options, I'm a dev for a site that's currently extending 2FA capabilities. Google Auth is free since it has no third party. Paying a 3rd party to manage Authy would cost us $.09 per login, which adds up. No thx

  • Sergej_Berezin Serge (@Sergej_Berezin) berichtet

    @CryptoSays Next step in my utopia is for for Binance to issue their Debit Cards, so traders could cash out! Bitstamp had these earlier. 💳

  • Akasost Sink or Swim 🎃 (@Akasost) berichtet

    @Kramerwhale @JFxhunter @Bitstamp Pow is ultimately flawed and can’t solve the double spend problem. Thats why some of the original BTC cryptographers split off and solved it with consensus. Ripple could shut its doors tomorrow and XRP would continue as it’s decentralised and open source. More so than BTC. Sorry.

  • LiamLightmare Flo S. 💧 (@LiamLightmare) berichtet

    @PianoXr Same here. But right now liquidity is a problem to consider. I'm using Bitstamp and would have trouble.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) berichtet

    @Mangyek0 @XRPnoob1 @BankXRP It doesn’t, but bitstamp is heavily intertwined with ripple and the xrp ledger(they literally have business on the ledger they issue assets). The Swiss bank isn’t interested in them for their name.... :)

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) berichtet

    @Mangyek0 @XRPnoob1 @BankXRP The XRP Ledger is a decentralized exchange. Gateways issue assets on the XRP Ledger. For example I can trad xrp for USD right on the XRP Ledger. Bitstamp facilitates this by being a gateway that issued usd on the ledger.

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) berichtet

    @Mangyek0 @XRPnoob1 @BankXRP They are also the first ripple gateway and still are (past several years). They issue assets, like bitstamp-usd on the XRP Ledger.

  • Davidgang112 David bildea (@Davidgang112) berichtet

    @BTCTN now bitstamp needs to fix the complexity of the KYC procedure. normally it takes 2-3 docs and few days, but at bitstamp verification process might take up to few weeks and 100+ docs...

  • BasicallyX2 BasicallyX (@BasicallyX2) berichtet

    @BankXRP meh bitstamp should just give up already and shut down trading

  • raihangantz Ahmad Raihan Anwar (@raihangantz) berichtet

    @BTCTN New method to hide from real problems - nice move Bitstamp

  • raihangantz Ahmad Raihan Anwar (@raihangantz) berichtet

    @THLifeIsGood @arjunkkohli I can't stand Bitstamp anymore Too much problems with this platform and the worst thing is that no one answers

  • 604XRP_Malaysia 🇨🇦 604XRP_Malaysia 🇲🇾 (@604XRP_Malaysia) berichtet

    @ThinkingCrypto1 Ask them if their change in USD banks is completed or not. Back in Nov I tried to send fiat to my USD bank and it took 1.5 months. If this isn't resolved it could be a huge issue for customers and bitstamp when it comes time to cash out.

  • pr0t3usx Proteus (@pr0t3usx) berichtet

    @frank_fx1 @Bitstamp I bought Ripple in 2014 lol, and sold the garbage once I realized what it was... I missed no boat there. The problem is the people supporting XRP don't even understand what "decentralized" actually means. You guys are clueless. Keep feeding my short positions though, I love it.

  • JesusXRP XJesus (@JesusXRP) berichtet

    @XRPcryptowolf @ArielCendana @Bitstamp They are also already partner with @Swissquote which is the online swiss bank no1 and they provide crypto purchase using bitstamp. The only problem is that they keep it for you you can't withdraw your assets but they will enable this function this year they announced.

  • TmillerXrp XRP T Miller (@TmillerXrp) berichtet

    @MichelleSchlen6 @auditmeplease @BankXRP @UpholdInc You can still wire funds and the costs are lower that way... debit cards, yes... I don't know about your individual bank because they have to allow the international transaction to london. I was having issues at my bank and i had to go in approve "bitstamp london" transactions

  • TmillerXrp XRP T Miller (@TmillerXrp) berichtet

    @auditmeplease @BankXRP @UpholdInc I use bitstamp and i use my debit card and buy them instantly... never had any issues, other than from my own bank, which were resolved.

  • zorba_dorba ☇zorba☇ (@zorba_dorba) berichtet

    @Bitstamp Stop supporting this shitcoin scam and fix all bug in your app.

  • Uruncles Uruncle (@Uruncles) berichtet

    @epid3mija @cz_binance @bitfinex @krakenfx @BitMEXResearch @Bitstamp @OKEx @DeribitExchange ...and yes email is usually really bad because usually there is no encryption. is better for transfer, but files may end up getting store somewhere on the web server because it is convenient for exchanges.

  • XRPisVelocity 💧 Todd 💧🌊🌊 (@XRPisVelocity) berichtet

    @digitalassetbuy @Ripple I've been planning but so far no good. I have bitstamp, coinbase,bittrex, kraken and uphold accounts. @Bitstamp no limits but hearing issues about them releasing the fiat after cashing out. @krakenfx u need a large net worth for OTC. Same for coinbase. I'm not rich so no luck OTC

  • OptiToken OptiToken (@OptiToken) berichtet

    Bitcoin levels of relevance! Using @Bitstamp keep eye on $3355 to short side & the coupled 20 & 50 day MAs, with upper at $3690. NOTE on its current path, 20MA would cross under the 50day in 2-4 days & if it doesn’t bounce off than it could be catalyst for a new bearish leg down.

  • VaultMex VaultMex (@VaultMex) berichtet

    @Bitstamp @132Tur132 That's just a waste of storage resources. 32MB are easily fillable with spam txs. Increasing the block size isn't solving any issue, i'ts just a (weak) turnaround. P.S. many shitcoins already had enormous block size...

  • StockBoardAsset Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) berichtet


  • DeItaOne *Walter Bloomberg (@DeItaOne) berichtet


  • dachosachi CryptoRegit (@dachosachi) berichtet

    @Bitstamp 2/2 The energy needed is not really a problem since every electricity plant in the world produces more electricity than is actually used. So they would just need to redirect that excess to a mining pool, which would be of almost no cost.

  • CryptoPressNews Crypto Press (@CryptoPressNews) berichtet

    Bitstamp "thecryptophilia It depends how deep you want to go. The further down the chain a block is, the longer it takes to change its contents, because you would have to re-mine all the subsequent blocks. How much time this takes depends on your hashpower."

  • pablitoxrp pablitoxrp (@pablitoxrp) berichtet

    @IvoGrlica @Bitstamp I wanted to change my email at Bitstamp a few weeks ago too. No issues. Only needed a selfie with handwritten request. Once that was done, went through in days. Sorry to hear yours is taking so long. Can’t blame Bitstamp for being careful.

  • gtlonrho George T 🇪🇺🇬🇷🇬🇧♋️⚜️🏕✈️ (@gtlonrho) berichtet

    @boyd_oakes @Bitstamp Never ever had an issue except late support replies but nothing serious.

  • csuwildcat Daniel Ƀ (@csuwildcat) berichtet

    @galgitron @Bitstamp No, you droning on about broken arguments like Moore's Law, game theoretically defiant black swans, and unobtainium, is a waste of my time. Just skip to the part where you tell me about XRP (the substandard) and the wondrous alternatives you prefer.

  • aaronjcayanan Aaron Cayanan (@aaronjcayanan) berichtet

    @JoelKatz @XRP_Mahn1 @Bitstamp this is of course all cool but as far as I know bitstamp has problems with security

  • wennersoares Wenner Soares (@wennersoares) berichtet

    @Bitstamp Hello Bitstamp I have some problems with my account Please pay some attention on my letters!

  • maxkeiser Max Keiser, tweet poet. (@maxkeiser) berichtet

    @mdudas Just exited BitStamp for a huge gain. About to do same on several others. Again, I suggest it might be time to take it down a notch and possibly learn something. Just a suggestion...

  • DSBlake Demetreus S. Blake (@DSBlake) berichtet

    @Christi92883512 @Crunchify For beginners it is important to know a few facts about Bitstamp, first this exchange fraud which does not just fall into the center of scandals, and secondly they have a very slow withdrawals

  • DSBlake Demetreus S. Blake (@DSBlake) berichtet

    @ico_friends 1. Very slow withdrawals. 2. Disclosure of users ' personal data without their consent. These two reasons enough that would not choose bitstamp

  • BoNoremac NoremacThink (Inc.)®™ (@BoNoremac) berichtet

    @Bitstamp Hey @Bitstamp I did'nt say there were any issues. All good, just observing order books since over a year that's all. Best regards.

  • XRPTrump Dr. T ⚡️ (@XRPTrump) berichtet

    @BoNoremac @p3_ris @HammerToe @galgitron @XRP0WER @moneywraith @didduediligence @JoelKatz @xrpunited I know of 4 exchanges not 5: Bitso, CoinsPh, Bitstamp, Bittrex. If Bittrex goes down, I'd imagine xRapid could still work if customer had accounts in Bitstamp too and vice versa. Not sure what would happen if Coinsph or Bitso go down. I don't know about storage scheme either 2/

  • JonnyMoeTrades Jonny Moe (@JonnyMoeTrades) berichtet

    Where I have the biggest issue with this is where I see people suggest that price action on Bitmex has more value than other exchanges because it has more volume. In reality, $XBT is forced to mimic the $BTC price of Coinbase, Bitstamp, and (sometimes) Kraken.

  • siumanhon Herbert (@siumanhon) berichtet

    @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp @Bitstamp your complain officer was putting T&C to state Bitstamp doesn’t guarantee any errors. Giving me virtual” coupon with condition while I suffer real money loss for from your hiccup is effectively me paying for your errors. Good customer strategy! 👍🏻

  • siumanhon Herbert (@siumanhon) berichtet

    @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp I don’t see any changes in the stance for sending me “virtual” coupon with condition while I suffer real money loss for your errors

  • wmahoney5 JohnGalt (@wmahoney5) berichtet

    @SupportBitstamp @arndt_gg @Bitstamp I can't get into my account. I set up two factor in Google and the code worked for coinbase but when I went to sign in for bitstamp, the codes won't work on Authenticator. The authenticator app used to have one code for coinbase and another for Bitstamp

  • cryptopolis_xrp Cryptopolis (@cryptopolis_xrp) berichtet

    @arndt_gg @Bitstamp "IOUs are tokens issued on the platform that are redeemable for a fungible asset such as USD, gold or crude oil. Anyone can issue IOUs, however in order for someone to accept payment in IOUs they must trust that the person or organisation who issued them will be able to redeem"

  • XRPTrump Dr. T ⚡️ (@XRPTrump) berichtet

    @CryptoHeimdall @p3_ris @galgitron @JoelKatz @xrpunited @p3_ris You can login into Bittrex and Bitstamp +.1039 @xrptipbot

  • 24KCrypto 24KaratCrypto (@24KCrypto) berichtet

    @OppongBs @MustStopMurad @renato_shira I agree $1200 is improbable although not impossible. Anything below $2377 is more than a 88.6 fib retracement from our previous bottom to our ATH on Bitstamp. $2500 is also my target for that large bearish pennant we broke down from so quite possible we bottom in the low $2ks..

  • Alexintosh Alexintosh.dexname.eth ⟠ Dexlab (@Alexintosh) berichtet

    @g_dip @Mariandipietra @mikedemarais @pedrouid @MakerDAO @sendwyre @Bitstamp @nanexcool No problem. I believe the idea of synthetic assets backed by DAI it's very interesting but I couldn't figure it out how that part might work. If you get new info please ping me.

  • RichardHeartWin Richard Heart [BitcoinHEX] (@RichardHeartWin) berichtet

    @oisyn @CryptGold @Bitstamp So you have to wait a hundred, I don't see the problem. You still got the blocks.

  • Ciprian02816266 Ciprian XRP (@Ciprian02816266) berichtet

    @Bibird_ @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp I have the same issue since yesterday. Also with IE is the same.


    @wheredidjonahgo @Bitstamp Stealing someone's unsecured private keys is a personal issue. The infrastructure getting exploited with a 51% attack means the network hashrate isn't high enough.