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Coinbase ist ein Digital Asset Broker mit Hauptsitz in San Francisco, Kalifornien. Sie vermitteln Börsen von Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin und anderen digitalen Vermögenswerten mit Fiat-Währungen in 32 Ländern und Bitcoin-Transaktionen und -Speichern in 190 Ländern weltweit.

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  • Flabio (@Flabinho17) berichtet

    @coinbase stole me 5$ when sending them to Mist server

  • Andrew🤜🤛✊ (@AndrewTPCB) berichtet

    Be very weary of @wirexapp! At the same time I sent ETH from coinbase & wirex to the same address on bitfinex. The coinbase transaction was processed ok but wirex was never received. They are saying it was processed on the blockchain and isn't their problem. #Crypto #Blockchain

  • Dondrey Taylor (@dondreytaylor) berichtet

    @Brad2pointO @coinbase @circlepay @centre_io That’s a terrible idea. Completely disagree. Blocking forks is the equivalent of censorship. All forks should fight it out and let the market decide which one has value. That shouldn’t be the job of any exchange or gatekeeper, which is a large part of our problems now.

  • LotusMystic (@PlutusCrypto) berichtet

    @ChicoCrypto @jimmylipham Pantos is their coin,great looking project very early still,all these coins the next i see 2 go to coinbase is @AugurProject cause its erc20 while others have their blockchains which will slow down the adding procedure,also OMG is an erc20 so this is the next bunch added i think

  • João Paulo Gomes (#NOBCASH) (@BTCtradePt) berichtet

    @davthewave ABC supporters business (DCG bitmain coinbase bitpay xapo ...) is to destroy Bitcoin and control a new version SV group its a lonely angry man with issues about Bitcoin power with no business vision

  • Brandon (@Priklypearadise) berichtet

    @Beastlyorion In 2014 I had an auto buy linked to my direct deposit through Coinbase. Every time I looked at the statement it would buy more and more BTC each time all the way down around $200=BTC

  • Andrew Golay (@AndrewGolay) berichtet

    Keeping my #BCH on @CoinbasePro today... Don't let me down, @coinbase!

  • James Macaulay (@macaulayjames2) berichtet

    @XrpYoda @XrpMr About 6 months ago - or more - there were numerous 'rumors' around that it really boiled down to one weird, but simple reason. Coinbase indicated there was bad blood between them and Ripple. Who knows...

  • Cryptonomy4world (@ZenChiPhi) berichtet

    @CryptoMichNL This is bottom of falling wedge on bitfinex but broken of bitstamp and coinbase. Bottom can be formed already, bottom can be @ 5k bitstamp/coinbase and if panick sellers step in 3k is possible imo. This drop is a gitf for Bakkt users who can start building longs from mid December

  • Crypto Mikey (@CryptoCX1) berichtet

    @CryptoRanger1 @CryptoStorm369 @cz_binance @APompliano I know it sucks man, but this is the world we live in. Look at other exchange issues when they go down. That's why I maintain minimal exposure pre downtime. No one is safe. We saw a much worse situation in 2017 with Coinbase. People lost >100m I believe.

  • satoshi's kitten 😺🙀😸😺 (@sheeptweetZ) berichtet

    @mdudas @coinbase Coinbase volume is down us buyers have moved onto next ponzi scam

  • heverac (@hevercastro) berichtet

    @JosephMoranXRP @coinbase @circlepay @centre_io Coinbase forced binance to add USDC stable coin because it is urgent for them to have a stable coin as a shelter for traders in extreme volatilities. USDT tether is having many problems with banks backing it up. Tether is now dead...

  • Harshit Tiwari 🇮🇳 (@kallgorr) berichtet

    @coinbase @circlepay @centre_io Delist Bitcoin. End of problems.

  • Harshit Tiwari 🇮🇳 (@kallgorr) berichtet

    @coinbase @circlepay @centre_io You know you're in a TERRIBLE bear market when everyone is delisting S*** coins and listing stable coins.

  • I_Watch_Cryptos (@CryptosWatch) berichtet

    @coinbase @circlepay @centre_io Stay away, it will go DOWN hard just like anything Coinbase lists!

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