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Cryptopia ist ein Kryptowährung Austausch in Neuseeland. Cryptopia bietet auch Mining-Pools und Auktionen.

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  • FxSystematic (@FxSystematic) berichtet

    I forgot that #btc was moving so quickly. Update on the previous post. 9900 was broken as well and the neckline of the double top 9650. channel base now @ 9250/9300 (sup). Sell rally (9900/10050). . . . #CryptoNews #cryptopia #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #bitcoin $btcusd

  • (@CryptoNinjaco) berichtet

    @dke82 I think it will be more like Cryptopia, where there is not a day, where it’s over. I still hold some hope for the LUX I had there. But deep down, I know it’s gone.

  • MKDragon (@mkdragon25) berichtet

    @thecryptomonk I bought into some scam icos when i first got into crypto and lost a little bit when cryptopia shut down but over all ive been pretty lucky

  • CryptoCrunkd (@CryptoCrunkd) berichtet

    @Spongecoinbob Yeah this whole run felt staged to me. I used to trade low sat coins on cryptopia and whenever a player pushed a price up through order book manipulation it crashed down twice as hard in the end. That's what I'm seeing here. Open to being wrong though

  • Life, BTC'd (@BLOCKNINETYNINE) berichtet

    @BitcoinDood Thanks... I said it before...I lost EVERYTHING in cryptopia (at time, ~24 btc worth of btc and 30 other coins) was heart broken and bitter for 2+ years. Will take a look at article...but when I see the word cryptopia my face starts bending and pinching and heart rate elevates.

  • Jay (@JayCriptorich) berichtet

    @timmy_017 Look for the latest news about this at #cryptopia website......I think they are working on the issue. It may take 4-5 months! You may get all the #ETN BACK!

  • Daniel Themmel (@DThemmel) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ Scam i dont think we get our cryptos back its like @BiteBTCLive also scam exchange they had a ..server house fire'' lol. Cryptopia get hacked sure only lies .... The real thing is they stole it for sure now, they will make us believe they was hacked. No way. But we will see.

  • CryptoBison (@CryptoBis0n) berichtet

    @idexio Hey, I just submitted a request to relist @Publica (PBL). I'm not working for them, just as a community member: It would be very nice from you to support it with a relisting as they had bad luck with Kucoin delisting them and then the Cryptopia hack happened. Help pls :)

  • Crypto Mikey (@CryptoCX1) berichtet

    @crypto_n_more @BeaxyExchange @CoinbasePro @Gemini Three incredible recommendations! $XTZ and $DERO volume would be solid. $BIS doesn’t believe in marketing (and kind of became a relic following Cryptopia shut down) so it might fall flat, great tech under the hood though.

  • ElChapoCrypto (@Bliss7111) berichtet

    @binance My list a lot of cryptos when cryptopia went down and I started using binance. I thought the same thing was going to happen with binance was hacked but you guys bounced back immediately. Happy birthday binance 🤗

  • Northern CryptoLapwing (@CryptoLapwing) berichtet

    @DediCrypto @Bob_Hopium @ShardaxOfficial @shardcoin Cryptobridge is only exchange to buy shard right now before Shardax open. Cryptopia shut down unfortunately

  • Nigel Ramdial (@Snapz1969) berichtet

    @soleil_dusoir9 I don't know if it's that bad, I bought $QRK once, was actually relieved when Cryptopia went down and I no longer had to look at it

  • TribalHound (@TribalHound) berichtet

    @JBTheCryptoKing @Cryptopia_NZ Ditto - sent a string of emails - not one response - open Cryptopia for withdrawals and we’ll save them time / effort working out who owns what. They’ll have a handful left to trace. Just as well btc up 100% since the hack, but Alts down sooo much - gotta bounce soon

  • GRAEME THINLIPS *blue tick* (@GUY_FIREY) berichtet

    @notsofast Only found out about cryptopia recently, 30% of my portfolio down the drain :(

  • Julius (@j_b_t) berichtet

    @skwp @sa_ddam213 Imagine you unexpectedly close down all access to that small location, keep the scrap metal and run away with it, pretending you had to close it down because you couldn't pay your rent. That's cryptopia.

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