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Cryptopia ist ein Kryptowährung Austausch in Neuseeland. Cryptopia bietet auch Mining-Pools und Auktionen.

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  • Helgi_KO Helgi 🇺🇦 (@Helgi_KO) berichtet

    @JuliaDavisNews The mindset... just buy cheap and sell high. One day 3 yrs ago that GBX thang was going up and down on Cryptopia so I've made me illuminated with some 5k dollars

  • thesussexitguy Prince Jasbo (@thesussexitguy) berichtet

    @Crex_24 site down or doing a cryptopia ;P

  • derekcapo Derek Capó (@derekcapo) berichtet

    My opinion is that the best case scenario is that customers of cryptopia may get some of their funds by 2021. The issue here is that @Cryptopia_NZ had over 800 coins so it is not easy at all to manage all of this and fast. Most of the 800 were erc20 but still lots to work on.

  • derekcapo Derek Capó (@derekcapo) berichtet

    In a liquidation the lawyers and consultants get paid first then any loans that are senior secured like a bank loan then it goes down the capital structure of the business (the last report showed barely any debt for Cryptopia)

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) berichtet

    Hi all #cryptopia users, please help me report @helpcryptopia to twitter to get their account shut down. They're trying to prey on people already affected, by pretending to be support. Absolutely shameful. Thanks. @Cryptopia_NZ @GrantThorntonNZ

  • _JSSSX_ JSSSX (@_JSSSX_) berichtet

    @CryptoGainz1 Their mail was just meaning that they are having financial issues, that's all I understood from this. Happy that I removed everything long ago from this future cryptopia.

  • NewCryptoGuide Robert Paulson’s Moobs (@NewCryptoGuide) berichtet

    @pump_n_jump “Go so far to shit that no one bothers to fix it.” eg. Cryptopia

  • CrytoCoins CryptoCoins (@CrytoCoins) berichtet

    Cryptopia is in liquidation due to hack, nothing has gone anywhere post hack, all can be seen on the blockchain. Deflection away from the problems that beaxy is having is not helpful 😘

  • ClintonNaicke10 Clinton Naicker (@ClintonNaicke10) berichtet

    @GrantThorntonNZ can you return a portion of our crypto assets held on the Cryptopia exchange whilst the Liquidation process is being concluded... Look at Coinall exchange allowing users to withdraw funds before shutting down the exchange #cryptopia

  • Bro_Flash Flash 🇿🇦 (@Bro_Flash) berichtet

    @helpcryptopia @Cryptopia_NZ You must be dumb as ass to think this support scam will work on anybody anywhere. Firstly - Your email is not even on the cryptopia domain, you're on a dieing search engines domain. Secondly - Support wouldn't contact you without you contacting them. Fix your scam and try again.

  • Karnickleon Karnickleon (@Karnickleon) berichtet

    @GrindingPoet it's a little more than 10$, but definitely no big bags... and 5x in one candle is nothing when it comes to those things. Unfortunately some of my $ZER are stuck on ******* Cryptopia, and since they are gone the volume for $ZER also broke down by magnitudes.

  • ottokoester Otto Köster (@ottokoester) berichtet

    @KillYourAlts @CryptoCoyote September 24th The day that $BTC achieved less than hour - 1k $USD down The Bubble game is just starting, let's which Exchange will be the next to close the doors with an exit scam like #cryptopia Associated with next bigger recession of all centuries, we are seeing the crash.

  • Andyram2k Andy Ramsden (@Andyram2k) berichtet

    @helpcryptopia @smooth_babol @Cryptopia_NZ No its bloody not. Delete your account now and stop trying to scam people already facing issues. Reported. All official tweets come through @GrantThorntonNZ #crypto #cryptopia

  • CryptoAdam2032 Crypto Adam (@CryptoAdam2032) berichtet

    @krypto_klepto I used to just dump a $100 bucks here and there into shitcoins on cryptopia because **** it I had BTC profits. Then I forgot my login & forgot about the exchange as a whole. I wonder how much they owe me lol I don’t even know or remember lol guess we will see!

  • JamieBu13490886 Jamie Burke (@JamieBu13490886) berichtet

    @alexlibertas_ Can remember that, like was yesterday. Learnt one my greatest lessons Alex from the shutting down of Cryptopia. Not keep decent sized Alts bags on a centralised exchange.

  • MeanHash MeanHash🤖🍯🐻 (@MeanHash) berichtet

    Not sure what @coinbase is attempting to accomplish right now. That's a bunch of absolutely terrible projects. Many don't even deserve to belong on Cryptopia...

  • Jolithune Antoine Valentin (@Jolithune) berichtet

    @BitquantEX you should read about the order submission error to be ready for what will happen !! #CryptoNews #cryptopia #btcnews #cryptosignal

  • B1TWizard Sash 🌠 (@B1TWizard) berichtet

    @CryptoNTez You were quite clear in your statement imo. Guess some ppl's english is not so good. Not ur's definitely. And absolutely , In fact some exchanges must have already prepared for the influx of US retail investors money after Binance issue & will exit scam vis a vis cryptopia.

  • LiamFCrypto1 Liam Fuller (@LiamFCrypto1) berichtet

    @G_maker Oh man... I bought $rdd back in the day - I think it’s down like 99% - it’s on some exchange and I don’t know which one - if it pumps I’ll frantically search and pray it wasn’t cryptopia

  • LoveCrypto4 🇫🇷Love Crypto 🇫🇷 (@LoveCrypto4) berichtet

    @DeviousPL @CryptoPolka @InvestorsOfETN @rollingsta @BlindNotDeaf08 @CryptoPhil16 @tasnor @Daniel08120346 @electroneum @TheTIEIO Personally I had no issues with cryptopia it did what an exchange was meant to do, I liked it because it had etn/litecoin pairing which was handy for me I'd been mining litecoin since early 2017. The problem with cryptopia was it had VC funding that had too much influence

  • Cryptomasteryo1 ⏫Value-investor Dutch⏫ (@Cryptomasteryo1) berichtet

    @javisobr @cz_binance Every day people are losing crypto’s because they forget passwords, pc break down, remember cryptopia, remember bittcoooooonect, people got hacker, people get scammed everyday. This is just a nee business which Will co-exist with the real world. I believe in crypto as a niche

  • frazzledjazz Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) berichtet

    @GoldBuffalo2 @Feathercoin @codeyisfun @goldcoin @fiscalobject this is where cryptopia failed. Bleeding out-not taking responsibility- owning own mineshaft to compensate...then down they go...of course they lie abt all of this--but hv heart to supoenae blockchain data to return yer coins.

  • koreanjewcrypto Jake aka Korean Jew Trading (@koreanjewcrypto) berichtet

    @Cooler_Brian @Swingularities lux is cool, but they got no exchange, no market cap, no volume. With cryptopia down I don't even know where u get it these days. If you look at my feed I don't really talk about alts too often anymore (aside from the last 24 hrs i brought up a couple) but its not lux exclusive

  • Crypto_Stark Cryptoholics Anonymous 2020 (@Crypto_Stark) berichtet

    @jiucrypto this shit is bad the end it comes down to survival...did u have coins lost via gox/crypsty/mintpal or now via cryptopia...or really holding any was like this.

  • CoinInspectors Dogoshi (@CoinInspectors) berichtet

    SWIFT bought Cryptopia to shut down $ZAP trading so retail can’t get their hands on it

  • AquariusCrypto AquariusCrypto (@AquariusCrypto) berichtet

    @LisaNEdwards @PrimeXbt Amazon Cloud Services had a problem. Many exchanges have been affected. And some people actually got orders filled and ran with it. Crazy cryptopia!

  • cryptofrog202 Frog ~~ (@cryptofrog202) berichtet

    I thought 1.5k sats was bottom... so 800 sats is nice. UNLESS there's some behind the scenes drama I don't know about (I don't follow $BIS closely). Other issues: lack of exchanges and how much those cryptopia crooks are dumping. $BIS I'd set at 500 personally.

  • LuciFUD Prince of Crypto Darkness (@LuciFUD) berichtet

    I think all I had left on #cryptopia was some EMBRS. Trading was shut down for that shitcoin so there was nothing I could do. I was able to get out of some other shitcoins traded for #dogecoin and transferred out before the final shutdown.

  • LuciFUD Prince of Crypto Darkness (@LuciFUD) berichtet

    I thought #cryptopia's "big announcement" right before they shut down for good would be to resume full trading capabilities and I was seriously contemplating buying #monero at a discount. Close call.

  • lovely_jubbly1 Trotter’s Independant Trading 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@lovely_jubbly1) berichtet

    @SilverBulletBTC Cryptopia or mintpal 👌🏾 Just away to login check there all there not been on in a good while.

  • DabneyAl Crypto Orleans (@DabneyAl) berichtet

    @aiwaarsi @electroneum @Cryptopia_NZ How about that’s not ETN’s problem. Go complain to cryptopia. Or better yet feel stupid as hell for leaving ur coins on the exchange. That was very smart(sarcasm)

  • chriscou2 chriscou (@chriscou2) berichtet

    @Pierre_A ironie...maintenant que la seule plateforme nationale Cryptopia a fait faillite...

  • macavanagh 📱 Michael Cavanagh 💻 (@macavanagh) berichtet

    @DoJoeAxe im not sure begging on a cryptopia twitter account for bitcoin will go down well , considering about 95% of the other followers are in the same boat as you and it also looks abit pathetic to :)

  • needacoin Needacoin (@needacoin) berichtet

    5 things I miss in #crypto 1) Mintpal 2) Cryptsy 3) Cryptopia 4) The other 500 exchanges that have closed down in the last 6 years. 5) All time highs

  • BTC_Bourgeois Rich ₿ourgeois (@BTC_Bourgeois) berichtet

    @girlgone_crypto @bitshares So many, but my biggest was leaving 100 TPAY on Cryptopia and losing it all after they shut it down.😂😂 🤔 Actually, now that I think about it, my biggest mistake was buying TPAY to begin with.

  • Crypto_Gems_ CryptoGems (@Crypto_Gems_) berichtet

    In my opinion Zero deserves way more attention then it gets right now. They have been hit very hard in price and volume since Cryptopia has been taken down. But despite that, they continue developing like a madman and are delivering a very promising privacy coin! $zer

  • ottokoester Otto Köster (@ottokoester) berichtet

    @zhcr @RentARocker @coinbase @BittrexExchange @Poloniex Maybe this will be a big problem, US is not a problem, the problem is people who has no idea how it works the economy and just coming from the IT thinking that it's the same... well... it will not be a surprise see something like Mt. Gox again, or better Cryptopia, by Bittrex

  • Nadrojiskool Nadrojiskool (@Nadrojiskool) berichtet

    Good luck finding that information on the majority of services. I had made some trade on Cryptopia in the past and now I have no access to that documentation. I even kept a record of those transactions on a portfolio tracker, which has also since been closed down (no access).

  • TheoryofCapital Bonesaw (@TheoryofCapital) berichtet

    The coins like $LBRY that boomed in 2017 remind me of the charts from cryptopia shitcoins like $MEC when in early 2018 they slowly bled down without any significant pump until 51% attack-> delisted -> 0 buyers

  • mr19n42 El Padrino 🎩 (@mr19n42) berichtet

    The concern about libra coin is because Facebook owns it & there’s already an anti trust issue with Facebook in the US for invading the privacies of Americans. #libracoin #cryptocurrencynews #cryptocurrency #jpmorgan #RevolutionNow #SaturdayThoughts #cryptopia

  • Shakilking13 Shakilking (@Shakilking13) berichtet

    @JBTheCryptoKing Dear Sir, Can't think of a problem and can't tell you. Sir I'm in a lot of trouble. I'm losing about 1-2 BTC for AnonThe Cryptopia Exchange is ending my life.

  • projectchaosuk ProjectChaos 🇬🇧 (@projectchaosuk) berichtet

    Uh oh! 😧 I have trust issues with exchanges saying they are going into maintenance and then never come back! #cryptopia

  • CryptoMatt589 CryptoMatt589 (@CryptoMatt589) berichtet

    @derekcapo @efinexchange Exactly, as long as you keep your seed words safe your funds can never be seized or stolen by an exchange closing down like cryptopia had happen. Dex is the future indeed

  • CryptoMatt589 CryptoMatt589 (@CryptoMatt589) berichtet

    @Egg198 @coomaxit @derekcapo @BlocksizeDevs @tokenpay @efinexchange Exactly, as long as you keep your seed words safe your funds can never be seized or stolen by an exchange closing down like cryptopia had happen. Dex is the future indeed

  • CryptoPhillips Sean Crypto Phillips (@CryptoPhillips) berichtet

    @CryptoAdvice8 We all enjoyed the software design of the platform. That's why Cryptopia was a successful and popular exchange, until the hack. Police, liquidators, NZ government, whoever else has influenced the lack of funds being released to customers, are our problem.


    @CryptoParadyme I really liked that coin,unfortunately I believe we we’re coned by devs and ultimately got delisted when cryptopia went down

  • Chopsss13 Chops (@Chopsss13) berichtet

    @anondran Same issue over on cryptopia

  • LoveCrypto4 Love Crypto (@LoveCrypto4) berichtet

    @lordsofik @electroneum I wouldn't call your coins dead, liquidators have gained control of the server's in Texas where coins are stored. Im pretty sure if you completed kyc process on cryptopia there's a strong chance you'll get your coins back but it could take some time

  • graslogamer graslo (@graslogamer) berichtet

    @Mastersson @JBTheCryptoKing @LUX_COIN This was one of those coins where Cryptopia was the largest exchange - but that exchange has shut down. They will have a trustless DEX before long which will enable trading right from the wallet.

  • JustusRadegast Justus Radegast (@JustusRadegast) berichtet

    @lordsofik @electroneum Yes what about our coins, could Electroneum make at least a little effort to put pressure on cryptopia, nz police and liquidators. As a long term investor I feel let down.

  • MrUnexpectedly Mr. Unexpectedly (@MrUnexpectedly) berichtet

    Right questions. This is neither cryptopia, nor useful. Shut these techno-******** federated-colluding-corporate-store douchebags all the way down.

  • DeviousPL PL84 (@DeviousPL) berichtet

    @XStephenElliott I think I remember you saying at the time. ETN getting off Cryptopia to other good exchanges was a big turning point for them, I refused to buy on Cryptopia but KuCoin, no problem - lucky I got to buy at way more than the current price 😂

  • XStephenElliott Stevetoshi Snackamoto (@XStephenElliott) berichtet

    @DeviousPL I got out as soon as kucoin listed etn Cryptopia had massive wallet issues that locked my coins for 3 months, that was THE warning that it was going to shit

  • FxSystematic FxSystematic (@FxSystematic) berichtet

    I forgot that #btc was moving so quickly. Update on the previous post. 9900 was broken as well and the neckline of the double top 9650. channel base now @ 9250/9300 (sup). Sell rally (9900/10050). . . . #CryptoNews #cryptopia #cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #bitcoin $btcusd

  • CryptoNinjaco (@CryptoNinjaco) berichtet

    @dke82 I think it will be more like Cryptopia, where there is not a day, where it’s over. I still hold some hope for the LUX I had there. But deep down, I know it’s gone.

  • mkdragon25 MKDragon (@mkdragon25) berichtet

    @thecryptomonk I bought into some scam icos when i first got into crypto and lost a little bit when cryptopia shut down but over all ive been pretty lucky

  • CryptoCrunkd CryptoCrunkd (@CryptoCrunkd) berichtet

    @Spongecoinbob Yeah this whole run felt staged to me. I used to trade low sat coins on cryptopia and whenever a player pushed a price up through order book manipulation it crashed down twice as hard in the end. That's what I'm seeing here. Open to being wrong though


    @BitcoinDood Thanks... I said it before...I lost EVERYTHING in cryptopia (at time, ~24 btc worth of btc and 30 other coins) was heart broken and bitter for 2+ years. Will take a look at article...but when I see the word cryptopia my face starts bending and pinching and heart rate elevates.

  • JayCriptorich Jay (@JayCriptorich) berichtet

    @timmy_017 Look for the latest news about this at #cryptopia website......I think they are working on the issue. It may take 4-5 months! You may get all the #ETN BACK!

  • DThemmel Daniel Themmel (@DThemmel) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ Scam i dont think we get our cryptos back its like @BiteBTCLive also scam exchange they had a ..server house fire'' lol. Cryptopia get hacked sure only lies .... The real thing is they stole it for sure now, they will make us believe they was hacked. No way. But we will see.