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Cryptopia ist ein Kryptowährung Austausch in Neuseeland. Cryptopia bietet auch Mining-Pools und Auktionen.

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Februar 18: Probleme bei Cryptopia

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  • oluseunoyewoleo The Krypton Critic (@oluseunoyewoleo) berichtet

    @_coinlaunch The hackers already had the keys to those wallets and had locked cryptopia out. Hence it was only a matter of time to wait for mined coins and sent coins to refill the wallets before draining it again. Terrible flop from rookies.

  • john_tempus John Tempus (@john_tempus) berichtet

    @DomienBueds @Cryptopia_NZ If they come back rest assured they will issue IOU tokens that you would be able to trade relating the funds they owe you. Think btc-e/wex approach. Cryptopia is insolvent when they return, no chance they could cover the millions stolen.

  • john_tempus John Tempus (@john_tempus) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ Gullable fools still believing the Cryptopia story. Lets remember the various other exchanges who went down due to "hacks" just to come back for another scoop of client funds before vanishing completely.

  • itzRene17 Rene (@itzRene17) berichtet

    @Cryptocruijff14 @LewlietOhba @arabianchain If this guy did some research, he wouldn’t have asked this question. About Cryptopia: If he would check the DBIX explorer, he would notice that all DBIX are still in Cryptopia‘s wallet. About the sync issue: AC commented on that and solved that problem over a week ago :)

  • SymbioticTTV Austin [Symbiotic] (@SymbioticTTV) berichtet

    @koinfit @DigitexFutures @tokenpay @vergecurrency @H_O_L_O_ with the whole cryptopia issue, having another exchange for @tokenpay would greatly help with liquidity.

  • SyndicateCrypto SyndicateCrypto (@SyndicateCrypto) berichtet

    The issues with Cryptopia should be a clear warning sign of why you never do KYC/AML with a centralized exchange.

  • Prashan79378470 Cryptonion (@Prashan79378470) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ Its ok. We can understand tht it takes time to fix this kind of mess. Thanks for informing. We are eagerly waiting to get our funds back and restart trading on Cryptopia.

  • oluseunoyewoleo The Krypton Critic (@oluseunoyewoleo) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ And to forestall intrusion happening again as certain loop holes might have been exploited and access opened for hackers to re-engage. Then there is the issue of the actual depth of the hack which could affect Cryptopia adversely if it's more severe than what was reported.

  • oluseunoyewoleo The Krypton Critic (@oluseunoyewoleo) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ It's certain that all nodes will be out of sync for over 1month downtime. Also, Cryptopia need to engage all coin operators listed on their exchange. Another issue which is of great importance is security. All system must be purged one after the other to get to the root of this.

  • layman_crypto CryptoLayman (@layman_crypto) berichtet

    @Dave_DDP @itzRene17 @arabianchain @innovaminex They sorted that problem out and HitBTC did re-enable full DBIX trading on their exchange. But, I agree that the situation is on the brink of collapse. This coin is very close to disappearing altogether. Let's hope Cryptopia goes online again soon and all DBIX are still there.

  • itzRene17 Rene (@itzRene17) berichtet

    @LewlietOhba @arabianchain All the DBIX are still in Cryptopia‘s wallet, and it seems that Cryptopia will open soon. In my opinion everyone will get his coins back. The sync issue is already resolved :)

  • LewlietOhba Otown (@LewlietOhba) berichtet

    @arabianchain It has been two weeks and you guys have not even responded to the cryptopia shutdown nor the sync issue. Highly unprofessional

  • CryptoCricketer This definately isn't financial advice (@CryptoCricketer) berichtet

    @tipmebits You can hope as much as you want but the way cryptopia have handled this with comms etc has been deadset awful. Seem to be avoiding issue as dont want to address it.

  • ReusedCrypto Reused Crypto (@ReusedCrypto) berichtet

    @stringerFOX5 @johnnyheskett @Cryptopia_NZ Let me just login to #Cryptopia and screen cap my empty account to show you. Oh wait...

  • Krypto_Kong Krypto Kong (@Krypto_Kong) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ I like cryptopia, and will leave my money on there once it reopens. Stuff happens, as long as they learn from their mistake, and secure the exchange I don't seen any problems.

  • faithsloan Faith Sloan "QueenWiki" (@faithsloan) berichtet

    @CiberDiscord @electroneum Works flawlessly for me. Contrary to popular opinion, ALL exchanges are hackable. Electroneum has nothing to do with Cryptopia's problem. You could have stored your $etn on a paper wallet. That's on YOU. With freedom comes responsibility. #QUEENWIKI #QWUNIVERSITY

  • tjeezyyy dr octjopus (@tjeezyyy) berichtet

    In an area infamous for a fake death ring, insolvency speculation since 2017- More I read about Quadriga more I wonder why anyone decided to use them. I stopped using Cryptopia after I flipped some nodes and Cryptopia actually had less public problems than Quadriga, lol. #crypto

  • XTexplorer XTexplorer (@XTexplorer) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ Open login page please! NZ police allowed! Users want to withdraw their #KRB coins... and me too... I want to access my #Karbo ! Thanks #Cryptopia #CryptopiaHack @Cryptopia_NZ

  • ifysleepycntwin ilyas (@ifysleepycntwin) berichtet

    @electroneum Yeah I tough there were safe in cryptopia until they shot down. Can even login and take my etn out off there.😡😡

  • sunuvarob Sunuva (@sunuvarob) berichtet

    @crusaderl8 @ElectracoinECA @cloverdex Yes, that’s the problem: if ECA forks before we can access our coins. ECA is working on a solution I’m sure. Just letting you know. ECA coins in cryptopia during ECA fork could be worthless upon release. original reply 👆. Was hoping cryp releases coins pre-ECA fork

  • CompliancePac Sean Ridgley (@CompliancePac) berichtet

    The recent hack on Cryptopia, the questions about the Quadrigacx losses, and weekly reports of new 51% attacks tell us that there's problems we need to address. Until our industry takes this seriously, widespread adoption can't take place, and large investors will stay away. 3/4

  • tekkaadan tekkkadan (@tekkaadan) berichtet

    @cointradernik Unfortunate that Cryptopia went down but some of these Bittrex alts are prime for some massive actions. #MakeBittrexGreatAgain

  • bitcoinvulcan CRYPTOSPOCK (@bitcoinvulcan) berichtet

    @danikxarro @notsofast @Kristen_Colwell @Cryptopia_NZ Same. The only problems I ever had with cryptopia arose from my own failure to confirm transactions via the email link.

  • SuPr3m3_85 Sandy 'SuPr3m3_85' Ancelin (@SuPr3m3_85) berichtet

    @dalton_townwave @6BillionPeople I have no clue what your talking about i've stepped down a bit about crypto lately. Having most of my coins on cryptopia has putted a cold on me.

  • crypto_pug sharkeisha (@crypto_pug) berichtet

    @CryptoShillNye @Cryptopia_NZ stopped working long time ago, cryptopia say police fix it

  • wmwart wmw (@wmwart) berichtet

    @360_trader lol - well i’m theory but sadly the crypto landscape is litter with more serious problems at Bitfinex , MT Gov cryptopia, etc etc- or die without anyone knowing private key

  • freerollor freerollor - STO links welcome. Responsible 4 None (@freerollor) berichtet

    Lots of folk eager to find out if they have any assets left on Cryptopia, luckily after such a high breach the “significant loss” should have been greater. If my result is negative, it won’t be a life changing down turn, my thoughts are with others 🙏

  • Hams38 Ham's (@Hams38) berichtet

    @Loran750 @NewTux26 ben la, c'est grave, car c'est une plateforme réputée sérieuse, surtout utilisée par des canadiens ... En 'lespace d'un mois, ta 2 plateforme qui ont fait de la merde... ya Cryptopia qui s'est fait hack aussi

  • 2ez28u Eric (@2ez28u) berichtet

    @justinsuntron @blockjournal Miserably ! QuadrigaCx shut down XVG hack BTG one Cryptopia hacked Tron scan technical issues all that is miserable 😩 for crypto !

  • koji0525 ico好き (@koji0525) berichtet

    @bitcoineduardo @leviarcoin_fdn I'm cryptopia user. I'm sorry I don't know support's e-mail address. I must download my trade history for tax return. But your site even can't login . Then , I propose that user can login and download trade history. But I need to submit your trade data. Please consider .

  • Hus4kV HODL Phoenix (@Hus4kV) berichtet

    @le_Lannister Alright, my turn. Bought HXX on Cryptopia for 700 sat. Went down to 600 and I just wanted to break even. Sold again at 700. That shit went all the way above 215k sats. That's a 307x. Had 0.05 BTC in, that's 15 BTC back when it was around 10k. Gg wp

  • Bestman14430061 Candy X (@Bestman14430061) berichtet

    @Cryptopia_NZ This is like a nightmare!Let us accept that cryptopia shit us real good coz no new updates and I smell shit on this investigation!Why they can't let us login and them continue to fix affected wallets!Damn! this is not good at all now

  • gamefinktv gamefink (@gamefinktv) berichtet

    @cxtrader2 @Jamesjimjimmy @Cryptopia_NZ This is an update. Just because you don't like it that's your problem. Cryptopia is a great exchange that's why @cxtrader uses it

  • amritabithi whiterab.bit (@amritabithi) berichtet

    @CoinstorageGuru @derekm00r3 @shadders333 @CashNext FYI, this problem is from bulk-sending tens of thousands of micro transactions to my own wallet, I'm not some dumb girl trying to send to cryptopia. If I wanted to I could point this at the wallets of mining pools, satoshi's wallets, an exchange, whatever, but I'm out of here.

  • yea_sayer Savio (@yea_sayer) berichtet

    @iamjosephyoung Down 90+% and now Cryptopia and Quadriga both offline—from rags to riches to a bad joke.

  • Overvechter Hero Saitama (@Overvechter) berichtet

    @derekcapo @iamjosephyoung @binance @efinexchange I understand it's not easy, but you guys haven't done a thing you promised except for the wallet. Since cryptopia is down the whole tpay volume went down to zero. There is no exchange with a decent volume which sells tokenpay. And yet binance ignores you but you keep fanboying cz

  • Vlad_Roberto iXcoin (@Vlad_Roberto) berichtet

    @alansilbert Boy, first cryptopia and now this. And right at the bottom of the market. Just terrible timing.

  • pinoyfool James Morillo (@pinoyfool) berichtet

    Slept for almost 16hours from all the #Beer, #whiskey and #scotchwhisky... I need 10 glasses of $Hydro to wash down all the toxins #cryptodrunk #cryptotrader #cryptocurrency #cryptopia #exchange #QuadrigaCX #hackmeifyoucan @coinbase @binance

  • graslogamer graslo (@graslogamer) berichtet

    @Matthiasszyma @LUX_COIN @Ars0nic @ce_newsupdates No LUX has been moved so it's unlikely it was affected by the hack, but Cryptopia is totally shut down. It may be some time before customers can log in and withdraw their coins.

  • smanz95 paulo (@smanz95) berichtet

    @BitstenToken Will bitsten be extending the 1:1.will you take in consideration the investors like myself and other who have coins stuck on cryptopia and maybe extended the died line until the cryptopia problem is resolved

  • smanz95 paulo (@smanz95) berichtet

    @SteneumOfficial stn has good potential,but I’m concerned that with the died line to swap your coins being so close.will STN take in consideration the investors like myself and other who have coins stuck on cryptopia and maybe extended the died line until the cryptopia problem is resolved

  • hsome891 Bewafa Sad Poetry (@hsome891) berichtet

    @PAC_Brad @aaronglu91 brad Can You tell me plzz i am very upser to my paccoin on cryptopia you have some information about this My Paccoin Is Lost Becz Cryptopia Is server Down And Hackers Attack and they are totaly block to our website

  • ETNstylez WALLst (@ETNstylez) berichtet

    & I thought #cryptopia had a problem 😓 there is always someone out there doing worse or better

  • TheRealOnyx Onyx (@TheRealOnyx) berichtet

    My $Pac coins are up 115% right now and rising but the cryptopia exchange is down! That exchange a JOKE!!!

  • MiguelR89751489 Miguel Rodrigues (@MiguelR89751489) berichtet

    @Energicrypto Since Cryptopia is down, it could be interesting to see Energi added to another exchange.

  • SteveFla78 sflaherty (@SteveFla78) berichtet

    @alimalik_12 @Cryptopia_NZ That probably is due to the auto api setup on CMC. i work in crypto marketing and have had to hit up CMC on this before. If no daily sales happen they auto remove listings. So I wouldn't sweat that much, more the issues with Cryptopia itself

  • MiyuAlmirante10 DEEDJACK1026🌈 (@MiyuAlmirante10) berichtet

    @Cryptosarah2 this bear market really made me rekt and since I'm learning to trade I got a lot of losses plus the issue on cryptopia but its fine for me "lesson learned" I want to start again and not give up crypto .everyone deserve to win so giveluck to everyone

  • derrick198S Rick (@derrick198S) berichtet

    @henry_popescu @Chester07752238 @BarnardTheBear @Super_Crypto @TraceMayer @CaitlinLong_ were going nowhere because you continue to keep deflecting.your claim is that the proof of keys brought down hibtc&cryptopia. hibtc is still functioning fine. show me proof on the blockchain of user withdrawals before jan 3rd.burden of proof is on u since you're claiming its true

  • b_oltman Bitcoin Boss (@b_oltman) berichtet

    Liqui exchange going down, coinpulse exchange going down, Quadriga exchange losing cold storage deets, cryptopia getting rick rolled by losing their own private keys...2019 off to a cracker

  • DepNox DepNox (@DepNox) berichtet

    Proof of Keys was a very important time for me. I had funds on both #Cryptopia & #QuadrigaCX before moving them to cold storage. Within 3 weeks, both have major issues. Not your keys, Not your #Bitcoin

  • AkadoSang Akado (@AkadoSang) berichtet

    It's temporary but it will probably take a long while if they're depending on NZ Police and Cryptopia distribute funds. So we have shock in supply. Also think bagholders who went all the way down and got locked wont resist fomo'ing, cause it's their bag after all. Interesting

  • Bonsai79792221 Retronomero (@Bonsai79792221) berichtet

    @UncleSeriousSam @downloadsourcEN @Cryptopia_NZ Cryptopia officials should be punished for these security errors. No risk management, no backup, no deviation management.

  • ChillyS Chilly S (@ChillyS) berichtet

    @CryptomariaK I hope you get your coins back too. @TraceMayer saved my ass from the #cryptopia hack with all the publicity #ProofOfKeys got I pulled out all my coins a few days before they shut down.

  • DBizNizzz McFly AF (@DBizNizzz) berichtet

    If you still got your Btc on cryptopia, YOU are the problem

  • johnmgalbraith BIG_JOHN (@johnmgalbraith) berichtet

    @StephanVanLoon There is a large dump of $dcn happening on @hitbtc currently. They know who owns the account. They can work with @cryptopia to resolve this issue and return the stolen funds to their previous owners.

  • johnmgalbraith BIG_JOHN (@johnmgalbraith) berichtet

    If they catch the thief that stole $dcn #dentacoin from #Cryptopia, and the stolen $dcn are returned to their rightful owners, we should see a sharp price increase I would hope. Hopefully #HitBTC is working to find who is dumping $dcn and working with #Cryptopia on this issue!

  • regardv7 Regard Vermeulen (@regardv7) berichtet

    @CryptoCoinsNews meanwhile in NZ Cryptopia was hacked and the platform closed down. a few weeks later, hacked again. 0_o...

  • Maybemore_DC MAY฿E MORΞ 🤟 Crypto rekt (@Maybemore_DC) berichtet

    Exchanges closing, Cryptopia hacked twice, projects shutting down, scammers leaving the space, many CT’s talking about depression and anxiety, traders announcing some time off after dozens of failed TA’s. As time goes by the tiredness will set in, many will fall. #crypto $BTC #ct

  • crypToBangerJR 🔥 PATo PATiNYo JR 🍼 (@crypToBangerJR) berichtet

    cryptopia going down really ****** up a lot of shit

  • CRYPT0N1TE Bitcoin BTC Alt Crypto ⚡ (@CRYPT0N1TE) berichtet

    @CryptoNinjaa @Cryptopia_NZ My point is I don't want my coins at Cryptopia right now where they might get stolen. I want them in my wallet. And once Cryptopia is secure and open again, I have no problem bringing them back.