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Die E-Trade Financial Corporation bietet eine elektronische Handelsplattform für den Handel mit finanziellen Vermögenswerten wie Stammaktien, Vorzugsaktien, Terminkontrakten, börsengehandelten Fonds, Optionen, Investmentfonds und festverzinslichen Anlagen.

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  • prosperousguy We Trade Setups 📈 (@prosperousguy) berichtet

    @etrade $BMBL is the worst dating app, I tweeted this a few months ago and said the same, they will go belly up unless they change that when someone "likes" you that it doesn't disappear in mere days.

  • CharlesWarnock Charles Warnock (@CharlesWarnock) berichtet

    @etrade - 2:23 hours on hold to talk to customer service for etrade bank. You guys using the old @MorganStanley steam-powered switchboard to manage calls? #csutomerservicefail

  • CharlesWarnock Charles Warnock (@CharlesWarnock) berichtet

    @etrade - 1 hour hold time *again* and and chat support not available on the app? What's up here?

  • Stocktilo LaughingStock (@Stocktilo) berichtet

    @etrade Hey, I am signed up for paperless statements and you guys are sending me *paper* mail for every single trade. Seems like kind of a waste, no? I tried to call, but the wait times are forever. There is no apparent way for me to email you directly to fix this. What gives?

  • wr___x ariel ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ (@wr___x) berichtet

    Thought the TV in the break room was broken but it turns out the @etrade ad that was airing features a genuine strobe light sequence. Y'all r gonna kill someone w that thing.

  • yepmeamalie Madam Groff Agility Champ (@yepmeamalie) berichtet

    @etrade I appreciate your response. Hung up after 40 min on hold. Couldn't wait any longer. Opening a new trading account with another firm that has live customer service

  • MuleOmega OmegaMule (@MuleOmega) berichtet

    @etrade Getting update notifications for E-Trade app every 5 minutes. Please fix. Trying to focus on life here

  • _nicholasbolger Nicholas Bolger (@_nicholasbolger) berichtet

    @etrade wouldn't give me their customer service through my videophone relay call, so they wanted me to send them a letter with proof that I am deaf.I asked to talk to their superior, and he was very rude, yelled at the interpreter and hung up on me.What should I do next? @NAD1880

  • ash3cpa Ashley Hollenbeck (@ash3cpa) berichtet

    On hold now for 2 hours and 12 minutes with Etrade trying to reach a rep for help with an account as a beneficiary. Won’t be keeping the account with you when the time comes. @etrade

  • yepmeamalie Madam Groff Agility Champ (@yepmeamalie) berichtet

    @grundgetta49769 @etrade @TDAmeritrade Been on hold with ETrade for 25 min. As I wait I'm doing research to switch to another company. This is astonishingly bad customer service

  • yepmeamalie Madam Groff Agility Champ (@yepmeamalie) berichtet

    @MartinOWDuPain I've been listening to @etrade hold music for 25 min. No actual human yet. Why do I have money with a company that doesn't care about my business and can't or won't help me?

  • yepmeamalie Madam Groff Agility Champ (@yepmeamalie) berichtet

    Hi @etrade @MorganStanley! I've been on hold for 20 min and have yet to speak to a human. How do I get through to someone who can help me with a transaction? #etrade #CustomerSatisfaction

  • grundgetta49769 da Ruckus (@grundgetta49769) berichtet

    @etrade went to fund my account, need to talk to a service rep to chance my phone number so its recognized. 30 minute wait time....... @TDAmeritrade <---took 5 minutes to set up my NEW account and fund it....Thanks @TDAmeritrade for being user friendly.

  • pestopo Peter Estep (@pestopo) berichtet

    @etrade how can I get someone to fix my account. $10,000 frozen since Oct 13. Paperwork turned in on Nov 29th. Customer service says they can't help. The department is backed up and no timeline when they can fix their problem. Horrible customer service

  • pestopo Peter Estep (@pestopo) berichtet

    @etrade @profpalm Glad to hear they helped you. I've been waiting for 2 months for etrade to update the owner info on an account. $10,000 frozen since Oct 13th. Response is they are backed up and will get to it someday. Can't believe they are that bad at customer service.

  • seikatsu Sten Tamkivi (@seikatsu) berichtet

    Been an @etrade brokerage customer for 15y. Now got a "get out in 30 days" email, they stop serving EU. Looking at fax-based(!) asset transfer process, decided to just sell all remaining US public stock positions there. #defi will eat their lunch @kwenta_io @mirror_protocol

  • juliothebarber_ julio💈 (@juliothebarber_) berichtet

    Let’s see who answers first, @etrade y’all’s Dms or your customers service line I’m 4 hrs deep

  • Mother_Theresa8 Teri Tropea (@Mother_Theresa8) berichtet

    @SuzanneBeck2 @etrade Same here. Can’t get thru to a human. Waiting 10 days for a distribution check and can’t get in touch with anyone for help.

  • CharlesWarnock Charles Warnock (@CharlesWarnock) berichtet

    @etrade - impressive wait times you have going on recently. Using the old Morgan Stanley steam powered switchboard? How about some customer support chat?

  • k33p_it_moving Uhuh Nope (@k33p_it_moving) berichtet

    @MorganStanley @etrade And crappy customer service. What’s the point of having these cool applications if it takes two hours to get someone on the phone?

  • k33p_it_moving Uhuh Nope (@k33p_it_moving) berichtet

    @etrade is there another way to get support in the phone? Two hour hold times?

  • DRLionZion Diego Ricoy (@DRLionZion) berichtet

    @etrade Is the service down? I have tried to log in several times with no success.

  • mjk_519 matt (@mjk_519) berichtet

    @etrade help?? Hello??

  • ulfw Ulf Waschbusch (@ulfw) berichtet

    I don't think I've ever dealt with a worse bureaucratic and unhelpful company as @etrade from Morgan Stanley. Absolute disaster as they want to withhold taxes even though I am not US American and have used them for 5 years without issues. Have me jump through hoops for weeks

  • criscannamd Cristina Perez 🦄Taurunicorn (@criscannamd) berichtet

    @etrade I’ve been on hold for 2 hrs, please get a rep to call me. My account is locked. Must wait to speak for a rep to reopen. I’m losing money if my trades aren’t being done. #onlineplatform is down. #etrade #stock

  • mjk_519 matt (@mjk_519) berichtet

    @etrade can I get some customer support, plz!

  • JDToMD JDToMD (@JDToMD) berichtet

    @etrade Fix the Greeks in options on your Power Etrade platform.

  • cmvalentineb Chris Valentine (@cmvalentineb) berichtet

    Hey @etrade if your online chat function is not working, why can’t I just email you with an issue that you can get back to at your convenience? No, I’m not going to sit on hold on the phone - you’re an online platform, be an online platform.

  • Emmers8675309 Emmers (@Emmers8675309) berichtet

    @etrade What are you doing about the fraud on my account E*Trade? I can reach customer support and someone has my E*Trade CC number.

  • DamonMast Damon 🧢🇺🇸💉 (@DamonMast) berichtet

    .@MerrillLynch Fix your stock alerts! They break annually for years & you took away all onsite/app ability to report errors & contact customer service & no email! It's 2022, I don't want to have to call you for help. Ready to change brokers @etrade @TDAmeritrade #MerrillLynch