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Die E-Trade Financial Corporation bietet eine elektronische Handelsplattform für den Handel mit finanziellen Vermögenswerten wie Stammaktien, Vorzugsaktien, Terminkontrakten, börsengehandelten Fonds, Optionen, Investmentfonds und festverzinslichen Anlagen.

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  • tradermon1 Floppy Shoes and Shaolin Rings (@tradermon1) berichtet

    @etrade Don’t get involved in the market. It has been structured by organized crime to steal from you while the government looks the other way. Counterfeiting, spoofing, naked short selling, options manipulation, etc. Two bad actors killed the golden goose.

  • Dozer8210 Dozer82 (@Dozer8210) berichtet

    @shawngoh17 @etrade @GrayTendo Would make since though as to why the beat the stock down as far as they could yesterday

  • shawngoh17 shawn goh (@shawngoh17) berichtet

    @Dozer8210 @etrade @GrayTendo F them. 100$ per share tats the minimum! They haven't covered any shares n this is illegal. They used fake shares to bring the price down and didn't cover at all. This is criminal! $mmtlp

  • i_am_B_Chill Nathaniel Richards (@i_am_B_Chill) berichtet

    I really see why trader don’t rock mess with @RobinhoodApp That ish is trash. Definitely lost a customer #HoodRobbing @etrade here I come. #TakeMyMoney

  • lsmyers58_ls LS Myers (@lsmyers58_ls) berichtet

    @etrade Horrible company. Customer service non-existent. Do not use.

  • ComradeRobski Rob Feldman (@ComradeRobski) berichtet

    Also, @etrade, your Fixed Income Specialist Donald Donahue is a rude, POS who shouldn't be anywhere near customer service. If he talked to me like that on the street, he'd be unconscious.

  • ComradeRobski Rob Feldman (@ComradeRobski) berichtet

    @etrade, where customer service goes to die. How long are you guys (and a lot of other businesses) going to keep blaming bad customer service on the pandemic?

  • realBearish Ben K. (@realBearish) berichtet

    @ekampf @etrade This has been driving me crazy. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. I think it’s something to do with real-time quote streaming after latest update. @etrade plz fix.

  • SiuTang3 Siu Tang (@SiuTang3) berichtet

    @gunnerbean @etrade @JaySon81162428 Stay Away from ETrade, they have never compensated loss due to their platform error. Find another brokerage.

  • gunnerbean Gunner (@gunnerbean) berichtet

    @etrade Thanks and I’ve called but no help. There is no option to remove those confirmation alerts to click in ET app. There is in Pro. Do I need to stop using reg version? Thanks

  • KeithSendzik KJS (@KeithSendzik) berichtet

    $PHVS available at many brokers to short this morning all under $5, and now main retail brokers restricting short access after all their clients got blown out short, @etrade main player, they double it on you and wont even allow you an opportunity to ride it back down, *****

  • SolasM3 SolasSlyM3 (@SolasM3) berichtet

    @ZombriTrader @etrade Makes sense. That response from whoever is running their social media seemed like an eye roller. Near as I can tell, the customer support feedback page doesn't exist. It's not hard to imagine why, given the circumstances.

  • ZombriTrader Brianna Fraizer (@ZombriTrader) berichtet

    @SolasM3 @etrade They used to have a live chat support, but I haven't seen it available since Morgan Stanley took over. Etrade support is complete **** right now. Can't even send a new message from the message center. You'll get more support from a tree stump.

  • jpd_1 STRATic-X 🇺🇸 (@jpd_1) berichtet

    @gunnerbean @etrade @JaySon81162428 I've had a lot of issues with Power E-Trade, especially with scalps. I get my fill. I sell shortly after. Well I've ended up long and short on the same equity. This has happened at least four times! How does this even happen?

  • jpd_1 STRATic-X 🇺🇸 (@jpd_1) berichtet

    @Hoss163 @etrade You can't short them through Power E-Trade anymore. They give me a "hard to borrow" error message and says you can't go through Power E-Trade. Please tell me how many of these are hard to borrow?

  • gunnerbean Gunner (@gunnerbean) berichtet

    @GeorgeOrRegina @etrade Hey it’s I got a question can’t find solution. In phone app when buy or sell position, I have to click confirmation for every lot that executes (1,5,10 cons). How can I remove this? If trying to scalp quick it gets really annoying. @etrade

  • Ben45781333 Ben (@Ben45781333) berichtet

    @etrade I keep getting a missing data error I think I’m missing money

  • Ben45781333 Ben (@Ben45781333) berichtet

    @etrade do not use them the margin rates are high and the app is broken…

  • __HahnSolo__ HahnSolo (@__HahnSolo__) berichtet

    @etrade the update on the app has bugs! Fix it!

  • Maddog_882686 Ryan Madison (@Maddog_882686) berichtet

    @etrade app still not working!!

  • RajaniK75681763 Rajani Kanth (@RajaniK75681763) berichtet

    @etrade not able to login? Is it down?

  • realgeechidan Geechi Dan (@realgeechidan) berichtet

    @etrade What the is going on with E*TRADE app man? Why is it giving me errors trying to log in?

  • Jcazz17 Joe Cazz (@Jcazz17) berichtet

    @etrade ur app is a disaster today. WTF 😡😡😡😡

  • RobertTheBot987 Robert (@RobertTheBot987) berichtet

    @etrade Fix mobile app 😡

  • iholdbaggys Bacon Wizard (@iholdbaggys) berichtet

    If you’re looking for the absolute worst broker imaginable be sure to download @etrade

  • Stonksrus1 Stonksrus (@Stonksrus1) berichtet

    @etrade Fix your damn mobile app.

  • TwointheP TwointhePink (@TwointheP) berichtet

    Anyone else having issues with @etrade ?? #fintwit

  • GeorgeOrRegina George R. (@GeorgeOrRegina) berichtet

    Anyone else having trouble with @Etrade app? It's lagging and shuts off when I try to make an order or close a position and had percentages wrong. @Etrade please fix

  • legpac GRACE ENTERPRISES (@legpac) berichtet

    .@Twitter @etrade Fix your app!!! It’s not working!!!

  • NotJCStockPicks Not_Jim_CramerStockPicks (@NotJCStockPicks) berichtet

    @etrade y’all gotta be joking on these wait times… I waited over thirty minutes for y’all to “fix” and issue that is still ****** up and now it’s over an hour??? Yea I’d get less ****** on @RobinhoodApp