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Die E-Trade Financial Corporation bietet eine elektronische Handelsplattform für den Handel mit finanziellen Vermögenswerten wie Stammaktien, Vorzugsaktien, Terminkontrakten, börsengehandelten Fonds, Optionen, Investmentfonds und festverzinslichen Anlagen.

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  • biffdogecoin dave (@biffdogecoin) berichtet

    Having major FOMO on $ENG but ******* @etrade keeps holding my damn money. FU

  • shaka_arichkid DM. (@shaka_arichkid) berichtet

    thats was through @Etrade. they act like they couldnt help me so f em.

  • IntlGigolo InternationalGigolo (@IntlGigolo) berichtet

    @etrade what’s going on with E*TRADE pro? Platform is not loading completely since last week. Trying to get a hold of cx service is near impossible. Did you abolish the platinum cx service team ?

  • Jonnyylove Jonny Love (@Jonnyylove) berichtet

    @TDAmeritrade @etrade is your $BBIG Short Interest Numbers accurate? Containing no errors? #BBIGSqueeze

  • Jonnyylove Jonny Love (@Jonnyylove) berichtet

    TD nor ETrade came out saying August reporting had issues or weren’t accurate… 191% Reported then…. As of 9/15 SI is now 260.11% according to both @TDAmeritrade @etrade

  • OdomTrades Odom (@OdomTrades) berichtet

    @Fidelity Fidelity is trash, worst brokerage experience I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll stick to @etrade or @CharlesSchwab

  • officially____ officially (@officially____) berichtet

    @etrade the worst customer experience EVER.Been 6 months I gave you money,that I apparently can't trade because I don't have my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. & I also can't remove from my account bc your customer service wait time is NINETY minutes EVERY time I call. PLEASE figure it out

  • DrunkenBanker Harry W. Turkish (@DrunkenBanker) berichtet

    @WarriorIpo @etrade @etrade is the worst after being sold to Morgan Stanley. They are useless for the investor

  • WarriorIpo IPOWarrior (@WarriorIpo) berichtet

    Hey @Etrade - what's taking so long with opening up $HLTH for setting limit orders ahead of the debut? You messed up on $CWAN and took 12 minutes after trading started to open up for orders... this is unacceptable (would call support but hold times are like 90 mins)

  • Vipervenom1991 Pennystock Mcmillion (@Vipervenom1991) berichtet

    $gvsi ignore these little whackers !! Go get some fresh air you might come back to filings and .10+ it's coming and if your selling now, get a new hobby!!! Because we do this **** for real!!!! And **** you @etrade $bvaxf $bryff $ilus $aggi $ilst $axtg $cybl $tggi $pjet $aapt

  • SlayBaeTrades 34+35 (@SlayBaeTrades) berichtet

    @BawzRs So when is @etrade going to have a “glitch”?


    “Knock knock” Who’s there? “An @etrade and a @WebullGlobal customer service representative. Please hold for 36 hours”

  • innateinstinct steve ward (@innateinstinct) berichtet

    @etrade I'm having a few missing info error's 1) no dividened info is showing up in profile and second 2) your life chat seems to be down thanks

  • TheStockYogi StockTraderYogi (@TheStockYogi) berichtet

    Is there ever a day when Etrade #etrade @etrade Pro works properly? WTF? They make enough money and cannot even fix their systems. I don't think I have seen a day where this **** works properly. A'Holes.

  • Vipervenom1991 Pennystock Mcmillion (@Vipervenom1991) berichtet

    To most scam ceo's or custodians "soon" could mean months to years , not with the Boss , he stated 7 days ago the AUDITED financials were being worked on and will be filed soon after access codes were granted $gvsi access codes granted 3 days ago. Load up!!!!! **** you @etrade

  • salmansq Salman S. Qadeer (@salmansq) berichtet

    .@etrade Customer survey emails do not at ALL justify an "Action requested" at the beginning of the subject line. Talk about making people nervous.

  • billydslc billydslc (@billydslc) berichtet

    @etrade $ETFC moving things around on the website for no reason -- and customer service reps have no idea why -- really annoying even if it is small things

  • holdmytexan Roy (@holdmytexan) berichtet

    @etrade Can we please get the issues with $DNA straightened out? This seems to be dragging out.

  • mikerastiello Mike Rastiello, Bourbon Daddy (@mikerastiello) berichtet

    Dear @etrade, Making the email subject “Action Requested - Your Stock Plan Account” but then have the email be a survey is a terrible strategy and makes people think that there is a problem with their account. Truly devious.

  • amathaiyan arun mathaiyan (@amathaiyan) berichtet

    @Lucky_Red_Bird @etrade I am also getting the same error..... Hope etrade. Fixes soon.... Unable to close option position.... Horrible

  • aaronlancelopez aaron lance lopez (@aaronlancelopez) berichtet

    @ZhangstaTrades @etrade That’s crazy. Something is going to go way up or way down.

  • Sell_The_Rip Sell The Rip (@Sell_The_Rip) berichtet

    @etrade ******* trash, no option chains? Wtf!

  • HardRoQ3 HardRoQ3-T.U.T.K. (@HardRoQ3) berichtet

    @etrade wtf is going on with your options chains?! NO STOCKS HAVE OPTIONS TODAY?!?!

  • Andrius00612424 Andrius (@Andrius00612424) berichtet

    @rmsara227 @etrade I see no options today, wtf

  • rmsara227 Options Trader (@rmsara227) berichtet

    @etrade when I put a limit order to close the options now before market opens I get an error “this symbol does not offer options, please select a different strategy or symbol”. Please help ASAP

  • AssjolD D'assjol (@AssjolD) berichtet

    @etrade Why am I getting this error when trying to create a new account? "We are unable to process your application at this time. Please reach us at 1-800-ETRADE-1 (1-800-387-2331) or via online chat for resolution." There is no link to the "online chat for resolution"

  • fomonakamohno1 𝟎𝐱𝐊𝐚𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐨 (@fomonakamohno1) berichtet

    @etrade #LuxFi is to make Luxury assets feel more like an investment because they are going to solve the liquidity problem through there #NFT marketplace backed by #Luxury assets🔥🔥

  • Mi_MohsinM Mohsin (@Mi_MohsinM) berichtet

    Hello @etrade, seems like etrade mobile application for android does not support Redmi note 4 handset. Can you please help??

  • KRClive Kevin Cates ( Reed ) (@KRClive) berichtet

    @etrade Say NO to Stocks! ( it's Bad for your Bank accounts )

  • holdmytexan Roy (@holdmytexan) berichtet

    Getting really frustrated with @etrade I can open a new position in $DNA calls but I still can't take any profits on current positions. Spent an hour on the phone with support already to be told should be fixed mid day. Well it's almost past mid day..........