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For Honor ist ein online Videospiel bei dem man hackt und schlitzt, entwickelt von Ubisoft Montreal und veröffentlicht von Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, und Xbox One.

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  • Kuppeln 62.50% Kuppeln
  • Onlinespiel 25.00% Onlinespiel
  • Hacking / Betrügen 12.50% Hacking / Betrügen

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Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von:
ItalyRome Kuppeln
ItalyPescara Onlinespiel
IndiaDelhi Hacking / Betrügen
FranceParis Onlinespiel
United StatesColumbus Kuppeln
MexicoJuárez Kuppeln

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For Honor Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • JoshCarey272 Josh Carey (@JoshCarey272) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame fix your game ffs

  • CapoFisk Capo Fisk (@CapoFisk) berichtet

    @skinz_x @ForHonorGame Then don’t participate in the gank? Idunno what to tell you man, I don’t ever have a problem with BPs flip.

  • twiiterman101 Jay (@twiiterman101) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Nah no thanks you guys completely don't care about your PVE player base i understand PVP is always there but so is the trash talking the high blood pressure and the potential for DDOS I played PVE for over 75 days tired of facing level 1 boys you need to add a difficulty slider

  • skinz_x xXSnakeSkinzXx (@skinz_x) berichtet

    @CapoFisk @ForHonorGame Also that's not the problem. I can be smart about it. But others generally aren't and they just have that feed revenge.

  • TheLetter76 The Black Knight (@TheLetter76) berichtet

    @lI_Valkyrie @ForHonorGame Wrong. The game is good, but the players aren't. That's the problem.

  • RoadK1LL85 Allen Fowler (@RoadK1LL85) berichtet


  • M_TH_Woffindin Michael (@M_TH_Woffindin) berichtet

    @CapoFisk @skinz_x @ForHonorGame "If you're smart" I think we found his problem.

  • KZakhaev Unrakov (@KZakhaev) berichtet

    @dolfijnmanjohns @ForHonorGame I don't even care about balance anymore. I just want a bit of logic. I'm sorry, I just don't see a 180kg, 2 meters tall mountain that is Shugoki, casually running faster than a Ninja. I don't like Hitokiri flying with her axe while Raider has so much trouble handling his axe.

  • NotBl4nk_ BLANK (@NotBl4nk_) berichtet

    @DHawkiin @ForHonorGame they both are broken

  • daniel_isaiahh Danny (@daniel_isaiahh) berichtet

    @yamomgay123 @ForHonorGame 600 ms kick that is possibly one of the easiest things to react to is not even usable you clearly don’t see an issue cause you don’t play the character your personal feelings towards the character doesn’t justify that the mix up is absolutely useless. If the changes drop.

  • NotBl4nk_ BLANK (@NotBl4nk_) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame No hero needs to be that much Powerful @ForHonorGame Please Fix the Black prior You should keep balancing these type of heroes who are very broken.

  • MrRantsJR MrRantsJR (@MrRantsJR) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Fix your **** game instead

  • NjdNick Nick (@NjdNick) berichtet

    Hey @ForHonorGame can you fix the match making system. Playing against rep 700's is so frustrating. This game rewards people for playing one hero only by giving them wins against rep 30's

  • MrRantsJR MrRantsJR (@MrRantsJR) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Fix your **** game instead

  • damnbrothat sause account (@damnbrothat) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame @WeavyYm Honestly his kick is just too op for the guy it always kick top heavy and it’s way to broken and his hyper armor

  • anthony_scarton anthony scarton (@anthony_scarton) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame your servers are actually terrible, can’t be in a match for more than 2 seconds before being disconnected. Fix your servers and maybe more people will play your game😔

  • theyugituber241 theyugituber245 (@theyugituber241) berichtet

    @Ubisoft @ForHonorGame @primegaming Maybe fix shugoki first before more cosmetics

  • Bean_Machine420 Bean🥄🦖🦕 (@Bean_Machine420) berichtet

    @DJFART69420 @team_mandonacho @ForHonorGame “Fix” she’s good how she is. Shinobi has been left in the dust for decades. If they fix her before shinobi. The game has gone to literal ****

  • DJFART69420 Michael Fungus🇲🇽 (@DJFART69420) berichtet

    @Bean_Machine420 @team_mandonacho @ForHonorGame Yeah don’t fix the only assassin that has punishable deflects!

  • chody82209621 chody (@chody82209621) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame bro i can’t join my friends fix this breh

  • eletanzo Eletanzo (@eletanzo) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame @WeavyYm Biggest issue I have is that the kick is nearly unpunishable in 1vX situations, impossible to read when focused on someone else and it comes externally, and feeds no revenge when dodged yet confirms 28 damage if it lands.

  • vlynx23723 a (@vlynx23723) berichtet

    @rayraymoonshine @ForHonorGame Trident does incredible damage. It is tier three for a reason. And it’s already fast. There has never been a problem with throwing weapons and if they change it, there will be

  • thebeansarehere mavrick (@thebeansarehere) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame I am having an issue with getting into a game. I load into a game but it leave me black screened. Any idea?

  • risinggamer747 Drunken Centurion (@risinggamer747) berichtet


  • GillespieKaleo Kaleo Gillespie (@GillespieKaleo) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Can y’all fix smoke bomb bruh, that **** is a nuisance

  • Neosporin_Fake Jarrett Janeczek (@Neosporin_Fake) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame i just got banned from ranked duels because of one of your error codes. Thanks

  • Twixboi96 vader of darth (@Twixboi96) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Fix your goddamn servers

  • goingpsycho3 Tekeda1229445 (@goingpsycho3) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame give Kensei delays on his dodges y’all nerf these trash characters but don’t nerf the biggest threat to this game fix IT PLEASE

  • Constablebryan Bryan (@Constablebryan) berichtet

    @ForHonorGame Alright that's cool and all but when are you going to fix gryphon? Or are you going to keep letting this broken *** character kill the player base.

  • leefisvaag Jaron DL (@leefisvaag) berichtet

    @Neosbeyond @Tony44083556 @ForHonorGame Okay whatever you guys say i have no problems with any hero maybe gryphon abit just because he is annoying and 7/10 people play him but for the rest i enjoy the game and every hero.

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  • CE-34878-0