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GDAX ist eine Cryptocurreny-Börse, die Institutionen und Fachleuten die Möglichkeit bietet, eine Vielzahl von digitalen Währungen wie Bitcoin, Ethereum und mehr an einer regulierten US-Börse zu handeln. GDAX gehört und wird von Coinbase betrieben.

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Gurgaon, HR 4
Beaverton, OR 1
Bern, BE 1
Pomona, NY 1
Charlotte, NC 1
Los Angeles, CA 1
Belmont, MA 1
New York City, NY 1

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GDAX Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • Mark Rex ⚡️BTC⚡️ (@mark_rex_h) berichtet

    @udiWertheimer @wasabiwallet I have sent @wasabiwallet mixed UTXOs -> @CoinbasePro (gdax) and had zero issues

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) berichtet

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 3779.91 to 3604.9 USD by 4.63% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) berichtet

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 4009.347 to 3838.95 USD by 4.25% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • btc_joe [LTC] (@btc_joe) berichtet

    @robustus wow interesting, I would have said the same about Coinbase. I think they have been much worse. The other thing is I have had so many more problems with coinbase just pragmatically over the years. GDAX vs brokerage, more limits to withdraw, etc. Never w/ Gemini, verified, done.

  • 𝕂𝕦𝕒𝕥𝕠 (@kuato88) berichtet

    @getongab @coinbase I'm closing my @coinbase account. I will no longer use Gdax for an exchange. This censorship is not to be tolerated. Bitcoin was ment for the decentralization of currency to prevent problems such as this. If they want to act like Mastercard then so be it. Plenty of exchanges wont

  • Jonathan West (@JWestJest) berichtet

    @phildaian @koeppelmann Yaaa was hoping we’d go here :) I’d argue even in black swan events (like the gdax flash crash) confirmation racing deposits is too slow of a game. 💚

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) berichtet

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 3912.654 to 3750.67 USD by 4.14% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • Bitcoinman (@Bitcoinlanding) berichtet

    Think we are in the middle of this right now and it is feeding on itself. Just like on the way down. #ethereum #bitcoin #coinbase #gdax

  • coinsters (@coinsters) berichtet

    @Beastlyorion btc will go down, i was trying to sell 2 btc for the last 2 hours on gdax and there was not a single person, only bots, spread was 0.01 my order stayed for 2 hours on first place. Tomorrow morning btc will dump hard, price is much lower than you see

  • CuriousXRP🇬🇧🎢 (@CuriousXrp) berichtet

    @crypto_bobby @coinbase Coinbase was the pathway many used to buy XRP, coinbase gdax binance, they served a purpose but don't need them now, too slow new channels have opened.

  • ₿TC PHIL (@philthenshill) berichtet

    @nebraskangooner @SatoshiLite @fvckSJWs @gdax he doesnt know what he's talking about! It'll never go down to $20. It's at $24 now, but still.

  • Tringale (@DoctorTringale) berichtet

    @KennethBosak i loved @CashApp, UNTIL I got kicked off for withdrawing bitcoin to another wallet, they said it was illegal activity, gambling. There was no discussion; I submitted all the proof that it wasn't gambling, they didn't care. No issues with gdax/coinbase pro.

  • AIM Buster (@AIM_Buster) berichtet

    $LTC $LTCUSD currently at 25.60 (GDAX). I think price about to get smashed down towards (iii) in next 24-48 hrs (see earlier $LTC chart i posted)

  • ragingbull (@olseiler) berichtet

    @paddystash @CM_X_CM @CryptoWithMe @cryptospaced Wick down on Gdax. Gnarly...

  • Richard Win (@rickwinphilly) berichtet

    @SatoshiLite @gdax So what @SatoshiLite is saying, don't be surprised if this Market goes down more. I bought at 250. Still buying on the way down and HODLING these coins. Love honesty

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