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GDAX ist eine Cryptocurreny-Börse, die Institutionen und Fachleuten die Möglichkeit bietet, eine Vielzahl von digitalen Währungen wie Bitcoin, Ethereum und mehr an einer regulierten US-Börse zu handeln. GDAX gehört und wird von Coinbase betrieben.

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  • Crypto Marcus (@cryptmarcus) berichtet

    @coinjunky @flibbr As I can recall this was a price glitch, most likely due to order book error of coinbase and GDAX, but you are right some people probably bought at this price, can't remember how it was fixed tho.

  • Han Soldlow (@HanSoldlow) berichtet

    @Bleeding_Crypto @binance There have been so many scheduled down times for binance and even larger exchagnes like gdax (coinbase pro now). This always happens, just hang on, you're not missing anything. Don't make any panicky decisions when trading resumes it all settles out nicely.

  • Greg Wester (@gwestr) berichtet von Guarulhos, São Paulo

    @GerberKawasaki Producers in China have colluded with several global exchanges to fix prices slightly above mining cost. The breakdown of this manipulated trend is going to render many legitimate exchanges, like Coinbase and GDAX, completely insolvent and unable to facilitate redemptions.

  • Slick Willie (@thereal_willsav) berichtet

    @RaphaelFlocon It appears on GDAX in less than 2-weeks, plus a lightning launch Dec.1 ... probably not going down except for retracements on the way up, and after the launching events.

  • James Hanson (@nagleatorcoin) berichtet

    @CryptoSays looks like down, heavy selling on any attempted move up. GDAX stuck exactly to 6500 for almost 2 hours

  • nima (@natoshisakamato) berichtet

    @decentrali @hasufl Suppose Coinbase use LN. They say if you send from this Coinbase acct to another it's free right after you bought $100 in gdax The problem is when you want to take out your fund to a non-custodial wallet with $100 fee. personally I don't keep my funds there only for quick ex.

  • Rocky (@The_Rock0404) berichtet

    @nebraskangooner @Heyitsdave2 @cvrbonbased Gox was handling roughly 80 percent of trading volume when it was hacked, then frozen, declared bankruptcy. It’s like Bitmex/Bitfinex/GDAX all abruptly shutting down today without any viable/trusted options existing to go to.... imagine the fear in the market.

  • Money (@_Moneycaller) berichtet

    @CryptoYoda1338 Original price is 6461 not 6761 , Bitcoin is up 4.4% from Gdax price coz tether is down 4.4%

  • Tephnos (@Tephnos) berichtet

    @SmartContracter @CredibleCrypto Personally, I just fled to fiat on GDAX for now. I don't like this one bit. If it's a bull run in the making, then missing a few days out of months of actions is no problem. Best to play it safe.

  • Ian "not giving away Dogecoin" Fisch (@Ian_Fisch) berichtet

    @PhilCrypto77 @bitfinex People like me, who have most of their crypto on gdax, can at least look down on people who have most of their money in Tether.

  • Brother Theresa (@BTCJones) berichtet

    There are a lot people who were trading $usdt market on #binance believing it was the USD or USD true market in the way of GDAX. If #Binance delists it, it will result in major legal problems for them. #crypto

  • MyKusha_716 (@crypto_ismylife) berichtet

    buyers moving up their buy orders on GDAX from mid $6k to low $6100 and up.. I think we get a lift to the 26 EMA on 6hr looks like the 12MA holding $BTC down $ETH above both 12&26 on 1hr

  • psy₿uck (@dyslexicduck) berichtet

    @doc_bitcoin Trading on gdax is ******* terrible.

  • CTdoser (@CTdoser) berichtet

    @JonnyMoeTrades @CryptoRealistic @crypto_rand @CoinbasePro I saw the Eth flash crash causing stops & liquidations to cascade. Which wouldn’t happen on a legit trading platform. Many traditional platforms offer margin many times what gdax did & have never had that issue. It can be done. We can’t settle for these garbage crypto exchanges.

  • radeuno ?? ?? (@radeUNO) berichtet

    @JWilliamsFstmed My only issue with gdax is bank deposits are too slow and wire's that aren't over ~ 2500$ aren't worth the money for the taxation from both coinbase and the bank who is wiring the money over. Outside of that, my money has come and gone and have paid my taxes beta citizen style.

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