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GDAX ist eine Cryptocurreny-Börse, die Institutionen und Fachleuten die Möglichkeit bietet, eine Vielzahl von digitalen Währungen wie Bitcoin, Ethereum und mehr an einer regulierten US-Börse zu handeln. GDAX gehört und wird von Coinbase betrieben.

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GDAX Problemmeldungen

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  • SaaSCapo SaaS Capo (@SaaSCapo) berichtet

    @DeFifrog1 GDAX basically went down every time there was an opportunity for retail to make easy money lol

  • Godsibb Godsibb (@Godsibb) berichtet

    @Evan_ss6 When the epic down wick happened back on Gdax (now known as coinbase) and bring the system offline, someone's limited order filled, 1000 ETH for less than $1000 USD.

  • ArtMastersNFT Art Masters NFT 🎨 Foundation 🏢 Community 🗺️ Art (@ArtMastersNFT) berichtet

    @Coinbase_NFT We were first adopters of #Coinbase, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Coinbase Wallet with 330 #NFTs, Early Access first signups links tweets, we still don't get access, that's how low class this is. Heavy curation for select few, that's how this bs works.

  • scochat Sérgio Coch♻️t (@scochat) berichtet

    @Bitcoinity seems the site lost connection with Coinbase (GDAX) API on the last days.

  • BitcoinBirch Joel Birch (@BitcoinBirch) berichtet

    @Rick_Jam3s @TorBair In 2017 when the btc ETF was denied, the only other thing on GDAX (Coinbase) was ETH and LTC. I choose to move my btc into eth because **** it

  • michaelgmcquaid Michael McQuaid (@michaelgmcquaid) berichtet

    @Ndebontin @mdudas But GDAX was a separate entity in 2016 right? I swear I had a separate login. Maybe I’m confused

  • Kingpin_0x C◎mfy King 🫡 (@Kingpin_0x) berichtet

    Honestly think this is a because of a technical issue they are either too lazy or too cheap to fix. Very few noteworthy updates since it was GDAX. API is dog **** and no tax reporting features. On to Binance US we go.

  • GodOfUSD ً (@GodOfUSD) berichtet

    good project. Indeed, it is impossible to trade them like the tokens designed on eth with uniswap cake,... If we look at the ltcbtc ratio we see no sign of adoption except for a bear market since its inception. The only green candle remains charlie lee's wash trade in gdax.

  • Tarikmalak T Rekt af (@Tarikmalak) berichtet

    @gainzxbt @hentaiavenger66 @ThisIsNuse I fomo bought the top that days. Then tried to arb between gdax and another exchange. Down bad twice, still remember.

  • homie_crypto The Crypto Homie (@homie_crypto) berichtet

    Gm #Coinbase shutting down #coinbasepro Who remembers GDAX?

  • williamgrahamiv William Graham (@williamgrahamiv) berichtet

    Hey @gdax @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport: the new red and green colors on the Coinbase Pro website are awful. They are too muted. What happened to traditional red and green? This space needs energy, not sedation.

  • CantelopePeel Liam Heeger (@CantelopePeel) berichtet

    Ultimately Coinbase's exchange product was hobbled by existing regulations in US. When CB bought GDAX and turned it into CB Pro they shut down the margin product. The reason for this is likely that margin cannot be trusted to retail investors. 2/n

  • depression2019 Depression BTC (@depression2019) berichtet

    @IamNomad Coinbase randomly shut down my account in 2017 with tons of $ETH stuck on gdax for weeks. In addition ended up getting audited for 2017 this year too so wasn’t able to access any of my old records without irs sending them a subpoena lol Used gemini ever since 0 issues

  • cypher__punk The Bullmarket oracle (@cypher__punk) berichtet

    @planetoFiji @fern3666 @Morris_Cody They will care if he manipulated the price before selling having worked at coinbase (GDAX) very shady ****. Especially when he was telling everyone to HODL and big partnerships coming every other tweet.

  • fan_cobb TyCobbFan (@fan_cobb) berichtet

    im old enough to remember when it was still called gdax and some people bought eth under $1 (down from$300) late one night because someone ran through all the stops and forced puked everyone

  • mikehorton Mike Horton (@mikehorton) berichtet

    @tier10k well, coinbase pro is garbage during high volume events...and has been since the gdax maybe that's what he was referencing. still dumb though.

  • Buni_M2021 My_Rio (@Buni_M2021) berichtet

    @coinbase @coinbase @gdax still remains an extremely poor platform and service.

  • Puffball470 Puffball Cinderalla (@Puffball470) berichtet

    @Diversity_club @RobertOstler Hmmmm, I just sent him a message, I am so tired of the slow profits i make from Binance and Gdax.

  • mcasto_ Matt Casto (@mcasto_) berichtet

    @ASvanevik Was a smart rebrand on their end after their BCH listing debacle as well as the event where Eth traded down to like $.10 on gdax

  • MillyBaldwin Amelia Baldwin (@MillyBaldwin) berichtet

    @robertakanda @RobertOstler Hmmmm, I just sent him a message, I am so tired of the slow profits i make from Binance and Gdax.

  • Alex343 Alex (@Alex343) berichtet

    when i first bought bitcoin it was called #GDAX, then they rebranded to Coinbase Pro. but since noobs like me are the ones using it, it is again rebranded to @CoinbaseExch... and they still dont have lightning support

  • Tarikmalak T Rekt af (@Tarikmalak) berichtet

    @gainzxbt @hentaiavenger66 @ThisIsNuse I fomo bought the top that day. Then tried to arb between gdax and another exchange. Down bad twice, still remember.

  • Haywiiree Haywire (@Haywiiree) berichtet

    @riddle245 Personally, I'm trying not to use CB or Gemini if I can help it. I liked CB, but I haven't used it much since. Have used Binance, Bittrex, Binance US, FTX, FTX US, KuCoin, and CB even back when it had GDax integration. Is CB Pro any good?

  • michaelgmcquaid Michael McQuaid (@michaelgmcquaid) berichtet

    @BobbyBananasNFT Coinbase is beyond slow when it comes to launching / upgrading products. Took them from 2016 to 2022 before they upgraded the GDAX platform (Coinbase Pro)

  • GodOfUSD ً (@GodOfUSD) berichtet

    @zer0factor the problem is when you know that just before he was wash trading on GDAX, making hot the community and then DUMP with the narative of decentralisation... sound strange to me and to a lot of ppl

  • ussballantyne Scott Ballantyne (@ussballantyne) berichtet

    Is that the same company that Maggie McGovern was involved with? I really don’t know what happened. Were they forging my signature? Were they sending emails from my gmail account? Did they clone my sim card? Is that how they had access to my gdax account?

  • PentarchyDev The Developer (@PentarchyDev) berichtet

    @fintechfrank I still remember when coinbase pro (gdax) only had 4 tokens lol I had to get my fix from HitBTC and Cryptopia

  • Tarikmalak T Rekt af (@Tarikmalak) berichtet

    @gainzxbt @hentaiavenger66 @ThisIsNuse I fomo bought the top that days. Then tried to arb between gdax and another exchange. Down bad twice that day.

  • markthomasll Mark Thomas (@markthomasll) berichtet

    @gdax this company sucks at customer service

  • tswittersaint The Saint (@tswittersaint) berichtet

    @ercwl Fees are insane on Coinbase, but you can send to GDAX easily enough & it is a good platform to use. Once you move from Coinbase you never have to go back there. You can withdraw directly from Gdax to bank, & it's v quick. Customer service is non-existent tho.