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Gears 5 ist ein Third-Person-Shooter-Videospiel, das von The Coalition entwickelt und von Xbox Game Studios für Microsoft Windows und Xbox One als Teil von Xbox Play Anywhere veröffentlicht wird.

Gears of War 5 Probleme in den letzten 24 Stunden

Die folgende Grafik zeigt die Anzahl der Meldungen, die wir in den letzten 24 Stunden über Gears of War 5 nach Tageszeit erhalten haben. Ein Ausfall wird festgestellt, wenn die Anzahl der Berichte höher ist als die Baseline, dargestellt durch die rote Linie.

Gears of War 5 Ausfalldiagramm 09/27/2021 15:20

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Meist gemeldete Probleme:

  • Onlinespiel 44.73% Onlinespiel
  • Kuppeln 28.52% Kuppeln
  • Einloggen 12.70% Einloggen
  • Fehler 8.40% Fehler
  • Spielzusammenbruch 5.47% Spielzusammenbruch
  • Hacking / Betrügen .20% Hacking / Betrügen

Gears of War 5-Störungskarte

Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von:

United StatesMiami Einloggen
FranceBully-les-Mines Onlinespiel
United StatesPhoenix Kuppeln
GuatemalaGuatemala City Spielzusammenbruch
GermanyMarktredwitz Fehler
ItalyNaples Einloggen

Gears of War 5 Kommentare

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Gears of War 5 Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • aRuuuN7 Arun Bilz Mattu (@aRuuuN7) berichtet

    @GearsofWar is anyone working on a fix for the seriously 5.0 chapter 2 achievement, like others, mine is stuck on 99% with all requirements met.

  • AmericanPsychom Roughnx B8mn (@AmericanPsychom) berichtet

    @man57er19 @maskettamanBane @GearsofWar They fix her face but now her neck is messed up.

  • man57er19 Noble (@man57er19) berichtet

    @maskettamanBane @GearsofWar They already said it that will never fix it

  • DanRoggenburg Dan Roggenburg (@DanRoggenburg) berichtet

    @Diablo @PezRadar Nope they been updating us that they need a patch to fix AVX because my pc doesn't support AVX instruction(they ran beta without this and said it wasn't supposed to be enabled) so anyone with this is SOL until they patch it(which they keep delaying)

  • DanRoggenburg Dan Roggenburg (@DanRoggenburg) berichtet

    @IndoKaya @Diablo @PezRadar And my system can run it. Ran beta fine. Even updated my GPU still cant launch from an AVX issue they enabled that they accidentally did which wasn't part of beta (lol)

  • IndoKaya Indo Kaya (@IndoKaya) berichtet

    @DanRoggenburg @Diablo @PezRadar Maybe it's your system? I have no issues at all haven't had a single even lag spike lol

  • akaMrBlitz akaMrBlitz (@akaMrBlitz) berichtet

    @DanRoggenburg @Diablo @PezRadar No issue for me

  • Shotslol Shotslol (@Shotslol) berichtet

    @PezRadar @dbrunski125 Got DCed and told char was in another game. Patch didn't fix this?

  • Dante60238115 Dante (@Dante60238115) berichtet


  • CoachEgghead Whiskey Lovin' Dad🥃 (@CoachEgghead) berichtet

    @SchizoidLikeMe @PezRadar @CMEPTb41774041 I'd venture just a status since the devs couldn't be bothered to work on it over the release weekend. 9/23 12pm release date 9/27 12pm still broken $40 pre-purchase & still unable to even launch the game 96 hours later. Launch on Thurs s/b all hands on deck over the w/e

  • Espadah_ Espadah E.X. @Home 南の竜 (@Espadah_) berichtet

    @MortensenJesse @PezRadar @Diablo they need to revert the WSG fix... bad for the health of the game...

  • DTMoreira_ Thiago Moreira (@DTMoreira_) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears But your game is turning off the Series X consoles. How to fix it?

  • chronicd2 Kyle Dyck (@chronicd2) berichtet

    @PezRadar how promising is a monday patch looking like? AVX issues are a hot topic and I'm affected by it as well.

  • XGamez97 Ualas117 (@XGamez97) berichtet

    @GearsofWar I just lost all my xp on Gears 3, I lost everything, all my medals, skins, level... it was days playing to lose everything at once, congratulations for the bad service, one player less on Gears, your daughter the b|tch, bunch of c@cks in the ***

  • naruto7191 naruto719 (@naruto7191) berichtet

    @PezRadar fix the god damn game now 3 days and still this bullshit i cant even connect to god damn game in lobby not single 1 get same error every ******* time fix yalls ****.....

  • max919543373 max9 (@max919543373) berichtet

    Charaters still locked ingame cause you did maintenance in prime time on sunday. This bug was already reported in beta. Fix it. how incompetent you are? @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_EN @PezRadar

  • javahead7 javahead (@javahead7) berichtet

    @PezRadar got the 'character is in game' error again. technology just isn't there yet..

  • trevorclaymusic Trevor Clay (@trevorclaymusic) berichtet

    @PezRadar The radio silence from Blizzard on this is really disheartening. It seems to be an issue for a majority of players on console- and they way y’all are handling it looks like you just don’t care. I really hope that isn’t the reality.

  • CoreyTackett3 Corey Tackett (@CoreyTackett3) berichtet

    @PezRadar @PezRadar Alot of people are getting the character already in a game error. When will that be resolved?

  • Danny__Bolger Danny Bolger (@Danny__Bolger) berichtet

    @PezRadar adam, for the 3rd time my character is after been rolled back AGAIN!! all day playing for nothing !! how do i fix this and get it back?????

  • gleichlaufart synchronism (@gleichlaufart) berichtet

    @PezRadar nice with maintenance i lost my character and also cant create a new one. Straight forward fix.

  • Unie_Vr 🍏Unie🍎 (@Unie_Vr) berichtet

    @Gskskskskakkdfn @PezRadar I did not and alot of others did not, so now you know it's an existing issue since then :) Just wait like everyone else does.

  • ryand6690 Ryan Randall (@ryand6690) berichtet

    @PezRadar Is this going to address the AVX issues or are we still looking at Monday earliest for that?

  • SnifflesTheDog_ Sniffles (@SnifflesTheDog_) berichtet

    @PezRadar Hey, Adam, Will this maintenance offer a fix to the map overlay bug?

  • RodFergusson Rod Fergusson (@RodFergusson) berichtet

    @Neon_Velocity @PezRadar Yes, we're aware and we have a fix in the works. Easiest work around is just to restart the game in the meantime.

  • Gskskskskakkdfn Ssapeeejxjx (@Gskskskskakkdfn) berichtet

    @Unie_Vr @PezRadar it didnt, i played with no issue during the open and closed beta...

  • JohnsonReporter Reporter Johnson (@JohnsonReporter) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears 99 ******* percent 4 times in 1 game fix your ******* broke gnasher

  • JPrindesis CryptoGosu (@JPrindesis) berichtet

    @PezRadar @RodFergusson please change lobby, and create more trade and channels.... and disconnecting and reconnecting issues.... not a good strart to diablo 2

  • kraz3yivan Kraz3yIvan (@kraz3yivan) berichtet

    @Batchi @PezRadar Am in the same boat will not get it working till they fix the database lock issue

  • Unie_Vr 🍏Unie🍎 (@Unie_Vr) berichtet

    @Gskskskskakkdfn @PezRadar Beta had this exact issue, what are you on about xD

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  • 0x00000d28
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  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
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  • jackrabbit
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