Gears of War 5

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Gears 5 ist ein Third-Person-Shooter-Videospiel, das von The Coalition entwickelt und von Xbox Game Studios für Microsoft Windows und Xbox One als Teil von Xbox Play Anywhere veröffentlicht wird.

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  • Kuppeln 22.86% Kuppeln
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  • Fehler 4.29% Fehler
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NetherlandsHilversum Onlinespiel
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United StatesWakefield Spielzusammenbruch
MexicoMexico City Hacking / Betrügen
MexicoMexico City Onlinespiel
MexicoLeón de los Aldama Onlinespiel

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  • Id3alV3locity FuturePhreak (@Id3alV3locity) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears I keep getting kicked from the Bunny Hunt playlist - error (0x00000c0e) ... Any idea why? Thanks for any help with this.

  • annafmadej anna fm (@annafmadej) berichtet

    @PezRadar You’re right. The problem is that they’re a monopoly around here, which puts us at disadvantage even if we make our case. I wonder how this obscurity is even legal.

  • thoffman01 Thomas Hoffman ☃️❄️ (@thoffman01) berichtet

    @PezRadar Mine is built into my comcast service

  • eandersson_net Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson (@eandersson_net) berichtet

    @PezRadar The streaming service? What’s on there that is that good?

  • RitualHRS H Ω Я S Ξ (@RitualHRS) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears @TC_Shauny the TCA form on page doesn't work. I can't send petition anymore. Can u fix it? Thanks.

  • matlick_john John Matlick (@matlick_john) berichtet

    @alucarddevil91 @CoalitionGears Always those "AiM aSsIsT iS bRoKe" guys🤦 it's been there since 2006. Just bc bullet magnetism was causing the problem at launch doesn't mean u cripple every average controller player to have them start missing even more shots then complain that the Gnasher doesn't work🤦jus stfu

  • AzureusBlaze Azureus Blaze (@AzureusBlaze) berichtet

    @thekidblues @germanmu10 @CoalitionGears That's essential feeding into the problem not solving it

  • GiantOnTheMic Sean Hood 🎙✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 (@GiantOnTheMic) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears you guys EVER plan on fixing the spawn glitch on TDM or nah? Because this constant getting stuck waiting on people to spawn who are never gonna spawn is a waste of everyone's time #xbox #gearsofwar

  • sbmackie1 Sebastian Mackey🎟🎭🤹🏽 (@sbmackie1) berichtet

    @mrbobman15 @DMC_Ryan @CoalitionGears Ok so the main issue is that Sony is doing REMAKES! of and existing IP that’s not even that old. Gears is continuously doing new stories instead of remaking the same exact game

  • Tracer14nc Tracer (@Tracer14nc) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Fix Gears 3!!!! Seriously 3.0 is unobtainable until you fix the events. Come on!!!

  • luischava260116 xDeAlErx (@luischava260116) berichtet

    @EG_wicho @GearsofWar se ve fresco pero no ran rikito como el @EG_wicho jajaja ****** sabroso alv

  • JustLycis Lycis (@JustLycis) berichtet

    @PezRadar Error 37 strikes again.

  • Slootbag Ted Bacinschi (@Slootbag) berichtet

    @DesMephisto @Diablo @PezRadar Likely! Hope they fix it soon I need my cra.... D2 fix

  • KAMI_ESCRITOR Kami Escritor (@KAMI_ESCRITOR) berichtet

    @GearsLATAM Cuando van a arreglar las cuentas que no se puede avanzar después del error de los re ups 24 25 que ya tienen dos meses así? Les vale madre, ya lo sé.. pero mínimo se los voy a recordar hasta que los arreglen o salga el 6, lo que pase primero. @CoalitionGears

  • Channel6Monkey Arm me with Harmony (@Channel6Monkey) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears The game is a broken mess

  • doms_sauce ♡ ɢτ: sρɪʀɪτ мєσω (@doms_sauce) berichtet

    someone tell me wt the hell is goin on with the servers for gow My network is fine connection n all and I'm bein put in lobbies of 120ping & over &have gotten nothing but 98s&99% and fix Hoffman !! He ain't marcus fenix! Jesus promise content not paste and glue @CoalitionGears

  • MrxLongshot Bongshot (@MrxLongshot) berichtet

    I was gonna trash on the OP6 Mid drop for #Gears5 but my only issue is how awful the trailers are @CoalitionGears Yall need to show everything being added and changed. It leaves a lackluster taste in players mouths being presented with Map/2 skins when theres so much more.....

  • Unsenegabeau Delock (@Unsenegabeau) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Haven't played Gears 5 in multi but isn't just that a reaxion shot basically ? We had these in Gears 4 and it wasn't much of an issue because it was so hard to pull off consistently

  • Blunz_D Dblundz (@Blunz_D) berichtet

    @hoopstar245 @GearsofWar I’m not the one that said “more content , more often”. They’re the ones that made gears 5 a live service. They’re the ones that launched lacking content, selling decade old stuff back to players. See you here spamming in the comments. You have fun mindlessly consuming.

  • living_omega Living Omega (@living_omega) berichtet

    @Anthony2690xo @Skinneeerrr @GearsofWar No thats not my specific problem with gears 5. Yes it is a good gears but it could be so much better.

  • KAMI_ESCRITOR Kami Escritor (@KAMI_ESCRITOR) berichtet

    @GearsofWar En qué día van a arreglar las cuentas que están mal por el reup que no avanzan ? Ya ni hablar de las igualadas que ponen oros y platas contra diamantes y maestros 🙄

  • davoAllerberger Davo Allerberger (@davoAllerberger) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Servers are down please fix it

  • SICKNESS1779 SICKtwiztedJEDI (@SICKNESS1779) berichtet

    @Skinneeerrr @GearsofWar Fix old issues since launch...

  • ApollyonXQ PlayboiiGiyu (@ApollyonXQ) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Wrap shotting on regular covers are predictable and easy to counter. Just certain covers you wouldnt expect to get wrap shotted that are broken.

  • PigManBad09 Pigmanbad (@PigManBad09) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @DanielP05328389 empezo tan mal la season que le hicieron parte 2 xd

  • living_omega Living Omega (@living_omega) berichtet

    @Anthony2690xo @Skinneeerrr @GearsofWar Gears 6 and 7 coming only if the community want it. The problem? Gears 5 is so bad.

  • wydmanik manik (@wydmanik) berichtet

    @GearsofWar go fix ur servers

  • AmbientLuckttv Ambient luck(teammate) (@AmbientLuckttv) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Don’t fix something that’s not broken just takes skill u guys are trying to make it like call of duty which is why a lot of ppl are quitting the game

  • URLNE72 Random Guy (@URLNE72) berichtet

    @_JU29RO @CoalitionGears How is TC supposed to fix “high ping”? Ping is determined by the physical distance a player is from server. The only way to improve pings is to get a higher player count.

  • AzureusBlaze Azureus Blaze (@AzureusBlaze) berichtet

    @ReekGoTee @PaulLivo @CoalitionGears Wallbouncing also was a fix for campers since seems like people argue wrapshot is a counter for them.

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