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Gears 5 ist ein Third-Person-Shooter-Videospiel, das von The Coalition entwickelt und von Xbox Game Studios für Microsoft Windows und Xbox One als Teil von Xbox Play Anywhere veröffentlicht wird.

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  • KingBlacki king blacki (@KingBlacki) berichtet

    @UthyrTheImpure @CoalitionGears No more events, just fix the shotgun, take off aim assist for all weapons (especially sniper) and scrap the delays . Og gear heads and newbies will all be happy singing kumbyya

  • DarkBreed7 Dark Breed (@DarkBreed7) berichtet

    Plus getting a kill on me when I'm down at 10 steps, but I get a BING sound when I try to finish them at 4 steps. lmao. @GearsofWar Fix bulletmagnetsm on mouse, I'm getting to the point I'm not going to keep buying Black steel, or bundles if my platform gets no love from y'all.

  • FUSION_REPULSE ThatGuyNamedStorm (@FUSION_REPULSE) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Your RANKING in Gears 5 IS SO BROKEN I ran into a team of 4 last night & No one on my team was REMOTELY Partied up.... Not only that!!! I ran into them in the NEXT GAME & AGAIN none of my teammates WERE TOGETHER get your S*** Together... RIGGED to the goddamn CORE of the sun..

  • MonzterChaz Chaz (@MonzterChaz) berichtet

    @PezRadar Damn. Bose. Always have trouble with them unplugging themselves.

  • OPedru77 Pedruh (@OPedru77) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears I want to know when @CoalitionGears you guys are going to fix the bugs is to put the kill mode again without needing to go into random that way you can't play with the game all broken

  • generation_iv_ IV (@generation_iv_) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Fix your damn game **** is not fun to play anymore

  • MightyMikeNL75 mrbean (@MightyMikeNL75) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Thanks, restarting the game solved the problem.

  • GnashtyDamerch Dan (@GnashtyDamerch) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Is it just me or is explosive headshot not working?

  • MightyMikeNL75 mrbean (@MightyMikeNL75) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Stars earning not working again in private versus matches will that be fixed in tomorrows update?

  • oSH1N3o AKG_SHINE (@oSH1N3o) berichtet

    @TC_Shauny @CoalitionGears It was , I had to restart and it seemed to fix the problem , then I saw it happening to other. I just ended stream and games seemed to be going just fine. Wasn’t sure if there was something going on

  • lHowllz Leon (@lHowllz) berichtet

    @TC_Shauny @oSH1N3o @CoalitionGears Yeah I'm getting this problem only happens now and again

  • wast3Iands tuqqy (@wast3Iands) berichtet

    @oSH1N3o @CoalitionGears @TC_Shauny I get the same issue an just restart

  • Furyhots Fury (@Furyhots) berichtet

    @PezRadar Agree after learning more about them, trying to figure out where I can get my chicken sandwich fix

  • swftjack Myatt 🏳️‍🌈 (@swftjack) berichtet

    Hey @CoalitionGears is the Game Pass PC version of Gears 5 broken right now? I can't play cause it keeps saying I need an update but there is no update available.

  • Skinneeerrr Grove4Life (@Skinneeerrr) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Fix my ******* game @CoalitionGears

  • confusedgeek Felipe Garcia (@confusedgeek) berichtet

    @XboxSupport trying to play split screen on the @CoalitionGears 5, I add the guest account and go to invite it, and get an error that invite can’t be send try again latter. I haven’t tried this in awhile, but it used to work, but not the past two days. Rebooted the @xbox.

  • JumpersXI Jumpers (@JumpersXI) berichtet

    You guys have to fix #Gears5 on the PC because it keeps crashing when I load into a game. It has happened to other people too. Can you at least look into it? @TC_Shauny @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears

  • CommanderLustin Commander Lustin (@CommanderLustin) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears y’all gotta fix this ****.

  • smokey420382 gerry cyr (@smokey420382) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Stats is not working I just did a 50 on speyer on master and I didn’t get the check mark

  • baaditude 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗶𝗮💋 (@baaditude) berichtet


  • LordBoros_ Old GT: BuIbasaur (@LordBoros_) berichtet

    @TC_Shauny what’s up with these matchmaking issues we play one game then after each lobby dissolves and a game won’t start until we all reset our games it’s getting very annoying @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears

  • NoneOfY68040705 None Of Your Business (@NoneOfY68040705) berichtet

    @GearsofWar There need to be more characters like Mac and Keegan in 6. Mac asks the hard questions and tries to do things smarter, not harder, while Keegan understands when a job needs to be done, the best thing to do is get it over with. Plus they don't constantly gripe about daddy issues

  • Str8Nirvana Str8 Nirvana (@Str8Nirvana) berichtet

    @VengfulO @CoalitionGears @TC_Shauny Yeah, that was a longtime issue that always existed in Gears 2/3 Was super common too. Nothing TC could do about it I'd imagine. You just have to make sure to never close out of the game unless you're at the main menu. Dashboarding mid game is what causes it most often.

  • Kranzl Justin (@Kranzl) berichtet

    @PezRadar That smiling chap in green, left side, looks like real trouble.

  • alexisvk70 Alexis (@alexisvk70) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears What about livestream points? People is watching, points are not given, fix it

  • MIComputerTech MIComputerTech (@MIComputerTech) berichtet

    @skylar75756434 @CoalitionGears The screen shake can be an easy test change, but there isn't much available to test them. The lag though, especially peer to peer, know requires code changes as the host's tick rate essentially gets clogged by the game on purpose. (Think this was made, so p2p would be par to dedi

  • MIComputerTech MIComputerTech (@MIComputerTech) berichtet

    @MaybeSomeDayX1 @CoalitionGears There really isn't much to test on besides retail live, since PartnerNet had stopped existing for years at this point. Plus only other way can think of would be to see if Microsoft could sign onto making a new TU, which fixed some of these issues.

  • MIComputerTech MIComputerTech (@MIComputerTech) berichtet

    @VengfulO @CoalitionGears @TC_Shauny Don't think there really is much of anyway to restore any account information, other than to backup your profile. Seems to be more of a general issue that passed while Epic made Gears 3.

  • xDLloyd091x ーヽxDLloyd091xツー (@xDLloyd091x) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Honestly for the Achievement fix, they could do it like they did with Gears 3, making the progress bar to 29/30 Events, play it once and get it. But i'm sooo glad to see those games still do get some love <3

  • vUghlee Ivan (@vUghlee) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Y’all really can’t fix that achievement? Wow lmao not surprised tbh.

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