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Gears of War ist ein Videospiel Franchise, entwickelt und ursprünglich im Besitz von by Epic Games, betrieben von The Coalition, und im Besitz und veröffentlicht von Microsoft Studios. Verfügbar für Xbox und Windows.

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  • mikemike1229 mikemikemike (@mikemike1229) berichtet

    @PlayOverwatch it’s crazy that it takes 30 minutes of trying to load the game cause it can’t tel the difference between me playing a free trial and owning the actual disc. Going back to @GearsofWar never had that problem there

  • MachiTembo MT 🇸🇱 (@MachiTembo) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears #GearsOfWar4 keeps on crashing on pc. I just want to enjoy my game please can u fix.

  • MachiTembo MT 🇸🇱 (@MachiTembo) berichtet

    @GearsofWar #gearsofwar4 keeps on crashing on pc. I just want to enjoy my game can u plz fix it

  • TheOnlyWhiteHOT Tyler (@TheOnlyWhiteHOT) berichtet

    @GearsofWar your website for card deconstruction is broken. Fix this

  • Arkka_gg A r k k a gg (@Arkka_gg) berichtet

    @juanccontrerass @LoboAuraOficial @Gears_Mexico @GearsViking @EMK_KrAuSeR @EG_wicho @KrLosZGOW A mi me pasa lo mismo, ya hasta comoleteblas 5 partidas de escalada y se me desbloqueo el logro y el de marcus no aparece aun, esto es desesperante!!! 😑😑😑😑 Ya le mande msj a @CoalitionGears y dicen que debo actualizar el juego, pero eso ya esta hecho y el problema sigue 😭

  • justinjagged Justin Medeiros (@justinjagged) berichtet


  • Loaffyy CodeCarter (@Loaffyy) berichtet

    @GearsofWar you should fix your first game before coming out w a new one. Forcing users to use old drivers just to play your game and it still crashin after months of playing on them is just pathetic.

  • GoWMills ⚙Brandon #Gears5⚙ (@GoWMills) berichtet

    @TeamRespawnTV @GameStop @GearsViking @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @danasissons @nodezero I was thinking about bubble wrap lol. But yea my games always comes with the shrink wrap. That's not an issue for me. I'm just a bit skeptical about the tech test situation so I'm waiting on Octus for a response.

  • GoWMills ⚙Brandon #Gears5⚙ (@GoWMills) berichtet

    @TeamRespawnTV @GameStop @GearsViking @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @danasissons @nodezero Everyone talking bad about GameStop lol. I always pre order my games and never had an issue. Plus I ordered in store so I won't have the shrink wrap regardless

  • TeamRespawnTV TeamRespawn (@TeamRespawnTV) berichtet

    @GoWMills @GameStop @GearsViking @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @danasissons @nodezero Your first problem was ordering it from GameStop. They don’t care about anything. Your “new” game probably won’t even have the shrink wrap on it.

  • EssHelios Ess Helios #Gears5 (@EssHelios) berichtet

    @GoWMills @OctusTC @xFribbo @GearsofWar @ELEAGUETV @TBSNetwork Must be nice to get a reply from the TC when you have an issue 😪

  • Jonny_Dillinger Jonathan Armistead (@Jonny_Dillinger) berichtet

    @MrHyperrion @CoalitionGears @nodezero @GearsofWar Generally yeah, that’s why I’m asking for confirmation, seems that problem could be fixed

  • WarriorgunS Ross (@WarriorgunS) berichtet

    Great work @CoalitionGears on fixing the Crimson omen problem that wasn't there and legitimately wasting time creating this piece of shit "inverse omen" my goodness how terrible does that look

  • HailToTheTYRANT HailToTheTYRANT (@HailToTheTYRANT) berichtet

    @GoWMills @GameStop @GearsViking @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @danasissons @nodezero Just going to say @Gamestop has absolutely Zero care when it comes to customer service, you should have preordered it through Xbox #GetYourRefund Before its too late.

  • DMullin_ DEZ (@DMullin_) berichtet

    @GearsofWar please fix your matchmaking I do not get any rank up percent when dropping 3 straight mvps w/wins but lose a percent every damn lose 🙃

  • xGhostrider90 xGhostrider90 (@xGhostrider90) berichtet

    @OctusTC @XboxSupport @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @majornelson After following this I have no clue what the problem is. Why make it this hard to connect online in the first place. I see from research this has been an issue since KI was online.

  • xGhostrider90 xGhostrider90 (@xGhostrider90) berichtet

    @XboxSupport @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @majornelson How is it that Gears of War 4 still has connection issues with PC game Pass. We cant play co-op or online tonight because of your game and its errors. Please provide a fix or refund the days we have been trying to find a fix.

  • SaladinPliskin C McClelland (@SaladinPliskin) berichtet

    Calling gears of war 5, gears 5 is like giving yourself a nickname.. its cringeworthy and dumb. yea fans short it but the series is what it is. going to have to make a custom cover sleeve to fix the mistake. #gearsofwar @CoalitionGears @GearsViking.

  • NilOggier #E32019 (@NilOggier) berichtet

    @ContraOff @EmeuSama @VLebourin @BethWilder26 @GearsViking @CoalitionGears Non c'est de la merde on se fait chier le 3/4 du temps, il y a pas de Rythme, le sentiment d'exploration il est 0 t'es a Madagascar il y a pas d'animaux tu vois juste 2-3 lémuriens scripté traverser, les phases de grimpette, ils ont retirer un élément de gameplay

  • EmeuSama 💚Je Vous Wankul 💚 Du matin au soir ✌️ (@EmeuSama) berichtet

    @ContraOff @NilOggier @VLebourin @BethWilder26 @GearsViking @CoalitionGears Calme toi lol. A aucun moment j'ai dis qu'on en avait trop vu, juste suis d'accord avec cette façon de faire de ne pas trop en voir, trop en montrer peu importe. C'est pas de notre faute si ils ne montrent rien de plus, juste ça ne me dérange pas 🤷

  • Acearoni Adam Woodson (@Acearoni) berichtet

    So does Gears of War 4 just kill computers because roommate got the PC Game Pass and his gears game crashes constantly, half of MSStore downloads “error”, and now he gets the “:( Blue Screen” multiple times.. @XboxSupport @CoalitionGears

  • Tbone96677077 Tbone (@Tbone96677077) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears I have 73 achievements on gears 4 and the achievement is at 100% but it’s still locked so I won’t give me Gilded Marcus. please please fix this I’ve seen other people have this problem as-well so please or tell us how to fix

  • GodDanielsMx xVGxDaniells (@GodDanielsMx) berichtet

    @CyESnOoPy @CoalitionGears @EMK_KrAuSeR @SparckMc @EMKEyeOfTiger Reinicia tu xbox, y si aún no funciona Desinstala gears y vuele a fornais Ahí perteneces :v

  • BethWilder26 Chester (@BethWilder26) berichtet

    @ContraOff @NilOggier @VLebourin @GearsViking @CoalitionGears Lors de la séquence de Gears 5, j'ai balancé à ma copine de fermer sa gueule pour au finale bouffé du multi quel regret pour ma pauvre chérie putain

  • ContraOff Marc Déposé ou le Chaos (@ContraOff) berichtet

    @VLebourin @BethWilder26 @NilOggier @GearsViking @CoalitionGears Putain m’en parle pas... a croire qu’ils se sont auto trollés.

  • EddieArtistic 🇵🇦 Eddie Artistic (@EddieArtistic) berichtet

    @GearsofWar I like this statue a lot but it’s way too expensive.. 😭 #broken

  • MisterVigilance Joseph P. (@MisterVigilance) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears This is inaccurate for me. I have 96 achievements on the game but Gilded Marcus does not unlock nor the achievement for the challenge. Hoping you fix this soon. I've updated my game and hard reset my console several times over past two days since the challenge went up.

  • Mehrdad22777550 Mehrdad (@Mehrdad22777550) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @RahulKohli13 RIP Gears @GearsViking uninteresting characters... like the game has issues on its roots.👎

  • NapalmCryogenix Napalm Cryogenix (@NapalmCryogenix) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Major audio stuttering issue right now. Makes it unplayable due to obnoxious sounds and leaving me deaf on multiplayer. I haven't seen any fixs. I've restarted my Xbox, deleted and redownloaded, even cleared system cache. Nothing works

  • JoeArber joe arber (@JoeArber) berichtet

    @EppleSauce92 @CoalitionGears Same problem with me, I got the scion and jd easily enough but Marcus is still locked despite having 100 percent

  • gffmac JazzyGff (@gffmac) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears I had an issue in Monday, they weren't unlocking. Hard powered off (hold power till shuts down) then update was available and they popped up when game loaded.

  • ibmnegro pedro gonzalez perez (@ibmnegro) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears i have the same issue the game is up to date and a have not received de Marcus i have completed the other ones and i have gotten the rewards whit no issues can you help my gt is mamalon25

  • 76_Glasshouse Edgar Muñoz (@76_Glasshouse) berichtet

    @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears I fix it.🥴guys all you have to do is unlock a regular achievement to pop the stuck Marcus achievement that worked for me😎

  • FiLLie_FiLL Fillie_Fill (@FiLLie_FiLL) berichtet

    @BooBooSecrets @CoalitionGears Same problem 😪🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • TMorenoH12 Tony Moreno (@TMorenoH12) berichtet

    @Brandon69386471 @McRicky9 @GearsofWar @GearsLATAM Reinicien sus Xbox,también tenía el mismo problema anoche, mantengan presionado símbolo del Xbox. X 5 segundo y le dan a reiniciar

  • Serj________ Serj (@Serj________) berichtet

    @gearsosa1 @CoalitionGears I’m having the same exact problem

  • InTheMorning69 InTheMorning69 (@InTheMorning69) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears card companion is having problems with error reported, can’t retrieve cards, reload page. Trying to farm duplicates and once while opening packs.

  • McRicky9 Ricky (@McRicky9) berichtet

    @Brandon69386471 @GearsofWar @GearsLATAM Tranquilo, solo es cuestión de tiempo para que se destrabe, al parecer es un error que está sucediendo, solo espera

  • Zuriel97142504 ZurieL (@Zuriel97142504) berichtet

    @ReyesVR1 @Gears_Mexico No por eso estoy buscando como Pero no nada ojalá que @CoalitionGears haga algo con este error

  • FriskyDelphox Frisky Delphox (@FriskyDelphox) berichtet

    @Kougat_VT @CoalitionGears For gears of war 4 you have to downgrade to drive version 397.31 if you're using a nvidia graphics card to fix the lag and crashing

  • SmithDennard Smith_Dennard (@SmithDennard) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @RahulKohli13 You're missing an "of War" in the title, might want to fix that.

  • Neon_Velocity Matt Brown (@Neon_Velocity) berichtet

    @IR1pp3RzI @CoalitionGears If they fix the net code, we might not have issues going forward!

  • samsin92 Shivam S. (@samsin92) berichtet

    @FiLLie_FiLL @CoalitionGears @dgunn15321532 I’m still waiting to hear from @CoalitionGears for a fix. Apparently a lot of other people are having the same issue. I checked out the gears of war forums too

  • 97adam_butt Adam Butt (@97adam_butt) berichtet

    @GearsofWar road to gears 5 challenges not working Hero Banner im prestige 10 and Lancer execution

  • Zuriel97142504 ZurieL (@Zuriel97142504) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears @SuMuNs @Solurs @OpTicGaming @nodezero Problema no me an dado al Marcus dorado y ya tengo el logro

  • fly06 Jaime Solis (@fly06) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears por favor ayuda, no me dieron personaje por 50 logros en gears 4 😟

  • AfroThunderz AfroThunderz (@AfroThunderz) berichtet

    @JudaZuk @JacobMcMillan3 @Chewey_B @GearsofWar @XboxP3 Yeah KM brings nothing but problems to the console's competitive scene. But the reason that they probably can't bring their own PC games over is because their current console can't withstand it. That's why they're adding PC parts to the new Xbox Scarlett.

  • U7KidGohan Kid Gohan (Hozonkai) (@U7KidGohan) berichtet

    @guywelch2000 @GearsofWar @GearsViking @LauraBaileyVO @TheJohnDiMaggio @Vududaddy @Liam_J_McIntyre I can't sign in to Twitch :'(

  • anketraj_7 Anket Raj (@anketraj_7) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears And please bring back server region change. I am from India. I can't find ranked matches. I wait in queues for hours but still no luck. I always to ask someone to invite me. Please fix this problem. I love playing Gears more than any other game. Please fix it @CoalitionGears

  • nu1mlock nu1mlock (@nu1mlock) berichtet

    Hey @CoalitionGears! New install of Gears 4 on W10. Can't start solo campaign (can't connect to XBL, but I am. Tested the XBL connection - no errors). Also can't start social versus. The game crashes to desktop without any error message as soon as it finds a match.

  • asgrdx joey. (@asgrdx) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Kinnerlake and bigelow errors on PC soooo...can't get in on this.

  • LostNikes Only 1 (@LostNikes) berichtet

    @Dur4iVal3ntin @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar it’s because their game is BROKEN and will continue to be BROKEN because they’re trash developers

  • lalo26pumas EDUARDO RUIZ MENDOZA (@lalo26pumas) berichtet

    @dgunn15321532 @CoalitionGears Me too... I have the same problem Gt. SoF Kiriro

  • travvc Travis Cumbow (@travvc) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @mattbooty Fix glided kait Did coop campaign no reward

  • angelkulkang Angelucho (@angelkulkang) berichtet

    @TELMEXSoluciona no es posible que no pueda jugar en linea @GearsofWar , me saca de las partidas, con @izzi_mx no tenia ningun problema, ya hable a su soporte y no pasan de hacer pruebas de velocidad

  • THEAP99 AP (@THEAP99) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @AMDGaming Looks so bad. I hope u guys are happy with ur games as a service game pass lumbo jumbo

  • SomeZplayer IIQII (@SomeZplayer) berichtet

    @GearsofWar @GearsViking love the new challenge skin but it would be great if I could get them WITHOUT CRASHING BECAUSE YOU GUYS WONT FIX THE GAME ON PC

  • TJET1989 Theo Thompson (@TJET1989) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Would like some help please pertaining to an online error. I’ve tried searching in the sites to no avail was it helpful can you guys PM me back or something I would highly appreciate it.

  • MisaelCuevas_ Misael Cuevas (@MisaelCuevas_) berichtet

    @OctusTC @xFribbo @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @danasissons I got that problem too.

  • Captainbudd3r16 Jordan (@Captainbudd3r16) berichtet

    @THEHEROFALL5 @FEWARECH0SEN @huffylike @GearsofWar Well I’ve got over 100 and it’s not working for me

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