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Gears 5 ist ein Third-Person-Shooter-Videospiel, das von The Coalition entwickelt und von Xbox Game Studios für Microsoft Windows und Xbox One als Teil von Xbox Play Anywhere veröffentlicht wird.

Gears of War 5 Probleme in den letzten 24 Stunden

Die folgende Grafik zeigt die Anzahl der Meldungen, die wir in den letzten 24 Stunden über Gears of War 5 nach Tageszeit erhalten haben. Ein Ausfall wird festgestellt, wenn die Anzahl der Berichte höher ist als die Baseline, dargestellt durch die rote Linie.

Gears of War 5 Ausfalldiagramm 01/25/2022 03:10

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Meist gemeldete Probleme:

  • Onlinespiel 31.06% Onlinespiel
  • Spielzusammenbruch 21.21% Spielzusammenbruch
  • Einloggen 18.18% Einloggen
  • Fehler 14.39% Fehler
  • Kuppeln 13.64% Kuppeln
  • Hacking / Betrügen 1.52% Hacking / Betrügen

Gears of War 5-Störungskarte

Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von:

GermanyLangenhagen Kuppeln
FranceParis Fehler
ItalyPalermo Onlinespiel
MexicoGustavo Adolfo Madero Kuppeln
FranceSains-en-Gohelle Spielzusammenbruch
FranceNeuville-sur-Saône Einloggen

Gears of War 5 Kommentare

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Gears of War 5 Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • rhubarb71 richard gorringe (@rhubarb71) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears I've been playing gears since the start, and gears 5 horde is basically the best.thing.ever!,but since I've been running it on my halo infinite series X, it basically randomly powers my console off, but only on gears 5, is this a known issue, can anyone HEEEELP?!

  • EdgarMs07 EdgarMm7 (@EdgarMs07) berichtet

    Pto juego ****** aparte de ya no tener contenido los ptos servidores fallando @GearsofWar

  • SASxSH4DOWZ Shadowz (@SASxSH4DOWZ) berichtet

    @SSdirewolfENL @GearsofWar Gears POP services officially ended last year in April 2021, I guess it maybe didnt perform as expected, everything is always trial & error.

  • mokola73699118 mokola (@mokola73699118) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears And please hire some one who nows to fix achievements - the gears 5 ones are not tracking - since last august- so good job

  • ABU_SAGER_255 ABU_SAGER (@ABU_SAGER_255) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears @MEGAMIGSFest Fix the game please its shutting off my console constantly i deleted the game many times and reset the console twice but still same issue, is it fixable ?

  • ABU_SAGER_255 ABU_SAGER (@ABU_SAGER_255) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Fix the game please its shutting off constantly i deleted thae game many times and reset the console twice but still same issue, is it fixable ?

  • ABU_SAGER_255 ABU_SAGER (@ABU_SAGER_255) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Fix the game please its shutting off constantly i deleted the game many times and reset the console twice but still same issue, is it fixable ?

  • ABU_SAGER_255 ABU_SAGER (@ABU_SAGER_255) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Fix the game please its shutting off constantly i deleted thae game many times and reset the console twice but still same issue, is it fixable ?

  • joec0000 Joe (@joec0000) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears Do you need some one to fix lights and plumbing when it breaks ;)

  • CadenHouse Caden House (@CadenHouse) berichtet

    @PezRadar @alex_frostwolf @shahin Live Nation though is tricky because I mean, they put on like every major festival or show. I’ve been to hundreds of shows they’ve handled, same as Alex probably, and I’ve never had an issue. Its fair criticism, but not enough to personally give me caution or deter me tbh.

  • HarukaSlutty Slutty Haruka (@HarukaSlutty) berichtet

    @Bawdy_G @PezRadar And the biggest issue: COD is doing to Acti-Blizzard what Fable did to Lionhead. If Xbox has truly learned from Lionhead, the COD train is going to slow way down.

  • xvfumes xvfumes ℣ (@xvfumes) berichtet

    @WanderYzz @Paco6od @PezRadar of release. Constant bad netcode. They even had a lag out ON LAN. you haven’t been in the community and it really shows. Gears 5 stopped all steam GoW4 had, and Gears 6 NEEDS to be better for the franchise to keep going. But yeah you do you Gamepass Gary. (With a halo pic lol)

  • xvfumes xvfumes ℣ (@xvfumes) berichtet

    @WanderYzz @Paco6od @PezRadar left and the game has unbannable hackers like “dr Simi” and the studio can’t do anything about it. The lancer was too strong at start but thank god it’s ok now, the boomshot can’t even harm a fly in this game. Sooo many problems and glitches. Gears 5 fell off soo hard in 1 month

  • xvfumes xvfumes ℣ (@xvfumes) berichtet

    @WanderYzz @Paco6od @PezRadar winning that Summer Major, and they even cut out EU, Asia, and SA regions having to combine NA/LATAM to keep going then have to go to 4v4 from 5v5 to even have players. Literally the first year of Gears 5 was spent trying to fix it, I’m not even lying. Even community manager have

  • WanderYzz TPoser (@WanderYzz) berichtet

    @Paco6od @PezRadar Not a fanboy, I just dislike the fact people claim every game under the sun is dead if it doesbr hit the twitch top 5 everyday. It's ridiculous. You're just one of them, and it seems like you got no problem with it so this conversation is over.

  • Litiiyoer Carlos Camacho (@Litiiyoer) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Arregla tus servidores de ******, saca de partidas, saca del servidor, se congela el juego... Más de 300 dólares en tu juego de ****** para que no pueda jugar una partida. Es estúpido.

  • queen0fmyrrah Myrrah (@queen0fmyrrah) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Why achievements have issue??? When I got 74% about kills total 100,000 in versus. So I did killed lots and checked achievements still there 74%

  • aramisx Aramis💙 rhetoric🏳️‍🌈 (@aramisx) berichtet

    @CantHealz @PezRadar This whole week is broken (holiday party on Thursday) and I haven't had coffee yet. 😴


    @CoalitionGears @MEGAMIGSFest Then fix gears 5 ending it sucks

  • BigHomieRoach1 BigHomieRoach (@BigHomieRoach1) berichtet

    @GearsofWar I'm am having so much trouble with the lag in multiplayer mode it making not want to play this game

  • WCoder598 WeddingCoder598 (@WCoder598) berichtet

    @GageTheSomeday @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Wait I did? Damn hold on let me fix it

  • MmoCz Mohamed Belabbes (@MmoCz) berichtet

    @GearsofWar No boost, no bundle New day and Terminator, no rewards, no achievements fix, this update kill the game

  • IclxpzI I iClxpz I (@IclxpzI) berichtet

    @GearsofWar fix the ******* game like why am I always crashing when I try to type in chat and it’s not my WiFi I get 20 ping like wtf now I’m banned from comp cause yo game is ***

  • TrombonafideTA Chris / Trombonafide (@TrombonafideTA) berichtet

    @Tom28929056 @GearsofWar TC posted in the Gears forums last night that they are actively investigating the issue with achievements. So I guess now we just have to wait and see if they can find a fix for it.

  • hellspartan94 hellspartan94 (@hellspartan94) berichtet

    @KingBrandy___ @GearsofWar I personally have had no real issues with the game. Nothing that I didn’t already have issues with previous installments anyway. Gears 5 from my experience has been great. It’s not my favorite but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  • NoneHC Alex | NoneHC (@NoneHC) berichtet

    @PezRadar Could you please explain to me what fixing database issues means? I lack inspiration :(

  • lucastrey09 Lucas Hanes (@lucastrey09) berichtet

    @GearsofWar I greatly appreciate it TC was great service in my opinion put a ticket through said I have to wait 2 weeks they had my problem addressed within a week!! I say again thank you

  • RicardoEchegar9 Ricardo Echegaray (@RicardoEchegar9) berichtet

    @CoalitionGears vaya **** ****** de juego se hicieron 100,000 me gasté en personajes que me quitó al día siguiente, normal que esté muerto su **** juego ******

  • Yondergrunt12 YonderGrunt (@Yondergrunt12) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Why can’t you guys take the broken achievement tracking and unlocking as seriously as you take this? Honestly ridiculous how many people have this problem and you guys pass it up like it’s nothing.

  • TastierLake9147 Dylan (@TastierLake9147) berichtet

    @GearsofWar Will you guys fix BS Myrrah before you leave entirely or na?

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