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HBO Max ist ein amerikanischer Abonnement-Video-on-Demand-Streaming-Dienst von WarnerMedia Entertainment, einem Geschäftsbereich von WarnerMedia von AT & T. Der Dienst wurde am 27. Mai 2020 gestartet.

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  • MelissaBW Melissa (@MelissaBW) berichtet

    @hbomax So how many other women around the world had or have complicated pregnancies and don’t get paid to have cameras follow them around nor do many of them have the means to afford top of the line health care to help handle the issue?

  • tswizzlesel FRAN 🥀 (@tswizzlesel) berichtet

    @gomesunset @hbomax HELP

  • johnnynaugahyde jb (@johnnynaugahyde) berichtet

    Hi, @hulu_support @hbomax can you explain why I can't find the studio Ghibli films and other content when I'm on @hulu on my TV? Also, Hulu has always had an awful interface, but no search function in HBO Max. WTF?

  • WilliamCheerboy William Hildebrand (@WilliamCheerboy) berichtet

    @HBOMaxHelp I’m having code error every time I do the TV sign in. It’s the exact same code too. Is there trouble?

  • Rafael50529759 Rafael (@Rafael50529759) berichtet

    @hbomax FIX THE GOTDAMN SOUND!!!!

  • one_pitch_man Trip Somers (@one_pitch_man) berichtet

    @HBOMaxHelp @hbomax I am having the same problem as this guy. I, however, do not have the option of switching to a Windows machine.

  • brycedpierce Bryce Pierce (@brycedpierce) berichtet

    @WarnerMedia @hbomax REALLY need to reevaluate who they have transcribing their closed captioning. Most notably, SouthPark is full of an unbelievable amount of errors, ranging from missing text, extremely delayed CC, punctuation, grammatical, and spelling. Just to name a few.

  • HulkSmashFace Hulk (@HulkSmashFace) berichtet

    @HBOMaxHelp @hbomax I figured it out. Chrome released a new version on Linux, and for some reason it's not working when it always has worked. It's working now that I'm in Windows.

  • SophiaBRoy TheSophiasphere (@SophiaBRoy) berichtet von Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    @aliceodea @hbomax Purchase hboembership account outside of roku and then sign into roku with that login. Apple TV pulls the same BS with several channels/apps and that’s my workaround.

  • realCaptBamBam Capt. Bam Bam 🇺🇸 (@realCaptBamBam) berichtet

    @emilychilmark @hbomax @amyschumer got kicked off Netflix because her show & comedy suck so bad. HBO is trying to help her I guess.

  • TheKdd Kasey 🌎🔥 (@TheKdd) berichtet

    @hbomax @Roku I don’t care who’s causing the issue here, but I need a new Roku on one of my tvs. Thinking about purchasing something other than a Roku AND cancelling HBOMax for also causing the headaches. Fix it. Your customers are paying for your crappy negotiations, as usual.

  • CFrxdo Dill (@CFrxdo) berichtet

    @hbomax optimize the app for consoles, fix the difficult login in process, give me the option to just sign in with my email on the console. Put axtual good shows in there. Feel like I just got robbed lmfao 2👎🏻👎🏻

  • Tui717 Tui (@Tui717) berichtet

    @hbomax your closed captions for The Exorcist are seriously awful. It’s like the person who transcribed them was just on their phone while they entered them and missed half the words.

  • CastieIRebel 𝑺𝒂𝒎 (@CastieIRebel) berichtet

    @spikespiegelguy @hbomax @god they're sinning again hELP

  • wondergirl60s wondergirl60s (@wondergirl60s) berichtet

    @hbomax Gross! She’ll be a terrible mother!

  • MabeIsMadLove #AloneInMyCar OUT NOW (@MabeIsMadLove) berichtet

    I’m canceling my @hbomax tonight because still no Roku and it’s been MONTHS. I can’t afford $15 for a streaming service I can’t even watch except on my phone. I bet @HBOMaxHelp wont do anything to help either

  • HulkSmashFace Hulk (@HulkSmashFace) berichtet

    Is #HBOMax not working for anyone else? Every video keeps telling me "Can't play title. We're having trouble playing this video. Please try again later". I've cleared cache, tried 2 different computers. Works on Android though. @HBOMaxHelp

  • HulkSmashFace Hulk (@HulkSmashFace) berichtet

    Is #HBOMax not working for anyone else? Every video keeps telling me "Can't play title. We're having trouble playing this video. Please try again later". I've cleared cache, tried 2 different computers. Works on Android though. @hbomax

  • samsheffer Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer) berichtet

    @Earth96Superman @hbomax @HBOMaxHelp exact same issue - I gave up after an hour ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • slabadaud Slabadaud (@slabadaud) berichtet

    @hbomax your ps4 app is worthless. After bitching for two months now and problems only getting worse I cancelled. Maybe when you get your **** together or work with other platforms I’ll come back. Not worth the hassle for the $$$. @PlayStation

  • Earth96Superman Daily Brandon Routh Superman | Reactivation Trio (@Earth96Superman) berichtet

    @samsheffer @hbomax @HBOMaxHelp Same. I tried my phone, my girlfriend's phone, and my laptop, all the same. I get a few words into the greeting and then buffer

  • samsheffer Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer) berichtet

    @Earth96Superman @hbomax @HBOMaxHelp having the same issue - tried different browsers, restarted my computer, nothing :(

  • shellvitweets 🌊 Shellvi 🌊 (@shellvitweets) berichtet

    @HBOMaxHelp I cant figure out how to get this had HBO go no issues. Now I'm being asked for an HBO login and an additional Monthly fee?? If I already pay on cable why would I pay again please advise.

  • mickeytidewater Deplorable Mickey✝️ (@mickeytidewater) berichtet

    @hbomax No federal help. He drove out tax payers by his insane radical policies. NOT OUR PROBLEM.

  • GeraldG54173015 Gerald Gray (@GeraldG54173015) berichtet

    @selenagomez @hbomax @maxPOP EVERYONE needs to be more considerent of others. Be less narcissistic and worrying about only themselves. Everybody else has their own problems. They don't need people creating more stuff to worrying about. Let's help each other!

  • TaterMemphis Eric Tate (@TaterMemphis) berichtet

    @hbomax fix your attitude or problem with streaming on my 4K tv through my ps4. Iwhat the hell. Will cancel

  • besswastaken 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙨 (@besswastaken) berichtet

    @hbomax fix your website or your app, neither are working 💔

  • Hennie337 Lee Moore (@Hennie337) berichtet

    @hbomax The layout of this app is the worst! I can’t find anything unless I search. Why not a section for HBO only programming? Series. Documentaries. Original movies. Please make it easier! And available on Roku!

  • TheEgg41516966 The Egg (@TheEgg41516966) berichtet

    @hbomax Looks terrible.

  • Midwest_boredom Midwest Boredom Podcast (@Midwest_boredom) berichtet

    I wonder if @hbomax plans to fix their @hulu add on or just keep ripping people off with their **** product #HBOMax #sucks