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OANDA hat sich auf dem Forex-Markt einen Namen gemacht und bietet einzelnen Anlegern seit 1996 Zugang zu Spot-Forex und CFDs. OANDA akzeptiert Kunden aus den USA, Großbritannien, Singapur, Kanada und Australien. Sie bieten eine Reihe von Produkten für den Handel an, darunter Währungs-, Rohstoff- und Indexinstrumente.

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OANDA Ausfalldiagramm 07/06/2022 17:50

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  • Website 10.47% Website
  • Handelsplattform 10.06% Handelsplattform
  • Abhebungen .62% Abhebungen


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AustraliaAdelaide Login
United StatesCampbell Handelsplattform
United StatesLansdowne Website
United StatesOceanside Login
AustraliaBrisbane Handelsplattform
United StatesOrlando Abhebungen

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  • TechnicalTripp Ethan Tripp (@TechnicalTripp) berichtet

    @GirlsTradeTooo Damn I went to place a trade on GJ yesterday and had a 30 pip stop on Tradingview (oanda) and it was 75 pips when I went onto my MT4 lol

  • scottsdalem Hope (@scottsdalem) berichtet

    @OANDAsupport I have a case # that I am trying to get status and would like to get resolved asap. It has been more than two weeks. They keep saying they are still investigating it, but it has been more than two weeks. Help! I don't know who the regulatory (SEC?) over OANDA is.

  • D_J_V_11 David Valladares (@D_J_V_11) berichtet

    @michael_corby @NewYorkRedBulls @OANDA Yes seeing how bad Barlow is just makes me angry he plays at least give Ryan more game time because our three strikers on the team are ****.

  • nygtsi The Sports Influencer (@nygtsi) berichtet

    @NewYorkRedBulls @OANDA We need a striker so bad

  • Jeeniuz94 Jeeniuz (@Jeeniuz94) berichtet

    @MethodSXP @AnyaJuba @eToro Have u had problems with withdrawing funds from Oanda?

  • svmke1 Souvik Mukherjee (@svmke1) berichtet

    "Notably, US yields barely moved overnight so yen and rupee have no excuse on that front. It seems that markets are far more comfortable rushing into the apparent safety of the dollar at the first sign of trouble," said Jeffrey Halley, Senior Market Analyst, Asia Pacific, OANDA.

  • MethodSXP Method (@MethodSXP) berichtet

    @AnyaJuba @eToro I left the broker yesterday after that stupid scam move with CHFHU. Oanda, Admiralmarkets or ICmarkets are WAY BETTER Etoro is the worst with random leverage, margin size, and spread is random BS and then the withdrawl fee... @eToro hope to see your platform fixed in the future

  • therezafontoura Thereza Fontoura (@therezafontoura) berichtet

    @eikebatista em alta de 0,02%, a US$ 1.830,3 a onça-troy na Bolsa de Mercadorias de Nova York. Com o fechamento de hoje, o ouro acumulou perda de 0,53% na semana e de mais de 2% em um mês. Para o analista da Oanda, Edward Moya, os problemas para o ouro não acabaram. 12

  • fufudzyndzyn Marcin (@fufudzyndzyn) berichtet

    @OANDA @OANDAsupport this od insane. I can't login again.

  • cornerstonejoe The Capital Co. (@cornerstonejoe) berichtet

    OANDA down AGAIN. 5th time this month. 2nd time this week. What a ******* joke. #ConArtists @OANDA @OANDAsupport

  • nsense2020 OPNsense2020 (@nsense2020) berichtet

    @dMLTquant @Cloudflare @OANDA Doesn't everyone use Cloudflare because they are petrified of DDoS attacks? Actually you've just reminded me that ages ago MultiCharts(using Oanda as a data source) stopped working for me and apparently that was down to Cloudflare as well.

  • hamed13608111 hamed (@hamed13608111) berichtet

    @tradingview what happened for Oanda broker in today? Data its has a problem !

  • dMLTquant dMLTquant (@dMLTquant) berichtet

    @OANDA @OANDAsupport @OANDA_Europe please do the right thing and close all positions and issue refunds as that is the correct thing to do!

  • VaultFx_trading Wyatt FX (@VaultFx_trading) berichtet

    @facutwo I’ve experienced a majority of chart freezing with FXCM. Which is why I keep all my charts on OANDA regularly. Not often at all that I’ve seen OANDA price feed go down like that.

  • scottsdalem Hope (@scottsdalem) berichtet

    @servicesdown_ Anyone works at #OANDA to update the issue and provide some details? Of course now my position is going to be closed my margin. Do they do this intentionally? Wow #SEC should investigate this company.

  • Rwkv2 Rwkv (@Rwkv2) berichtet

    OANDA doesn't work, FTMO - "General Error". He was right. It's all scam.

  • scottsdalem Hope (@scottsdalem) berichtet

    @servicesdown_ Yes seems to be down #OANDA

  • Badger8643 Matthew Maldonado (@Badger8643) berichtet

    @OANDA is down- I'm in the Los Angeles area. It is being reported that there is a major outage at Cloudflare which hosts many websites including @OANDA This seems to be the problem but I think @Oanda should take precautions so this can't happen anymore.

  • 7JTrades 7J 🛩🧸🃏 (@7JTrades) berichtet

    @OANDA @NewYorkRedBulls Fix your ******* platform can’t log in!

  • scottsdalem Hope (@scottsdalem) berichtet

    @OANDA #OANDA Oanda fxtrade platform seems to be down again. I got kicked out from both web and mobile, and getting error Access denied message. @OANDA please help.

  • marto_je astral_universe_09🥀⚫️🟡 (@marto_je) berichtet von Riyadh, Minţaqat ar Riyāḑ

    @FirstSquawk I have issues login into OANDA.

  • m3mpower77 Karim (@m3mpower77) berichtet

    @OANDAsupport Hi Today 21 june, all Oanda services are down AGAIN, can't access my account, not by App, not by PC, not by web platform, nothing, zero. When will you restore the service?

  • 0xCryptoVince Vince (@0xCryptoVince) berichtet

    @Lotus_xbt Oanda too for me. Isn't the whole point of Cloudfare that **** won't go down?!

  • TradeWithBro99 TradeWithBro (@TradeWithBro99) berichtet

    @oanda you are a JOKE Service down again. Just submitted my application with @FXCM bye bye idiots #oanda

  • TheSouthFX Hans (@TheSouthFX) berichtet

    @tradingview Looks like Oanda Data Feed is down ?

  • cynthia49342155 cheesehead (@cynthia49342155) berichtet

    @eToroTeam Sooooo its kinda weird that you and oanda and everything elsse related to trading are down ...... yall collabin' again to rug pull or something this is fishy asf

  • Andy_Britain Andrew britain (@Andy_Britain) berichtet

    @OANDA Are all your services down, can't get into my trading platform

  • Rekt__DeFi Rekt DeFi (@Rekt__DeFi) berichtet

    @cointrader96 Yeah Oanda charts screwed and Discord down

  • D4niZan D4ni (@D4niZan) berichtet

    @ZC78302540 @OANDA me too. #myfxbook is down too

  • ZC78302540 🖤Zory🖤 (@ZC78302540) berichtet

    @OANDA #oanda is anyone else getting an 'error access denied' msg?