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OANDA hat sich auf dem Forex-Markt einen Namen gemacht und bietet einzelnen Anlegern seit 1996 Zugang zu Spot-Forex und CFDs. OANDA akzeptiert Kunden aus den USA, Großbritannien, Singapur, Kanada und Australien. Sie bieten eine Reihe von Produkten für den Handel an, darunter Währungs-, Rohstoff- und Indexinstrumente.

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  • PiperoniTony YODA MiYAGi (@PiperoniTony) berichtet

    @ForexRetweetWld @daytrader0073 @hugosway Facts ihate taking trades on my forex . com Oanda account .... on forex . Com if I'm down 75cent on a trade I can't close it until I'm down a dollar or more...

  • amemela andile (@amemela) berichtet

    @Blockchainer9 Agreed. Unpredictable spreads. Very bad. Oanda is much more better. I also use FXTM, but my main is OANDA.

  • mikenorman Michael Norman (@mikenorman) berichtet

    @OANDA @JeffatOANDA Oanda used to be a great service. I've had an account there for 20 years and I recommended to many people, but recently the service has deteriorated. Less focus on customer. CFTC violations. I'm thinking of moving my account.

  • michelle_d_ong Michelle Krystle Ong (@michelle_d_ong) berichtet

    Halley, OANDA: any signs central banks will withdraw the life support, could cause jitters - goal is to string those along over a long period of time, rather than one big bang; Central banks distorted markets to keep lights on, its now on how they manage the exit @ANCALERTS

  • carlitoshky FDT (@carlitoshky) berichtet

    @umich_yb @OANDA I'm having the same problem

  • MaicolBasto325 El Kokun (@MaicolBasto325) berichtet

    @JorgeWZguild Supports como vados o nomba oanda que sabes que no harán daño ni estado en ventaja de color así que sus estrellas no más son de adorno y z ability

  • svfiles sean (@svfiles) berichtet

    @dyuuuuuuuuls Like srs she sent the pic where I received the damn oanda stuff toy OMFG 😭💀

  • jccl1988 Johnny Chu (@jccl1988) berichtet

    @OANDA Is your platform down? Can't log in via Android app or website..

  • Ahhmool1 Mule (@Ahhmool1) berichtet

    @CompoundBoss Holy **** y'all through Doug Bell out of the OandA studio years ago? WTF!!!???

  • VultureMars Mars 🇸🇻 (@VultureMars) berichtet

    Senior Market Analyst, The Americas, at OANDA. “This uncertainty over how they got their private key is scaring many bad players to exit Bitcoin holdings. “ #bitcoin

  • preberly Dr Elbis Preberly (@preberly) berichtet

    @CompoundBoss I heard you talking on an ol OandA ep about reversing your JetSki trailer. You said to hold the bottom of the steering wheel and it becomes easier. I wonder if you held the middle of the bars with your knuckles facing down would be the same.

  • carlitoshky FDT (@carlitoshky) berichtet

    @OANDA I can't login o the web or the app please fix

  • pandasyke ##F: Lucifer⁷🌱 ROU LUV CLUB (@pandasyke) berichtet

    **** Lucifer wtf man <//3 -oanda

  • Bucshamsky Jim Sollabim (@Bucshamsky) berichtet

    @CompoundBoss We’ll throw fake 20’s down from the OandA chopper.

  • umich_yb lolrd (@umich_yb) berichtet

    @OANDA is oanda login server for the US down? Got logged out from tradingview and mobile app and login doesn't work.

  • esefnaein ein | STREAM (@esefnaein) berichtet

    can someone dm me the link, the oanda one stucks so bad for me 😭

  • askfor_id kevin (@askfor_id) berichtet

    @Ant_FX_ @tradingview I just tried it out this week using oanda. Nothing negative to say and I might continue to do so since mt4 will likely never get updated for macOS lol, also I’m still able to see my same oanda trades on mt4. I’ve been using my iPad since the Mac issue 😒

  • osrivera24 Orlando Rivera (@osrivera24) berichtet

    @OANDA your customer service sucks. I’ve been trying to contact someone about my account and have been transferred 4 times and my issue is still not resolved

  • LightsCrypto GreenLightsCrypto (@LightsCrypto) berichtet

    41/n If we wanted to know the interbank exchange rates for USD / EUR we might call an fx API service like #Fixer, @Oanda, or @XE .com, and we’d pay somewhere in the range of free to $10K per month, depending on the frequency and quality we need.

  • hskprit ani ¹¹² (@hskprit) berichtet


  • StylesGrant Rainier Grant (@StylesGrant) berichtet

    @SalsaTekila @loomdart Or wind up with a massive duopoly like Forex dot com and Oanda. US regs are some of the worst.

  • AstrxlDxrling ✫𝑨𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂✫ (@AstrxlDxrling) berichtet

    🌟:// how ******** is my food not gonna come with a mf fork WTF OANDA EXPRESS

  • michelle_d_ong Michelle Krystle Ong (@michelle_d_ong) berichtet

    Halley, OANDA: I believe BSP will hold fast until 2022, a lot will depend on Fed's move on rates/ tapering, that causes taper tantrum, causes knock-on effects for EMs, forcing central banks to defend their currencies by running down Foreign reserves @ANCALERTS

  • hskarue Hos Warutere (@hskarue) berichtet

    @OANDA Hey, I need help retrieving my oanda password.

  • AndreaGrandone andrea grandone (@AndreaGrandone) berichtet

    @FX_Rates_API @OANDA @CFTC I have the same issue and filed a complaint with the NFA

  • arminnzoee maggie | 📌anisd (@arminnzoee) berichtet

    @saikikluvrr ahsjsjfjfjf THE OANDA STOP but i get such bad secind hand embarassment from legoshi

  • thebaddestoslo oslo (@thebaddestoslo) berichtet

    @alexntors @soobinlvrs_ **** TEAH THE OANDA

  • nosoychepudarat nosoychepudarat 🇪🇦 CEO- Antiantiaaccount (@nosoychepudarat) berichtet

    Creo que esto esta muerto hoy porq sois una oanda de borraxos y estais de resaca

  • MedinaPanea J. Medina (@MedinaPanea) berichtet

    @Tonicanto1 ****** de gobierno. Oanda de inútiles que tenemos. Mal nos va a ir.

  • scottsdalem Dr. MahaRaj (@scottsdalem) berichtet

    $USDCAD #USDCAD #OANDA server is down looks like. This is weird Forex trading. Wow.