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OANDA hat sich auf dem Forex-Markt einen Namen gemacht und bietet einzelnen Anlegern seit 1996 Zugang zu Spot-Forex und CFDs. OANDA akzeptiert Kunden aus den USA, Großbritannien, Singapur, Kanada und Australien. Sie bieten eine Reihe von Produkten für den Handel an, darunter Währungs-, Rohstoff- und Indexinstrumente.

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  • pandasyke ##F: Lucifer⁷🌱 ROU LUV CLUB (@pandasyke) berichtet

    **** Lucifer wtf man <//3 -oanda

  • thebaddestoslo oslo (@thebaddestoslo) berichtet

    @alexntors @soobinlvrs_ **** TEAH THE OANDA

  • VultureMars Mars 🇸🇻 (@VultureMars) berichtet

    Senior Market Analyst, The Americas, at OANDA. “This uncertainty over how they got their private key is scaring many bad players to exit Bitcoin holdings. “ #bitcoin

  • carlitoshky FDT (@carlitoshky) berichtet

    @OANDA I can't login o the web or the app please fix

  • carlitoshky FDT (@carlitoshky) berichtet

    @umich_yb @OANDA I'm having the same problem

  • umich_yb lolrd (@umich_yb) berichtet

    @OANDA is oanda login server for the US down? Got logged out from tradingview and mobile app and login doesn't work.

  • MedinaPanea J. Medina (@MedinaPanea) berichtet

    @Tonicanto1 ****** de gobierno. Oanda de inútiles que tenemos. Mal nos va a ir.

  • Bucshamsky Jim Sollabim (@Bucshamsky) berichtet

    @CompoundBoss We’ll throw fake 20’s down from the OandA chopper.

  • svfiles sean (@svfiles) berichtet

    @dyuuuuuuuuls Like srs she sent the pic where I received the damn oanda stuff toy OMFG 😭💀

  • jccl1988 Johnny Chu (@jccl1988) berichtet

    @OANDA Is your platform down? Can't log in via Android app or website..

  • Ahhmool1 Mule (@Ahhmool1) berichtet

    @CompoundBoss Holy **** y'all through Doug Bell out of the OandA studio years ago? WTF!!!???

  • nosoychepudarat nosoychepudarat 🇪🇦 CEO- Antiantiaaccount (@nosoychepudarat) berichtet

    @iiehsoll Ya pero donde estaba la parte española para impedir q pasaran. Y no dimite ni el tato de la oanda de inutiles q ni respuesta tuvieron

  • FMR_Reviews Forexmarketsreviews (@FMR_Reviews) berichtet

    Practice-money printer. OANDA tech support claimed there are no technical issues, and that 20+ pip outliers on 5-second TF are not unusual - just depends on the market. This is a practice account. Doubtful that live accounts are showing such spikes; wild profits practically …

  • Tori57271722 Tori (@Tori57271722) berichtet

    @KingBach @DogelonMars I lost my mom to cancer as covid hit so I was hospice. My house burned down 2 days later. I have saved every penny for 9 years in crypto to get burned by oandacoins now oanda coins(total scam) before bitcoin blew up... so I lost millions.

  • ttavlas Tolga TAVLAS (@ttavlas) berichtet

    Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Market 2021 Report SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: SolarisBank, Sqaure, PayPal, Fidor Bank, Moven, Prosper, FinTechs, Braintree, OANDA, Currency Cloud, Intuit, Gemalto, Finexra, BOKU, Invoicera, Coinbase, Authy, Dwolla, G - BeverageManager .Net …

  • rezaloot1 rezaloot (@rezaloot1) berichtet

    for #CN50USD on @OANDA gap test would be 17019.1, filled at 17030.6... if it falls out around 2% down from here is 16.6k extension.

  • andy_tants Andy Tants (@andy_tants) berichtet

    @RealSaavedra “Oil prices are falling as the Colonial Pipeline disruption has all the hallmarks of a short-term glitch,” said Sophie Griffiths, analyst at Oanda“the pipeline failure is not likely to be an ongoing issue, with a phased restart expected imminently and restored by end of the week

  • ttavlas Tolga TAVLAS (@ttavlas) berichtet

    Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Market 2021 Report SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: SolarisBank, Sqaure, PayPal, Fidor Bank, Moven, Prosper, FinTechs, Braintree, OANDA, Currency Cloud, Intuit, Gemalto, Finexra, BOKU, Invoicera, Coinbase, Authy, Dwolla, GoCardless, iZettle – Bevera…

  • duganist Patrick Dugan (@duganist) berichtet

    It was 2009 and I was in a bad relationship with Speedy Internet from Movistar that would-not-work and I'm sitting in an internet cafe trading with leverage on Oanda and eating from a bag of bizcochos.

  • ttavlas Tolga TAVLAS (@ttavlas) berichtet

    “Global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Market Size, Share, SWOT Analysis, Outlook, by Top Key Players 2025: SolarisBank Sqaure PayPal Fidor Bank Moven Prosper FinTechs Braintree OANDA Currency Cloud Intuit Gemalto Finexra BOKU Invoicera Coinbase Authy Dwolla GoCardless iZettle”…

  • konowhore summer 📌 check pinned!! (@konowhore) berichtet


  • hrjmldn Jose Manuel (@hrjmldn) berichtet

    @marca Anda y que os den por el ****, hijos de ****. Vaya oanda de sinvergüenzas estais hechos. El Madrid y el fair play....

  • CollinPlaysDuty 🇮🇪🇺🇲Collin Clinton Garrett/IGN"Høød" (@CollinPlaysDuty) berichtet

    @FFrodo62 @kevinbrennan666 @YouTube What did Joe start *******? .. you going off some OandA YouTube ****? Carlos stole an entire special from George Lopez and was punked out in public years before the Rogan incident happened..

  • btc_long_time Justin Evans (@btc_long_time) berichtet

    API down @OANDA

  • btc_long_time Justin Evans (@btc_long_time) berichtet

    API down #oanda

  • snapz_unlimited traderrforexx (@snapz_unlimited) berichtet

    @SJosephBurns @austinsilverfx Stocks.. Impossible to get normal open and close of candle on tradingview. Like forex.(oanda,fxcm)..i can't find pattern on stocks broker candl so different open at the middle of previous candl.. Not serious stock personally.. Gaps awful, leverage low, only 8h per day open.. Etc.

  • _Ibn_e_khan Bilal Ahmed Khan (@_Ibn_e_khan) berichtet

    @bilal13245 @essel1 Stop the RR and start studying, OandA-levels students r quite sensible, they aren't like grade 5 kids. Following SOPs during a 3 hr exam shouldn't be a problem for students.

  • JoshBarely Isles of Contention (@JoshBarely) berichtet

    @UpperCenter_303 That i still occasionally listen is a testament to how bad the state of talk radio is. Once OandA, R and F came into my world? I dropped out. Missed the entire artie era.

  • DontBeBrokeNow Edwin Singh (@DontBeBrokeNow) berichtet

    @DanialS95511386 @rinkydoofinance @OANDA Not anymore, not cause it was a bad product, just cause forex wasn’t really me.

  • bmackgold 𝔹-𝕄𝕒𝕔𝕜 🔊 (@bmackgold) berichtet

    @OANDA you are slow. Where's my money? #html