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Paramount + ist ein amerikanischer On-Demand-Streaming-Service für Abonnements, der CBS Interactive, einer Tochtergesellschaft von ViacomCBS, gehört und von CBS Interactive betrieben wird. Paramount + liefert Filme, Dramen, Nachrichten, Cartoons und Komödien.

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  • enemies2Iovers ri of charlizajri 👭 (@enemies2Iovers) berichtet

    @_kCarly_ @iCarly @paramountplus HELP NOT THAT—

  • Synergy3k Keva (kay-va) 🏳️‍🌈😷 (@Synergy3k) berichtet

    Anyone else find that the @paramountplus app on Roku just doesn’t work anymore? I’ve reinstalled it twice but it lags and crashes.

  • RosieVallakia Rosie Vallakia (@RosieVallakia) berichtet

    @paramountplus I am having issues with my account. It won’t let me change my CC info in my ROKU box. Please help!

  • Scarface2684 Scarface (@Scarface2684) berichtet

    @paramountplus @RuPaulsDragRace These people are mentally deranged. They need help and shouldn't have a platform to spread their lunacy!

  • SingForTheDay Christopher W. (@SingForTheDay) berichtet

    I have no idea why I can stream movies in 4k on Amazon prime with no issue but for some reason trying to watch Frasier episodes on @paramountplus buffers to the point of being unwatchable @askparamount but I'm starting to regret buying the whole year.

  • 420china krystle rivera (@420china) berichtet

    @paramountplus When is it going to work in Puerto Rico

  • puckettsbensons seddie's child 👭 (@puckettsbensons) berichtet

    @enemies2Iovers @iCarly @paramountplus HELP

  • chan_ryne17 Chandler Ryne Hollingsworth (@chan_ryne17) berichtet

    Got @paramountplus today and it won’t work on any device but my phone. Can’t even sign in on anything else

  • fwiles Frank Wiles (@fwiles) berichtet

    Anyone else having constant issues with @paramountplus on Amazon Fire cubes? Loops the previous 3-4 seconds at every commercial break on TV shows. Indefinitely. Have to fast forward one second. Pause. Back out of app and back into show to get it to continue. VERY annoying.

  • ElwoodNotJake Elwood (@ElwoodNotJake) berichtet

    @paramountplus Your APP SUX!!!! Fix it!!! Let me watch it!!!

  • NicoleC90333827 Angel2x (@NicoleC90333827) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Liam ask pleaded this 'Man Thomas outta all people to taken care of his Wife, and Kids outta all people, Not his brother Wyatt or his kids Grandma Brook but 'Thomas the same guy who was not too long ago was obsessed with his Wife, and basically causes Emma road kill car crash.

  • TMezger Tom Mezger (@TMezger) berichtet

    @levarburton @paramountplus I just watched as well. But I really wanted someone to just tell the bad guy: "Did it occur to you, the solution to your problem is in your hand?"

  • xtex404 Justin Medlock 🏳️‍🌈 (@xtex404) berichtet

    @BairdCampbell @hbomax @paramountplus Yeah. But P+/AllAccess sucked for four years. It was awful when they first released it and they never updated or fixed it. We are used to it being bad. HBO Max was a decent app then something happened.

  • learnteachwin Dr. J (@learnteachwin) berichtet

    It's been a few months, and the @paramountplus still has so many issues.

  • gianna_pidgeon Gianna Pidgeon (@gianna_pidgeon) berichtet

    @lfr991 We would’ve had our door broken 😭 #SaveMacGyver #ParamountPlus #MacGyverOnNetflix

  • ElliotfromDiego That Guy (@ElliotfromDiego) berichtet

    For the love of God please fix your ******* app @paramountplus. You have the worst app on the market with one of the best libraries. It makes no ******* sense

  • melaniecsmith65 Melanie (@melaniecsmith65) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus This soap definitely needs new writers!!! I’m just about ready to call it quits with B&B….giving these “children” so much nerve with the owners of the company they work for!!

  • 007ellamare 🇩🇰von kjeldgaard🏴‍☠️🚒 covid❓😳 (@007ellamare) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus does that ding bat Flo work? do girls wear things like that when working? if she works.

  • Phrosfire Phrosfire (@Phrosfire) berichtet

    @askparamount I'm in the United States, but you're platform says I'm in Canada and won't let me sign in. IP address is identified as being in the US when you look it up. All information was sent to you guys through Twitter on June 11th, but you guys never replied.

  • limitlessssxx cas (@limitlessssxx) berichtet

    why doesn’t @paramountplus work on any of my tvs or phone ??

  • evancwarner Evan Warner (@evancwarner) berichtet

    @paramountplus please fix your apps. Every single show I watch... the 3rd commercial break freezes at 60 seconds left for up to 2 minutes

  • AylaMarieXO Ayla Marie (@AylaMarieXO) berichtet

    @paramountplus should be free bc it’s messing up my other apps for streaming n they don’t even add the new seasons @MTV get your app working bc paramount is not where y’all need to be @ViacomCBS fix the paramount app if that’s what you’re making us use include the new episodes

  • Rhonda43969020 me (@Rhonda43969020) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Wtf is this quinn begging this lil girl nooo hell no y'all need to fix this quinn is not supposed to be begging anyone

  • lakeishadallas Georgia4Lyfe (@lakeishadallas) berichtet

    @luthien79 @paramountplus Right me too I mean why fix something if it ain't broken I think alot of people will be mad now that they have to pay to watch their show #SaveMacGyver

  • luthien79 Luthien - Save MacGyver (@luthien79) berichtet

    @lakeishadallas @paramountplus I've seen Evil fans saying the same thing too! I'm not criticizing them tho... I get it, they were watching it free but now have to pay for new episodes. But, for me, I'll gladly pay to watch #MacGyver Season 6. No problem at all! Just #BringMacBack #SaveMacGyver

  • Franky_WebComic John Hazard (@Franky_WebComic) berichtet

    @PilatesSuzanne @paramountplus DSC S1: UFP’s in a war they helped start. S2: Starfleet creates an A.I. that tries to destroy all life. S3: dilithium explodes so the UFP folds & Starfleet hides for centuries. PICARD S1: Starfleet turns its back on Picard & the broken Romulans. No it’s not even CLOSE to perfect

  • stimpy25 Erika Mitchell (@stimpy25) berichtet

    @paramountplus your app for PlayStation is absolutely terrible. You need to fix it and make it more functional

  • PilatesSuzanne Suzanne Pilates (@PilatesSuzanne) berichtet

    @Franky_WebComic @paramountplus Boooo I disagree. I think they are just portraying it as it is: not perfect. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call it completely broken. There are still beautiful things. And an organization isn’t foolproof. It’s the people who make it good or bad

  • BBSavant BBSavant (@BBSavant) berichtet

    Watching @CBSBigBrother on @paramountplus and the dubbing is messing up like crazy. How do I fix this? #BB23

  • cmulcahy27 Charlie Mulcahy (@cmulcahy27) berichtet

    @murderxbryan @paramountplus is infinitely worse. Can’t even search by actor or director, only title, and on Xbox the UI is basically unusable