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Paramount + ist ein amerikanischer On-Demand-Streaming-Service für Abonnements, der CBS Interactive, einer Tochtergesellschaft von ViacomCBS, gehört und von CBS Interactive betrieben wird. Paramount + liefert Filme, Dramen, Nachrichten, Cartoons und Komödien.

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  • JohnThomasJR20 John Thomas JR (@JohnThomasJR20) berichtet

    @paramountplus ATT!! Want to log in yours using AOL Not Outlook. Please Fix.

  • inzlabs inz (@inzlabs) berichtet

    Dear @NWSL what is the best way to watch you? @paramountplus sucks bananas because they are CBS but not even on their own #CBSSports I can watch you. Help? A fan family.

  • PogMoThoinTrump Hypocrisy Hunter (@PogMoThoinTrump) berichtet

    @swkkristen Thanks. Now why the hell is a BASKETBALL link being used for a SOCCER match? It's almost like they don't wanna advertise the league. Thanks again. Hey #ParamountPlus #CBSSN & @NWSL, thanks for making ZERO attempts to help me with this😡

  • David_Oke David Oke (@David_Oke) berichtet

    Update: switched to @YouTubeTV and the quality is SIGNIFICANTLY better though to find the game I had to search entirely for "Orlando Pride" as the auto-fill all the way up to Orlando Prid showed no results... @CBSSports @paramountplus Why is YTTV such a better feed for #NWSL

  • PogMoThoinTrump Hypocrisy Hunter (@PogMoThoinTrump) berichtet

    @JeffKassouf Anyone else unable to find the match on their #ParamountPlus or #CBSSN apps? I'm not finding it ANYWHERE! Not in the "Watch Now" section or the "Live TV" or even on the app's NWSL page. WTH am I paying $5.99/mo for? Someone please help.

  • Chumblykins Chumblykins (@Chumblykins) berichtet

    The new Star Trek shows are only available by streaming because they're terribly made shows that would get cancelled by any network. This complaint isn't about "what Star Trek should be"--this complaint is solely about the awful writing and awful cinematography @paramountplus

  • JrmPop JRMPop (@JrmPop) berichtet

    I watched @AREUTHE1 S3 on #ParamountPlus this week - and there is pretty much ZERO chance that the producers didn't cheat to help that cast of pathetic morons win. (It was kind of strange seeing people I know from other shows, displaying even uglier sides of themselves.) #AYTO

  • fpatrick Frank Patrick: Vaxed, Masked, and Still Hunkered (@fpatrick) berichtet

    User interface on @paramountplus sucks. 1) No way to save a movie/show in a list for later viewing. 2) “Keep watching” list doesn’t delete everything you finish watching automatically. 3) No way of manually cleaning out the “Keep watching” list when it doesn’t work as it should.

  • strongtakes Derek (@strongtakes) berichtet

    @paramountplus The man city match finished an hour ago but it's not available on the Match Replays yet. Please fix this. It's bad enough that I have to pay extra to watch, your site should at least have a decent user experience.

  • burghfaninkc burghfaninkc (@burghfaninkc) berichtet

    @askparamount is there a reason your app won’t work with fire stick? The app boots but the screen goes dark once I choose a program or movie to watch When will you fix this issue, I am not the only one. Same issue with cbs all access, both suck so far! Btw works fine on my iPad

  • Califor11709271 California Girl (@Califor11709271) berichtet

    @CBS @CBSTVStudios @paramountplus You seem to have made a mistake. The next episode preview says it's the last 2 episodes. We know that was just a typo that you need to fix quickly. #savemacgyver

  • Ervvc Eric (@Ervvc) berichtet

    @askparamount Just fix your streaming service please. I don’t want to deal with this nonsense during the Semi finals

  • 1tnert Tnert (@1tnert) berichtet

    @askparamount @Ervvc 2nd day in a row I can’t watch champions league with a fire stick. Not sure what the problem is but I’m canceling paramount+

  • Tiffany3110_ tiff (@Tiffany3110_) berichtet

    @askparamount third time trying to get you to reply to my dm, need help

  • hellasmolx ᶜʰᶤˡᵈᶤˢʰ ᵍᵃʳᵇᵃᶰᶻᵒ (@hellasmolx) berichtet

    @paramountplus Hey guys! I’m trying to cancel my membership but I keep getting an error message when I hit the final button to cancel. Can someone help me cancel plz?

  • DeWitt_Justin94 Justin DeWitt (@DeWitt_Justin94) berichtet

    Trying to watch the chanpions league but @paramountplus app is the worst. Thanks for the random freeze frames from 20 minutes ago. I didn’t want to watch the game or anything

  • cypriotandrewm Smoovie (@cypriotandrewm) berichtet

    @paramountplus fix your ******* app .. never ******* works ever **** you are inept

  • DabaaAbdi Paul (@DabaaAbdi) berichtet

    @paramountplus your app is keep crashing on my Sony Bravia TV. Any help? Thanks

  • Hannah_Jacobs1 Hannah Jacobs (@Hannah_Jacobs1) berichtet

    @askparamount can I get help with an account issue? Sent a DM last week

  • spiffie david (@spiffie) berichtet

    @askparamount The Champions League stream won’t pull up. I get an error. I’ve tried both Apple TV and Roku TV. This happened last week, too. The banner says coverage started half an hour ago. What’s next?

  • theeamariaj amaria j 🦋 (@theeamariaj) berichtet

    @paramountplus can y’all fix the order of True Jackson VP PLEASE 😭😭😭

  • tillybird13 Theresa Steinbacher (@tillybird13) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Really, how lame and weak are you making this character, Liam? This is the worst! Come on, the man is a Vegan - he’s extremely ethical! I know NO Vegan who would do this! I know, I’m a Vegan! We are a different breed!

  • LostInDivan Oh, Meemaw (@LostInDivan) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Liam will need a straitjacket soon. Awful.

  • Cindy_Bunn J.Z.💫Ϟ ⚯͛ (@Cindy_Bunn) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Vinny is the WORST ACTOR. My GODNESS. Liam is emotional and annoying as hell.

  • msmadisonashley Madzzz (@msmadisonashley) berichtet

    @paramountplus I’m going to keep tweeting angrily till this is fixed. Idk if anyone else is having this problem but their is no use in a Continue watching section if everytime I go to CONTINUE watching it starts the episode over! I can’t even fast forward without an error!

  • lenamchristian Lena Christian (@lenamchristian) berichtet

    @BandB_CBS @CBS @paramountplus Worst soap on TV now. Same dialogue for over a week. Not well written any more. Just some bull every day. I try to watch. I DVR and go straight thru & see it in 10 min. Go right thru repetitious dialogue.

  • MyLifeInBoxes Jeff B (@MyLifeInBoxes) berichtet

    @Jeff_Sharon @espn #ESPNPlus is second only to #ParamountPlus in worst user-friendly interface. Good move to add ESPN+ to Hulu because that’s how I access it now.

  • WeDontWearDraws PastorJonesy (@WeDontWearDraws) berichtet

    @paramountplus why can't I access my account settings? I would like to end my trial. The app and the website is not working for me.

  • JackieHardCoreG desertbitch 🌹Cori Bush *******!!! #LeftIsBest (@JackieHardCoreG) berichtet

    @flushmytoilet @hlnlzdaily It’s jumpy and glitchy as hell @paramountplus tryna watch the real world and it’s just awful. WTF??? #ParamountPlusSucks

  • TylerBorschnack tyler (@TylerBorschnack) berichtet von Anchorage Municipality, Alaska

    @paramountplus is the worst streaming service I’ve ever used