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Peacock ist ein amerikanischer Over-the-Top-Video-Streaming-Dienst von NBCUniversal, einer Tochtergesellschaft von Comcast. Peacock bietet zahlreiche Shows und Filme im Zusammenhang mit NBC, Bravo, E!, Syfy, Telemundo und USA Network sowie Shows und Filme von Universal.

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  • FVsomething Twit_ter blip FV (@FVsomething) berichtet

    @peacockTV Time to send Frazier away. He doesn't look like he is gonna fix this in NY

  • BoomerLife2 Dr. Doge (@BoomerLife2) berichtet

    @peacockTV Why is your app so incredibly awful? I'd think you'd be able to afford halfway decent developers.

  • HelpsDesks TrustWallet Help Desk (@HelpsDesks) berichtet

    @Trustwa45801644 @peacockTV This is support team. We apologize for any inconveniences. Kindly send a dm for all enquirers and to resolve any issue you’re having. Thanks

  • kimkam7 kimkam7💞 (@kimkam7) berichtet

    @Melissa_Hediger @peacockTV Firestick works with all other apps. NBC doesn’t want to give free programs, so the app crashes and they don’t fix it.

  • Karin70094975 Karin (@Karin70094975) berichtet

    @peacockTV Why isn’t this compatible with Amazon Fire Stick? I have my service but can only watch on my computer and phone. I use a fire stick and it won’t work, why? Makes no sense to common ripple!

  • asktoybox Toybox (@asktoybox) berichtet

    @peacockTV I... ....I can't tell if this is satire. Is this satire? Help.

  • 13badrobots Wartime13badrobots (@13badrobots) berichtet

    @ParisHilton @peacockTV My heart is broken.

  • Lemmonex Lexa Lemieux (@Lemmonex) berichtet

    Mirroring to my Samsung TV from my iPhone doesn’t seem to be working with the @peacockTV app. Anyone else experience this very specific problem?

  • jarrettbrown Jarrett Brown (@jarrettbrown) berichtet

    @peacockTV Maybe if you were more widely available, things would work out

  • Phlowz Olóyè Ajíkawó 🧢 (@Phlowz) berichtet

    My worst subscription till date is this @peacockTV — what football games do you people even show ffs!

  • PsychRewatch Psych Rewatch 🍍🍍🍍 (@PsychRewatch) berichtet

    @peacockTV I want to scream in excitement but I'm at work!

  • LastWordKG x - Kyle Granger (@LastWordKG) berichtet

    .@peacockTV fix your subtitle issues. It’s not rocket science.

  • cus_andrew AndrewCus (@cus_andrew) berichtet

    @peacockTV why am I still being charged when I cancelled the service. Also can't find any customer service contact options.. I'm just marking it as Fraud on my credit card. Please fix

  • InfiniteAbund08 Richard Blumenfeld (@InfiniteAbund08) berichtet

    @peacockTV Bitcoin crash below 9000

  • Mimi46010085 Mimi (@Mimi46010085) berichtet

    @peacockTV I have peacock and I hated it when all of the office and parks were still free. Then they became premium only. Only in your dreams @peacockTV am I gonna pay for this ****. I bought it on Apple much cheaper (and higher quality)

  • PsychRewatch Psych Rewatch 🍍🍍🍍 (@PsychRewatch) berichtet

    How am I supposed to concentrate at work now, @peacockTV @PsychPeacock ? 🍍🍍🍍

  • CoryWerthen Cory Werthen (@CoryWerthen) berichtet

    I hope @peacockTV fails, terrible customer service

  • BrandonBudd7 Brandon Budd (@BrandonBudd7) berichtet

    @psychoanalyzedd @peacockTV I was lucky enough to see a comment from someone, somewhere that said that when the US lost The Office on Netflix, Sweden had just got it. Being subscribed to a VPN made this no problem. Just checked, Parks and Rec. is also there. Enjoy!

  • AmiiBroNFC AmiiBro aka DogeDude💎 (@AmiiBroNFC) berichtet

    @peacockTV Worthless app, can’t watch SNL live on your PAID subscription, while Google TV has no problem. I would have assumed the NBC app catered to NBC channels and programming more than Google, but hey. That’s my 2020-2021 motto: Disappointed, but not surprised…

  • necroprincess13 machine gun canary (@necroprincess13) berichtet

    @peacockTV This all seems like the worst most obnoxious crap ever. Thanx for the warning. Will be avoiding like COVID.

  • daywalkeraudio DJ Daywalker (@daywalkeraudio) berichtet

    @peacockTV your feed for @dpshow has glitched out and closed out of the app twice already in the 1st hour. Then it’s like the NBC Sports channel doesn’t exist! Help please!

  • JamesConway_ R Y A N 🖼 (@JamesConway_) berichtet von Queens, New York

    @peacockTV where did the @dpshow go? Please fix your app!

  • DonaldLantz Donald Lantz (@DonaldLantz) berichtet

    @peacockTV Tried to watch Netflix at a friends home and never got it to work. Must not be smart enough to stream so will stick to cable/satellite.

  • JamesConway_ R Y A N 🖼 (@JamesConway_) berichtet von Queens, New York

    @peacockTV your app is the absolute worst. Please fix the glitches

  • brettc1978 Brettc1978 (@brettc1978) berichtet

    @peacockTV Yea hey NBC you are the WORST! You have put over half of the Premier League on Peacock Premier that isn't "For Free" so miss me with this bullsh**!🖕

  • AnneHerzberg14 AnneHerzberg (@AnneHerzberg14) berichtet

    @EmmaVigeland I see this morally abhorrent nonsense is yet again coming from a host on @nbc @peacockTV Worst network in the US. Is Qatar funding them?

  • rickpmt Rick (@rickpmt) berichtet

    @peacockTV Peacock TV is NBCs attempt to attract viewers that won’t watch if they use the NBC name. It’s a failing brand and this won’t help.

  • EastCoastCool_ Erin (@EastCoastCool_) berichtet

    @peacockTV You really need to work out your beef with Amazon and get on the fire stick...

  • westghentwitch westghentwitch 🐈‍⬛❄️🌊🍾 (@westghentwitch) berichtet

    @peacockTV Wish I could. My sideloaded app won't work.

  • MenendesSpider spider menendes (@MenendesSpider) berichtet

    @peacockTV The office (US) is the worst show ever made