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Robinhood ist eine kostenlose Handels-App, mit der Anleger Aktien, Optionen, börsengehandelte Fonds und Kryptowährung handeln können, ohne Provisionen oder Gebühren zu zahlen.

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  • CompanyFeedbac1 CompanyFeedback (@CompanyFeedbac1) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood ”server error” when we try and withdraw??? How many people are dumping BTC right now?

  • Luis01597037 Luis (@Luis01597037) berichtet

    @CoinbaseSupport can someone respond to my ticket. Has been almost 2 months of constant issues. Bout to head to @RobinhoodApp

  • dewdxo dewd (@dewdxo) berichtet

    @AskRobinhood @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Please respond to my DM concerning my account. Customer support has not been responsive.

  • chrisstarnes3 chris starnes (@chrisstarnes3) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp hey, I'm hoping somebody can help me with my account. I had a transfer get reversed and they put a restriction on my account and can't get it lifted

  • nucash_mining David (@nucash_mining) berichtet

    @SynphZ @RobinhoodApp But should not be. That's them ripping folks off. I get it that Robinhood isn't a crypto trading platform. I can tell you that I did not have this problem when trading NIO. I just been playing with a few dollars in there, but still.

  • BluCookies It be like that sometimes. (@BluCookies) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp yo i got a new phone and i need help accessing my account. hmu

  • walton1591 WALTTTTT🗣 (@walton1591) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp can you guys help me with my account I can’t buy any stocks ... need help

  • YungMasonKing Yung Mason King (@YungMasonKing) berichtet

    As much as I enjoy using @RobinhoodApp, it is sooooo ridiculous how long it take your actual funds to process when transferring and making a transfer/deposit to #RobinHood or your #bankaccount.... so awful

  • Bisn_2020 BS (@Bisn_2020) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp highly incompetent customer service at Robinhood.

  • whatever4500 whatever4500 (@whatever4500) berichtet

    Trash *** app @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood stop stealing/holding peoples money. Shut this app down ASAP. Robinhood sucks

  • skylard26219222 skylardavis (@skylard26219222) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp been waiting on approval for over a week. Cant login to my account at all now and my money was transferred into the app.

  • TheJohnCenaArmy TheCenationFanClub (@TheJohnCenaArmy) berichtet

    I'm never using @RobinhoodApp again. Restrictions on accounts for no absolute reason? And when I emailed support, no responses and it's been a month. Ridiculous! @AskRobinhood

  • rodolfolovesyou we live in a society (@rodolfolovesyou) berichtet

    @llAnthonygomez @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood Damn 😤😭😭

  • KevinSpozer Kevin Spozer (@KevinSpozer) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp what is your customer service number.

  • NWOhioMarines That One Guy (@NWOhioMarines) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp you know what is a great feature of your app??? Absolutely 0 customer support. Issue for 2 days now and can’t get in touch with anyone. submitted reqs that go unanswered. Tweets to the ‘ask’ acct- same. DM got one response and it wasn’t at all helpful. F me I guess.

  • ClarkYe3 ClarkYe (@ClarkYe3) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood Can someone help me with my account?

  • John32880526 John (@John32880526) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp I need help

  • ClarkYe3 ClarkYe (@ClarkYe3) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp I need some help me. My whole portfolio disappeared.

  • p_kpanda pratyush (@p_kpanda) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp the support is non responsive. Have requested a minor assistance days back, but still no response.

  • ImBeneficial ImBeneficial (@ImBeneficial) berichtet

    @SoFiSupport has a platform and suite of financial tools in the palm of your hand > I'm liking it. & they already have better customer service than @RobinhoodApp ... brokers need to step it up

  • ConnorS19648699 Connor Smith (@ConnorS19648699) berichtet

    @alyssak02552871 @RobinhoodApp Same with me, and they will just ask for your case number in the DM and then never respond to your emails or fix the problem

  • Salar71192134 Salar (@Salar71192134) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp I trying to activate my account with #RobinHood since beginning of the month, several ticket no result, no phone number no chat! #worst #CustomerService

  • alyssak02552871 alyssa king (@alyssak02552871) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp Someone please fix my account. No one is replying via email/tickets. I cant make purchase, i cant withdraw. Just close out my account, i will move to a different platform.

  • WellSpoken_ Solomon (@WellSpoken_) berichtet

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Please respond to my DM concerning my account. I would like to have this error corrected and my correct account value credited. Thanks. Customer support has not been responsive.

  • treems15 Tyler (@treems15) berichtet

    I sincerely hope @RobinhoodApp gets shut down by @FTC for negligence and mismanagement of user accounts. @AskRobinhood you people are worthless and legitimately make up some of the dumbest rules to "unlock" an account that was never "locked" to begin with.

  • mylottosecret lotto secret (@mylottosecret) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp I can't thru to consumer service. I need to cancel an order.

  • mmmtravis Travis Reilly #AtHome (@mmmtravis) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp Hi, Robinhood won't allow me to transfer out my portfolio and my messages to customer support have thus far been ignored. Please advise ASAP!

  • EmmanuelRojas_ Emmanuel Rojas (@EmmanuelRojas_) berichtet

    Still waiting at least for an answer from your customer service representative or your DM @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp, Its been two weeks already trying to use some funds from my account and nothing.

  • she_fyne_ Damn (@she_fyne_) berichtet

    @OneOfBs @RobinhoodApp They better fix my **** too!

  • HiDisIsFLIT 💎✨JEWREY✨💎 (@HiDisIsFLIT) berichtet

    I bought a call an hour ago the stock hella up now but that shitSTILL hasn’t processed wtf is up @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood