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Robinhood ist eine kostenlose Handels-App, mit der Anleger Aktien, Optionen, börsengehandelte Fonds und Kryptowährung handeln können, ohne Provisionen oder Gebühren zu zahlen.

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Robinhood Ausfalldiagramm 09/29/2020 15:30

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  • Brad_Smith91 Brad Smith (@Brad_Smith91) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp do u have a customer service phone #

  • GoSavageGIRLs Go Savage Girl (@GoSavageGIRLs) berichtet

    I want to see that when I purchase more on a downtrend my average price goes down. It’s a fun trading platform but I don’t take anything seriously on it. By 2021 you need to set up limit orders and stop orders because you CHARGE and @RobinhoodApp doesn’t - and THEY have those

  • prequest02 Abhishek Bhowmick (@prequest02) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp And now I am unable to close the +1 positions as RH says not enough collateral or shares. I don’t want these contracts to expire worthless and want to get out of these trades now which expire tomorrow 9/30. I have contacted RH email support but no response yet.

  • srkunduri Srikanth Kunduri (@srkunduri) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood Did anyone ever hear back from Robinhood support ?, are these accounts genuine?, And does Robinhood have any customer support ? ... please let me know if anyone knows how to reach them.. Thanks

  • wgmg2012 michael giannola (@wgmg2012) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp how do I have you guys fix a withdrawal problem I've tried to contact you 2ce case#08572686. I cannot withdraw any funds from my account.... this is very irritating. it keeps telling me withdrawal has been disabled and i cannot find any way in the app to enable it.

  • RobertBeardslee Robert Beardslee (@RobertBeardslee) berichtet

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Can someone please escalate my ticket as my issue is still not resolved. My account is still locked for no reason

  • PowerDiamondTo1 Power Diamond Tools (@PowerDiamondTo1) berichtet


  • JMaMi86 😈Jessica💜 (@JMaMi86) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp playin games with my options with this slow fill nonsense

  • srkunduri Srikanth Kunduri (@srkunduri) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp DONT HAVE Customer service PH HELP??. My account has been compromised and cash management was activated. They sold all my stocks and withdrew cash about $5K from my account. Tried reaching out to customer support. I didnt get any reply. PLSS HELPP!! Sent a DM Too

  • srkandagatla srinivasraok (@srkandagatla) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp Hi Robinhoodteam, My trading accoutn go thacked, trying to reach customer case on email but no response received yet.

  • srkunduri Srikanth Kunduri (@srkunduri) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp i am trying to contact the customer service . This is disgusting my stocks has been sold by an unknown identity and the amount is being transferred to some unknown account. The transactions are showing pending , I need help but Robinhood do not have a service.

  • awkwardsince86 awkwardsince86 (@awkwardsince86) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp I got a newsletter from you because I have an account, apparently. I never signed up for this account, but was able to access it because I have access to the email the newsletter was sent to. I am trying to close my account but am getting an error message.

  • Yorel1226 Osc Kelly (@Yorel1226) berichtet


  • EmilyHeller Emily (@EmilyHeller) berichtet

    I just downloaded @RobinhoodApp does anyone want to tell me wtf I should doing?

  • barrycharlotte Animated Dolphin (@barrycharlotte) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp HI there, I can't seem to open an account. I opened an account with a new email but apparently I have an old account with an old email I no longer have access to. Support can't seem to help me... do you know who I can speak with to get my account active? Thank you!!

  • Baljind13745730 Delusional_01 (@Baljind13745730) berichtet

    @87AlwaysRed @sp3cul8r @RobinhoodApp You probably heard wrong. I’ve been using them for a while along with TOS and Tasty, they are not bad; other than the Feb 29 debacle.

  • RyanBWalker2 Ryan (@RyanBWalker2) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @RobinhoodApp Legit the worst customer service. Pray you don’t have any issues. Great other than that.

  • TheRealUSAFlag TheRealAmericanFlag (@TheRealUSAFlag) berichtet

    @SlimRidge @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp It's your fault, you keep staying on a service that costs people thousands of dollars. Were you abused as a child? They ****** up on the singular greatest opportunity day for investment in a decade, you should have left then,

  • BillyObe50 Billy Oberholtzer (@BillyObe50) berichtet

    @RobinhoodApp Please help me. I have sent countless emails to your support team. My account was compromised a week ago and I have heard back anything. All of the money in my account was transferred out.

  • Ernie18 e18 (@Ernie18) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @RobinhoodApp Its cool if you have options that are either up or down alot and you can't exit because the platform crashes

  • JanuarysVeryAun Aun Z 👑 (@JanuarysVeryAun) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @RobinhoodApp Poor execution time for the entire app. Random outages. Laggy at open. But Interface is cool and sleek. Other than that, terrible app.

  • sunset_chasr Sunset Chaser (@sunset_chasr) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @RobinhoodApp Their website is slow and if you are planning to trade using a desktop it might not be pleasant experience.

  • z3vowtf Z3VO (@z3vowtf) berichtet

    Hey so I have been using the @RobinhoodApp for about a month now but I dont know how or when I'm able to take money out and put it in my bank account if anyone could dm and help me that would be much appreciated

  • stockchexker stockchexker (@stockchexker) berichtet

    @ThomasHealy47 Myself, my 3 others didn’t receive it yet off @RobinhoodApp anyone else have this problem?

  • fintechjunkie Frank Rotman (@fintechjunkie) berichtet

    Someone is trying to set up a @RobinhoodApp account in my name. Let’s see how fast they shut it down since I just notified them. Big test of whether they care about fraud concerns! Tick tick tick tick.....

  • EyeDeaLy hmm (@EyeDeaLy) berichtet

    @holdupyo @hyliion People bash on @RobinhoodApp but, they generally are amazing. The only problem I have w/ them is they don’t offer 4am-8pm like many other traders and it screws their users frequently.

  • P1aycrackthesk1 P1aycrackthesky (@P1aycrackthesk1) berichtet

    @DrGMerchant @vc @RobinhoodApp What issue? A young trader grew his account value to $1 million USD, and then gambled it all away. He had nobody to blame but himself. As a grown adult, you accept the risks of trading willingly.

  • JMA_Trades JMA (@JMA_Trades) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @IBKR @RobinhoodApp Robinhood would be the worst choice you could make

  • FloorTrader0 Floor Trader (@FloorTrader0) berichtet

    @sp3cul8r @IBKR @RobinhoodApp I’m racking up commissions on TOS also but I also use robinhood for swings. They still have trouble with app performance right off the open because of high traffic. Sometimes orders won’t go through, or canceling orders. They’re still relatively new...

  • Zeeshan47574928 Zeeshan Majeed (@Zeeshan47574928) berichtet

    @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp Hi, Can you please help me I’ve been trying to withdraw my money from robinhood account and keeps getting the message “Account Withdraw Disabled” I’ve sent few emails to support team over the last few days and still the issue is not resolved. My cas number is 08539791. Thanks.