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Roku-Player sind eine Reihe von digitalen Video- und Multimedia-Playern, die von Roku, Inc. produziert werden. Roku-Partner bieten übertriebene Inhalte in Form von Kanälen, die zum Streamen von Fernseh- und Filmprogrammen verwendet werden.

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  • shannondelong Shannon Cox (@shannondelong) berichtet

    Roku wtf is this awful app update for the remote 😭😭

  • Carlos_Herrera_ CarlitosWay (@Carlos_Herrera_) berichtet

    @vegederrian @WWENetwork I’ve had it on Roku since the inception and never had a problem

  • KingAjar RAJisLIKE...... (@KingAjar) berichtet

    Both @Roku & more importantly @DIRECTV let me down tonight. Like fix the damn dead spot in my neighborhood give me a faster connection

  • reeceiam Maurice Dupree (@reeceiam) berichtet von Kansas City, Kansas

    @RokuSupport Im having issue w psvue recording college and nba bball games on RoKu. It shows older recordings but not the new ones. It appears lots of users have this issue(All game recordings show on my mobile device for psvue) also it shows when using fire-stick, Please help!!!

  • jennyjanuary Jennifer Lane (@jennyjanuary) berichtet

    @CaseyCip I used to have a roku, and I would add that I think Fire TV has a better interface. That might help.

  • the1tk1979 Tony Keown (@the1tk1979) berichtet

    @Roku You're @YouTube app isn't working correctly. Loading black screen, have to hot enter during black screen to open app. Video loads require a enter push to appear. Uninstalled & Reinstalled, still happening. This needs a fix. #WonkyUpdate

  • yankee32879 William Ruben Helms (@yankee32879) berichtet

    @tntdrama app on roku keeps cutting out every few minutes with an error message that says they’re having problems with the video. during #NBAAllstar2019 that’s not a good look. #ugh

  • JasonWilson0719 Jason L. Wilson (@JasonWilson0719) berichtet

    Had to download TBS for the Roku just so I wouldn't have to listen to Reggie, CWebb and Marv. Just terrible. 🤢

  • gvwalkerjrgmai1 (@gvwalkerjrgmai1) berichtet

    Come on TNT, not working online, roku

  • natedogg828 Nathan Fischer (@natedogg828) berichtet

    @DIRECTVNowHelp cannot get DirecTV Now to stream on any of my devices, FIRE TV. Roku Stick or Galaxy Phone. Is there a known service issue

  • CarisaMarie11 Carisa Marie (@CarisaMarie11) berichtet

    @Clay_57 @MYHira I didn’t see that part lol, thank goodness I figured out how to fix my roku (girl power

  • RyanWingFOX11 Ryan Wing (@RyanWingFOX11) berichtet

    Is it just me or does anyone else seem to always have issues with the Watch TNT app on Roku. It rarely ever works, especially on the first try

  • Airiq49 Eric Collins (@Airiq49) berichtet

    @tntdrama Your Roku app won't load the NBA all-star game no matter what. No worries, I'll find an illegal stream to watch. Fix your stuff.

  • surfinak Roy Batty (@surfinak) berichtet

    @directvnow DVR feature is not working today in any of my devices. No Apple TV, Roku, iPhone or android phone recordings.

  • Turkish765 David Bellinger (@Turkish765) berichtet

    @_Duckman_ @shudder Yeah, I should look into a Roku. Might help. I'd love to use the app instead. I remember reading a year ago they Shudder is in the process of making an app for the PS4.

  • hamiljc James C. Hamilton (@hamiljc) berichtet

    @TheTowelRackWKU I have no problem with streaming games, I just want to be able to watch them on my roku, I don't want to have to hook my laptop up the the TV.

  • lesusc1 Lesley Lawrimore (@lesusc1) berichtet

    @Roku @espn I am a @Ask_Spectrum customer & cannot watch the Gamecocks WBB game. I keep getting error messages even after logging out & back in. It said i didn’t have channel when I tried clicking on an ESPN game on Roku app, & I def have ESPN. Help!

  • AmySab1 Amy (@AmySab1) berichtet

    I was watching Netflix thru my Roku device, and it just stopped working. IT JUST STOPPED. Worried that the caravan must have somehow broken it and disrupted my Frankie & Grace season finale. Don’t know if I will make it. Life is so hard. Pray for me. #NotesFromNationalEmergency

  • xchixm Miguel de la Cruz, Quisqueyano (@xchixm) berichtet

    I watched a video with @joerogan and @bariweiss concerning Roku banning #Infowars. This is why silencing people for spreading a "conspiracy theory", even serially, is a big problem.

  • p25735 Michael Babb (@p25735) berichtet

    @criterionchannl It's not working on my Roku. You should have just bought FilmStruck's software.

  • p25735 Michael Babb (@p25735) berichtet

    @CriterionDaily @Criterion @criterionchannl It's not working on my Roku.

  • parker10usmc Brandon Parker (@parker10usmc) berichtet

    @hulu_support It's a TLC Roku TV. My other services that require the internet are still working properly on the TV. It's just the Hulu live that wont work. It allows me in the Hulu app, but when I scroll to 'live tv' it kicks me out. No error messages...I've tested my phone and live TV works

  • OddStockTrader Cody {Be Brave} (@OddStockTrader) berichtet

    @OptionsHawk 3-6 Year Cycles appox, maybe lower depending on speed of Higher quality content and Brands (I will only ever buy Samsung TV's) So, paying attention to who integrates and who doesn't is an avenue to keep in back of mind for $ROKU continued value.

  • AcornTV Acorn TV (@AcornTV) berichtet

    @eyebeat Hi there - the issue on Roku is now resolved. Please conduct another System Restart. Thanks for your patience!

  • AcornTV Acorn TV (@AcornTV) berichtet

    @DemonRB Hi there - the issue on Roku is now resolved, please conduct another System Restart. Thanks for your patience!

  • Knightgirl77 Karen (@Knightgirl77) berichtet

    @Roku @RokuSupport@YouTubeTV Everytime my parnets and I are watching a show on vod or dvr, 1) the tv screen will go black for a fee mintues and 2) Roku will restart on us, even when we are no watching vod or dvr. These problems happen every day on two different TVs. Please fix.

  • aijazfaisal Faisal Aijaz (@aijazfaisal) berichtet

    I've been trying to activate #RokuChannel on my #Roku device but it refused to allow me to do so. Please guide me team @Roku on how to sort this issue.

  • Taylor_Burck Taylor Burck テイラー・バーク (@Taylor_Burck) berichtet

    @teds_fishfry @WWENetworkChron @AskWWENetwork Just tried, the issue is still there, for me at least, Roku streaming stick. You finish a show, it kicks you back out to the main menu instead of playing the next show.

  • theSamEstep Sam L. Estep (@theSamEstep) berichtet

    @rjm764 @tcm @Roku Having the same issue on iOS and Apple TV and the Roku!

  • LadyJay420 Jay Hughey (@LadyJay420) berichtet

    In need of my Walking Dead fix & cant find any on my Roku TV. WAH!!!

  • heyheyhaleighh Haleigh (@heyheyhaleighh) berichtet

    The @hgtv app on @Roku is breaking my heart, I just wanna watch house hunters and it’s not working 😭😭

  • hobo_kai Hobo Le Bobo (@hobo_kai) berichtet

    @AskPlayStation For a few days now I’ve been having this problem. The TV (Roku) cannot detect the PS4. Safe mode doesn’t even show up on the screen. I’m sure the cables are fine because if I turn on the PlayStation while the TV is on the output a black screen shows up.

  • 5AndDime1 5AndDime (@5AndDime1) berichtet

    @Communism_Kills Just got one of those TCL with built in Roku for my parents today. Seems to be good quality. Moderately bright . Roku functions are fast. A little weak on sound but it looks like a stellar value

  • teds_fishfry OMGClayAiken (@teds_fishfry) berichtet

    @Taylor_Burck @WWENetworkChron @AskWWENetwork I don’t have that issue with my roku buddy

  • KenScottOlson Ken (@KenScottOlson) berichtet

    @Roku The TNT app is the worst. It never loads. Sometimes reinstalling helps, sometimes unplugging the roku work. Now nothing works, it just says: "Sorry, we are having trouble loading content right now." Anytime there's something I wanna watch on TNT, this happens. It SUCKS!

  • john_siglerr John Sigler (@john_siglerr) berichtet

    My kingdom for my Insignia @Roku TV to remember my @hulu login

  • Taylor_Burck Taylor Burck テイラー・バーク (@Taylor_Burck) berichtet

    @WWENetworkChron @teds_fishfry While on the topic.....I have been asking @AskWWENetwork since January if they could please fix the issue on Roku where shows no longer auto play to the next episode. Still in waiting for this fix.

  • juanmhdezm50 Juan Manuel H (@juanmhdezm50) berichtet

    @RokuSupport Hi, I'm a roku user and I wanted to hire the epix service on their channel but I can not see anything. The signal is cut off. I have a roku 4 a roku 3. I can see the movies on their channel without any problem they could help me. Thank you

  • GayDisabled GayDisabledFreak (@GayDisabled) berichtet

    Few years ago, I got an @AppleTV while my mother got a cheaper @Roku that still outperforms. Thought I paid for quality but all I got was a worthless label. Same story with my other Apple Products. At least I didn’t become disabled and thus too poor to replace things. Oh... Damn.

  • somemightsay500 NotSoFrugalMacDougal (@somemightsay500) berichtet

    @netflix please fix your godamn Roku app. Crashes and freezes every time I want to view something. Sounds cuts out....fix it!

  • clever_n_witty Big Pharma Steve (@clever_n_witty) berichtet

    @holhumm @TheCartelMatt As far as I know it should be playing. My kid has hidden my Roku remote so I can't check mine to help.

  • DrDerekDBA Dr. Derek Price, DBA 🎾🇺🇸 (@DrDerekDBA) berichtet

    Anyone else experience this: On the @DiscoveryID GO app on @Roku, every show I stream starts out for about 15 seconds in poor video quality and then gets to HD. I'm directly connected to router on 300Mbps Fiber Optics through @EPB_Chattanooga, so I know it isn't Internet issue

  • Anferz Anthony, RD (@Anferz) berichtet

    @hulu_support I’ve tried resetting/power cycling the roku but still the same issue. It’s not that the quality is any worse, it’s simply just zoomed in when it come back from commercial.

  • TomAnswers10 Real Talk ( Atlanta - Hollywood of the South )🌎 (@TomAnswers10) berichtet

    Wait But I Need Local News To, No Problem - To Roku Express Device Download Haystack And Watch Local News For Free

  • davberry david berry (@davberry) berichtet

    @geekyjessica Roku. Have them all over my house. Cheap and have never had an issue.

  • sapphireskyys Jazmin Collins (@sapphireskyys) berichtet

    @BeingBrandyn_ My WiFi is fine it’s the app i think cuz I’ve only had this issue with roku

  • BrandonSLC84 Brandon Rasmusson (@BrandonSLC84) berichtet

    @kfguiang @LGUS @Google Buy @Roku problem solved.

  • petenicholls_ PeteNicholls_ (@petenicholls_) berichtet

    So, I’m re-watching #BlackPanther, I get to the scene where T’Challa asks M’Baku for help. I pause it for a sec & when I hit play, this annoying graphic from my #Samsung #RokuTV plays telling me I can watch this movie on my Roku TV! Dear @Roku, this is a horrible “feature.”

  • tkoshy tkoshy (@tkoshy) berichtet

    @LukeDashjr My ignorance never been clear as to how / why it should be used with cold storage wallets. A lite version / or pre-loaded USB stick) - anything that can lessen the initial time to download. Specific turnkey hardware may help adoption - akin to AppleTV/Minix/Roku for streaming.

  • JV_Uno JV (@JV_Uno) berichtet

    @sarahd3490 @Netflixhelps To try to help you out, what worked for me was removing the netflix app from my Roku, doing a system update, then restarting the Roku, and reinstalling the Netflix app. A bit tedious but it worked, Netflix is up and running.

  • itslexeeee Alexis Barry (@itslexeeee) berichtet

    Buying an @amazon fire stick was the worst decision. This is my second one and now this one doesn’t work. 😡😡 buy a Roku instead people.

  • indiewrestling IndependentWrestling.TV (@indiewrestling) berichtet

    People that were having issues with Roku - we've made some more tweaks and it should be working now - let us know. Oh, and here comes @ScottSteiner 🚨🚨🚨 #ICWNY

  • djmiked2007 michael derwart (@djmiked2007) berichtet

    @indiewrestling Issue with roku crashing not fixed btw

  • demauroj JP DeMauro (@demauroj) berichtet

    UPDATE: A factory reset resolved the Chromecast issue,but it was only the BTN app that was not working. I still stand firm on the Roku app. Roku is the leader in streaming devices and you have an app that flat out does not work anymore. It needs to be fixed

  • demauroj JP DeMauro (@demauroj) berichtet

    Also..... there is no excuse for your ROKU app to not be working properly for live streams and replays for the better part of 6 months now. Issues like this make me think my annual subscription is worthless. I bought the chromecast because ROKU app is crap. Fix your apps!!!

  • IceBatsBroombal Ice Bats Broomball (@IceBatsBroombal) berichtet

    @criterionchannl None of the Albert Finney programs are working on roku or ipad. Please fix

  • indiewrestling IndependentWrestling.TV (@indiewrestling) berichtet

    If you had issues with the Roku app crashing during #ICWNY - the issue should be resolved.

  • Pegredd Peggy (@Pegredd) berichtet

    @pettysaintsfan @Jwils809 Get a roku stick and connect to your TV. Have had no problems since I have been doing that

  • ryan_the_great Sports Fanatic (@ryan_the_great) berichtet

    @CowboysRFF I am not used to ROku this is gonna drive me nuts if is an issue all night. Luckily got the feed back

  • therealkkoselak Korbett Koselak 🎤 (@therealkkoselak) berichtet

    Watch ESPN is head and shoulders the worst roku experience ever. Just an example from today. I watched first half of Toledo Buffalo. It was in pixelated SD 60% of the time. Froze and had to start 7 times. Was actually working about 40% of the time. No other app is like this.