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HostGator ist ein in Houston ansässiger Anbieter von geteilten, wiederverkauften und privaten Servern, und widmet sich Webhosting mit einem zusätzlichen Standort in Austin, Texas.

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Hostgator Ausfalldiagramm 05/11/2021 22:15

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  • Hosting 14.29% Hosting


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  • Chestnut_Foxx Chestnut Foxx - (@Chestnut_Foxx) berichtet

    Oh good, my website is down again. What's going on, Hostgator?

  • d_joffe David Joffe ⌨🖌🎨 (@d_joffe) berichtet

    @skystracloud Actually I was totally happy with HostGator's service for years - never had problems But at some stage HG wanted to a high per-site fee for SSL certs when everyone else was offering free certs - so I decided to try SG. In hindsight I probably would've been happier just paying

  • d_joffe David Joffe ⌨🖌🎨 (@d_joffe) berichtet

    @skystracloud For their part, SiteGator's support have at least now replied with a fix that looks like it may fix the problem, so am running tests now. I was previously mostly happy with HostGator - so I may try move back to them if things don't settle with SG.

  • xotified Home Of Jewelry ✨ (@xotified) berichtet

    @HostGator I have never been as spammed as I've been since giving you my information. I'm averaging 50 calls a day and close to 30 emails. Smh.

  • mrliambi Mr Liambi (@mrliambi) berichtet

    @HGSupport So it is okay to send / receive spam as long as you pay more. I see... and when exactly did you realize you could monetize this "Bug" I have been an hostgator customer 10 Years, never have I had any trouble with Catch all , until you decided I should pay to enjoy it.

  • t4bacademy Teaching 4 Business (@t4bacademy) berichtet

    @HGSupport - any idea when your VPS Support team are likely to fix our VPS. We have clients unable to access their email or web sites since Saturday evening, and all support keep saying is "Our VPS Admin are working on it and cannot give an estimated time for fix"!

  • DLimon_ Daniel Limón (@DLimon_) berichtet

    @oscarprieto me pasé de hostgator a namecheap, alrededor de 60USD con múltiples sitios, lo del email lo tienes que checar, me parece que es aparte. Otro que es bueno pero ya no me alcanzó al momento es hostinger.

  • _LandLordChris LandlordChris (@_LandLordChris) berichtet

    The @HGSupport sending me a ticket number for Admins to discuss issue. Charge you early then dont let you cancel. Thats shady. Long time customer here too. Shame! @HostGator

  • _LandLordChris LandlordChris (@_LandLordChris) berichtet

    My due date is 5/13/21, @hostgator charged me early then say I cant cancel the dedicated server. WOW.

  • markjgardner Mark Gardner (@markjgardner) berichtet von Houston, Texas

    .@jetpack told me my site was down for 12 minutes. This has been happening more often. @HostGator, what’s going on over there? /cc @HGSupport

  • PedroOl39048195 Pedro Oliveira (@PedroOl39048195) berichtet

    @HostGator someone can help me ? I got charged with a new year subscription automatically without any warning. I want to cancel it and get refounded. Thank you

  • HunterShaun2 Hunter Shaun (@HunterShaun2) berichtet

    I am happy to switch my Hosting from @GoDaddy to @HostGator it's the best Hosting service provider and tech support also as godaddy service and tech support is wierd, specially one of their support guy nikhilraj 👎 #GoDaddy #hostgator #godaddysucks

  • HunterShaun2 Hunter Shaun (@HunterShaun2) berichtet

    I am happy to switch my Hosting from #GoDaddy to #hostgator it's the best Hosting service provider and tech support also as godaddy service and tech support is wierd, specially one of their support guy nikhilraj 👎

  • vwmannn Victor Westmann 🇧🇷🇨🇦 (@vwmannn) berichtet

    @bruh_brigade @AdamIT10 Don't confuse #Hostinger (could be good) with #Hostgator (for sure terrible). Be careful! :-)

  • ahmedelsayed739 Ahmed 👌👌 (@ahmedelsayed739) berichtet

    @HostGator The worst server ever, can you imagine your emails stopping suddenly for 10 days! HostGator, never trust this server, their technical support is so weak 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • regainyourname Regain your name (@regainyourname) berichtet

    @HGSupport Now those actions - not authorized by us or our developed - directly caused our website to go down. Please apologize.

  • regainyourname Regain your name (@regainyourname) berichtet

    @HGSupport We won’t be needing, requiring or ever asking for your help.

  • regainyourname Regain your name (@regainyourname) berichtet

    Our site was down today for three hours because @HGSupport Hostgator made changes to it - changes not authorized by us or our developer. @Hostgator offered no apology, provided no fix and gaslighted our developer. Our advice: never use Hostgator if you value your web presence.

  • _mulu morilo (@_mulu) berichtet

    hey @HostGator I'm trying to access the CPanel from my client area but no success, the button just disappeared. Also tried to open a ticket through the support area and no success too. I have a job to finish, could you cooperate with me, please? @HGSupport @HostGatorBrasil

  • Blonde_kitty_x GODDESS KITTY (@Blonde_kitty_x) berichtet

    @WillowBouvier I would actually, @HostGator have been really really helpful if there have been any problems, and they're SW friendly!

  • tomtolkien Tom Tolkien (@tomtolkien) berichtet

    @HGSupport Hostgator, we lost a longstanding client today as a result of your support engineer's unprofessional actions.

  • tomtolkien Tom Tolkien (@tomtolkien) berichtet

    @HGSupport The whole hosting is down and your chat support doesn't care.

  • regainyourname Regain your name (@regainyourname) berichtet

    @HGSupport #31947237 your ‘support’ made changes to our website and now our website no longer works.

  • lavidadenicol Ni col (@lavidadenicol) berichtet

    NO ALOJEN NUNCA SU PÁGINA EN HOSTGATOR @HostGatorES @HGSupport Es pésimo pésimo pésimo. Lo único bueno que tiene es el soporte de chat en que siempre hay alguien pero no te ayuda en nada. Segunda vez que se cae mi página durante muchas horas en menos de 6 meses.

  • Ras_Tin Otaku 🇦🇬 (@Ras_Tin) berichtet

    Really dislike this new interface your guys rolled out @HostGator. Worst part is I can't rollback to the previous version

  • edw_yu Edward Yu (@edw_yu) berichtet

    @SiroCapital What's bad hosting? My site is on HostGator -should I move?

  • GlewmeCorp Glewme Corp (@GlewmeCorp) berichtet

    @HostGator @ID_Theft_Lawyer how much to retain your service to sue @hostgator here

  • GlewmeCorp Glewme Corp (@GlewmeCorp) berichtet

    @HGSupport Still stuck in the never ending chat of issues with someone unqualified to velcro a shoe

  • GlewmeCorp Glewme Corp (@GlewmeCorp) berichtet

    @HostGator Maybe you guys retrain the customer support to be aware of their job\

  • GlewmeCorp Glewme Corp (@GlewmeCorp) berichtet

    @HGSupport I very seriously doubt that since we are here again with the same issue