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HostGator ist ein in Houston ansässiger Anbieter von geteilten, wiederverkauften und privaten Servern, und widmet sich Webhosting mit einem zusätzlichen Standort in Austin, Texas.

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Die folgende Grafik zeigt die Anzahl der Meldungen, die wir in den letzten 24 Stunden über Hostgator nach Tageszeit erhalten haben. Ein Ausfall wird festgestellt, wenn die Anzahl der Berichte höher ist als die Baseline, dargestellt durch die rote Linie.

Hostgator Ausfalldiagramm 05/28/2022 15:50

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  • Hosting 35.60% Hosting
  • E-mail 33.11% E-mail
  • Domains 19.27% Domains
  • Cloud-Services 6.80% Cloud-Services
  • Web Werkzeuge 5.22% Web Werkzeuge


Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von:

MexicoSombrerete Web Werkzeuge
United StatesLa Grange E-mail
IndiaGurgaon Hosting
ChileSantiago Hosting
ChileSantiago Domains
PeruLima Hosting

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Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • dantediakos Danté Diákos Fillyau (@dantediakos) berichtet

    @HostGator you have just lost a faithful client since 2008. In the past 10 days multiple sites have been down because of your internal server errors. Moving allllll my sites within the next 2 months.

  • qmoncaleano Alex Quiñones .•. (@qmoncaleano) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGator @HostGatorES la página caída y estoy pidiendo una clave que me están dando desde hace una semana y nada que llega. ¿Hasta cuándo debo esperar para que me den la clave de acceso al cPanel? Que pésimo servicio

  • MluhyaOnline Mluhya Online (@MluhyaOnline) berichtet

    @HostGator your services have become bad and sh*t compared to last 5 years. Fix or migration happens.

  • IndStockInvest India Stock Investing (@IndStockInvest) berichtet

    @bluehost @bluehostsupport i bought a domain and hosting from you yesterday. There were some cloudflare issues where one of your agent messed it up. The site is still not up. Your 24/7 chat nobody responds either. I am so disappointed. I should have stayed with @HostGator

  • SharitaMH2 Sharita M. Humphrey, CFEI (@SharitaMH2) berichtet

    @HGSupport If your calls are recorded then you will be able to clearly hear your rep state that the issue that happened today was due to the ball being dropped on your end. I would like this issue investigated.

  • ecarlesi Emiliano Carlesi (@ecarlesi) berichtet

    Possible threat on hxxps://serc-08mtb[.]com/mandt/login/index[.]php?login_form=True&session_Id=bbd2cf675c0d5baf12ccc31207bc2402 #hostgator

  • Rebunkedpod Rebunked (@Rebunkedpod) berichtet

    @HostGator Everyone I talk to there seems to have a different story and nobody seems to really understand what's going on or seems to care about the issue. There is a severe communication barrier, and I don't know what to do. Considering legal action at this point.

  • Rebunkedpod Rebunked (@Rebunkedpod) berichtet

    @HostGator Hey Hostgator, I am at a loss of what to do with this point. I have spoken to customer support maybe 10 times over the course of the last two weeks. My website got deleted by somebody at hostgator and nobody can tell me what the problem is. I'm losing tons of money and customers.

  • JabronieRamone Eric Denton (@JabronieRamone) berichtet

    @keithlaw @sixelmike @HGSupport Same issue. Site won’t load on iPhone at least

  • Marloco_24 Marlon Correa (@Marloco_24) berichtet

    @cbolanos Ya no funciona el dominio hostgator punto Pe

  • ImParthPandya Parth J Pandya (@ImParthPandya) berichtet

    Hello @HostGator team, we are facing tremendous issues in payment due to the norm of Reserve Bank of India's guideline of November 2021. Do you see any possibilities of registering yourself for e-mendate like other Intl companies? Otherwise, we have to quit Hostgator.

  • rbaprado Renato Prado (@rbaprado) berichtet

    @luizffnogueira @sseraphini Eu já usei bluehost, hostgator e fui obrigado a usar Locaweb e UOL host, o único que se aproximou do dreamhost foi o bluehost, o resto perde feio. Locaweb eu não recomendo nem para o meu pior inimigo

  • hostgatorindia HostGator India (@hostgatorindia) berichtet

    @ParasPa13524935 @HostGator @HGSupport Hi Paras, we are sorry to have disappointed you. Please let us know if the issue is still unresolved and if you need any assistance with the same.

  • TORehman Tariq O. Rehman (@TORehman) berichtet

    @HostIndotPk @ShahMood We and thousands of others suffered from HostGator lately. Though we are back to business but it was a terrible week.

  • TetraMouse TetraMouse (@TetraMouse) berichtet

    @bluehostsupport @BluehostIndia Caution: Same company (Newfold Digital) owns these services: Bluehost Network Solutions HostGator CrazyDomains com iPage Vodien Cloud Hosting Snap[NAMES] Register com Sitebeat BigRock Logic Boxes NameJet Domain com ResellerClub SiteBuilder com BuyDomains com Freeparking et. al.

  • ChelleMarie393 Chelle👻🏳️‍⚧️ (@ChelleMarie393) berichtet

    @zenmajoo Yeah I am working on a redesign of a WordPress site that is hosted on HostGator. I bought a template I like, now i gotta figure out how to design the new site without taking the old one down and ****. I’ll dm i tmrw

  • Mikebcreative1 Michael B (@Mikebcreative1) berichtet

    @realPublicEmily Ok thanks! I'll update it. The domains were a pain. I had to move my name squarespace to nicepage then finally hostgator. A lot of bad customer service, and some other things.

  • cryptodevdad CryptoDevDad (@cryptodevdad) berichtet

    @HostDash They are saying email server connectivity. Our email @HostGator worked for two hours today though, so that was nice. Now they are down again.

  • cryptodevdad CryptoDevDad (@cryptodevdad) berichtet

    @HostGator Our team is still having email issues since FRIDAY... started with not being able to reply, then our incoming emails were getting rejected, now we cannot even login. Agents in support have no answers. Terrible.

  • THELamontJames James Andrews VO (@THELamontJames) berichtet

    @HostGator I'm having DNS email issues. What's up?

  • JoLuijten Squirrel Monkey (@JoLuijten) berichtet

    @HGSupport I am waiting 1.5 months for a solution to my problem. Can you please answer my DM?

  • biancarati bia (@biancarati) berichtet

    Há 2 semanas rolou uma ***** no site do redominhas, aí @meninadaviola maravilhosa nos ajudou a arrumar PORÉM não consigo fazer o procedimento pq desde então o hostgator sofreu algum tipo de ataque e está fora do ar. E estou aqui agoniada com o problema que não consigo resolver🤡

  • Rajeshdewangan7 Raj (@Rajeshdewangan7) berichtet

    I purchased sal from @HostGator I need technical support Whe I try to call contact no that mension on website then I facing issues switch off So please contact me

  • nilanjanakcs Nilanjana Mitra (@nilanjanakcs) berichtet

    @HostGator @HGSupport Your hosting service and support is pathetic. Our website is down since 3 days now and sometimes it's being told that Ticket is in queue and sometimes told it's in process. Even you don't care to send an email to update the status.😡

  • Megannewman99 Megan Newman | eCommerce | Startups (@Megannewman99) berichtet

    @Zagoren @HostGator Unfortunately, there are a lot of customers whose websites get infected on HostGator servers. This is one of the reasons to have premium hosting providers like @tdwebservices where there are regular scans etc., and Malware will never be due to the server issue.

  • NicolasIlabaca1 Nicolás Ilabaca (@NicolasIlabaca1) berichtet

    @HostGator Son la peor empresa.

  • Zagoren Zagoren Collective (@Zagoren) berichtet

    @HostGator Hostgator is the worst. I have spent 3 hours on hold today going between hostgator and Sitelock. It appears to be a sales scam as neither company can provide any information as to why there is malware on one of our sites that we pay them to monitor and remove. Smells fishy

  • CramerG Cramer Gallimore (@CramerG) berichtet

    @HostGator Yes, that is the only thing working. Webmail (only works in Chrome) is not much of a solution away from desktop. Spent two hours on the phone yesterday with you all. Exact same thing happened a month ago. Took a week of calling to get you to fix. Gator blames it on Apple! Huh?

  • BrandDifferentl Onwuka Tochukwu (@BrandDifferentl) berichtet

    @dharmmierings03 @KingDav07208835 @IsaacChibuzor Sell other people's services. To help them increase sales and reach. then they pay you. Even Amazon has an affiliate program Even Photoshop has an Affiliate program. Even HostGator has an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing doesnt start and end With Expertnaire.

  • rob_brownridge Rob_Brownridge (@rob_brownridge) berichtet

    ...told him about. He went in my acct. & the #Hostgator Website Builder. He saw (a) #Hostgator support article was outdated & (b) no way to crop a photo in any of menus. I showd him how one can click & drag 1 edge (eg left) of photo to crop BUT it crops opp. side (eg right) too!