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HostGator ist ein in Houston ansässiger Anbieter von geteilten, wiederverkauften und privaten Servern, und widmet sich Webhosting mit einem zusätzlichen Standort in Austin, Texas.

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Hostgator Ausfalldiagramm 10/19/2021 04:35

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  • Hosting 33.90% Hosting
  • E-mail 28.81% E-mail
  • Domains 27.12% Domains
  • Cloud-Services 5.08% Cloud-Services
  • Web Werkzeuge 5.08% Web Werkzeuge


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CanadaRed Deer Domains
MexicoTultitlán de Mariano Escobedo Hosting
PeruLima Domains
United StatesGreat Bend Hosting
ColombiaMedellín Domains
MexicoGuadalajara E-mail

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Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • munnabhai69 Robert (@munnabhai69) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGator Your reference number is 35969657. Please help as I have not yet received any reply from your side. Thank you.

  • kaffeinablog K. (@kaffeinablog) berichtet

    @followcintia amiga muda pra hostinger quando der achei o suporte deles ótimo peguei rancinho da hostgator

  • SteveCinq Steven Cinquegrana (@SteveCinq) berichtet

    @HGSupport In your DM pre-msg you say to contact support for billing issues, so there's no point in me DMing you! And I'm definitely not going to go back through that "support" cycle of idiocy. If you REALLY provided good support I wouldn't be haranguing you on Twitter.

  • SteveCinq Steven Cinquegrana (@SteveCinq) berichtet

    @HGSupport Are you kidding? I have NEVER had any kind of decent support from HostGator. It's always terrible, always "random", always like no-one gives a damn. And eventually, they just give up and stop answering, like this time, about a card issue no less. It really is time for us to move.

  • SteveCinq Steven Cinquegrana (@SteveCinq) berichtet

    @HostGator If you contact HG support be prepared to receive what seems like a randomly generated response that has nothing to do with your actual question. I tried 4 times to get a sensible reply and 4 times I received utter nonsense. Worst. Support. Ever.

  • Gaynellekyle Gaynelle kyle (@Gaynellekyle) berichtet

    @AA_MediaStudios @HostGator @HGSupport I had same issue recently until i came across will_tech02 on Instagram. He recovered my account back. You should contact him for help, he’ll definitely help you Friend.

  • SkinClarity Tamara (@SkinClarity) berichtet

    Just a tip - you have an insane amount of pop-up advertisements for your company on the website - NOBODY likes constant pop-ups From: an annoyed long time customer @HostGator

  • QuestFloorCare Joseph Rogers (@QuestFloorCare) berichtet

    Hey @HostGator, is there an advanced technical support I can speak to? I've spoken to two different people, and I'm not sure if I'm not communicating my problem effectively, but I don't feel as though my question has been answered fully.

  • AA_MediaStudios AA Media Studios (@AA_MediaStudios) berichtet

    @HostGator @HGSupport need some help. Purchased a new VPS and been since locked out my account.

  • TeamSubzz Subzz (@TeamSubzz) berichtet

    Our server has been down 3 days. Still NO #support or #response from Windows Admin Team. When will this be fixed #hostgator?

  • amritabithi amrita 🪶 (@amritabithi) berichtet

    It took two days for hostgator to respond to my ticket about the entire server being down and they just said "it looks fine" while its actively being hacked I'm defintely moving the people I recommended there to the one I use now it at least separates the sites by user.

  • Natallini NattieD (@Natallini) berichtet

    @LilPecan That's tough if you don't have more of a streamlined host. He probably wants you to get the web page design service. I've been very happy with Hostgator when I've called tech support. You can go directly to WP and download a template you can use and then upload it.

  • amritabithi amrita 🪶 (@amritabithi) berichtet

    @HGSupport @OnAirMarc I checked and I can view the login from a different region but in my region it is timing out ? It looked like it was being ddosed earlier the process list in cpanel was flooding and my sites aren't that busy at all.

  • amritabithi amrita 🪶 (@amritabithi) berichtet

    @HGSupport @OnAirMarc Twitter will not let me DM you but gator4162 was having all kinds of database errors in cpanel earlier, it did a few days ago also but cleared up, and file manager was barely usable now the URL to cpanel is down.

  • amritabithi amrita 🪶 (@amritabithi) berichtet

    @HGSupport @OnAirMarc gator4162 is down also hopefully it is because somebody is working on it... WHM is unreachable.

  • amritabithi amrita 🪶 (@amritabithi) berichtet

    Databases down for the third time in a week @HGSupport what is going on I am about to migrate away after this.

  • OnAirMarc Marc Beinder 💻 (@OnAirMarc) berichtet von Township of Lindenwood, Missouri

    Gator4167 is down on @HostGator. Is there an eta on when it will be back up?

  • veetalita Vee (@veetalita) berichtet

    @laarissafm Menina do céu, godaddy é apenas bonitinho, o suporte deles (pra mexer com domínio, provedor, dns) é um ✨lixo✨ E sim, pra hospedagem de site o Hostgator continua sendo o melhor 😬

  • heartsocket Heartsocket (@heartsocket) berichtet

    @LeppelyPlus Yes it's pretty awful, but while bad, I don't think it will ever get as bad as HostGator. Where I was told to "look to the left to find the nearest penis because I'm having trouble identifying a male".

  • WoodyJungle Woody (@WoodyJungle) berichtet

    @EthaanJack Thanks I’ll check it out. I’m on my 3rd day without email and @HostGator don’t even care. Keep promising to follow up with a solution and you don’t hear back. I’m once again onto live support for the 7th hour!

  • arisingtech Arisi Roberto (@arisingtech) berichtet

    @HGSupport @ecartparts @HGSupport still having problem with SSL certificate with zephyr server. Please resolve

  • Pound4PoundGMG Pound4Pound Gaming (@Pound4PoundGMG) berichtet

    @HGSupport yes, this is the third time in a week the same scenario has happened and each time they have to "escalate" the ticket. They just had to do the same thing, it's hard to run a business when your website keep going down for unknown reasons.

  • vetvinney Drake iqinsark (@vetvinney) berichtet

    @HostGator today I have been on the phone with @progressive, @USHEALTH_Group, and 3 other companies customer service. This time, like every other, your support was by far the worst, and that't after I had to pay an additional fee... #customerservice #badcustomerservice

  • WoodyJungle Woody (@WoodyJungle) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGator Worse server support going

  • ecartparts My Golf Cart Shop (@ecartparts) berichtet

    Sorry our website is down but, for the 4th year in a row @HostGator didn't update or add our (paid for) SSL for the site. We hope to have it up soon.

  • WoodyJungle Woody (@WoodyJungle) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGator And please send the verified support

  • WoodyJungle Woody (@WoodyJungle) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGator Erm… I’ve explained that to all 4 of your support staff over the last few hours. Why can’t you check the chats? I’ll DM you my main email

  • HGSupport HostGator Support (@HGSupport) berichtet

    @WoodyJungle @HostGator Getting disconnected can be frustrating, especially after all your hard work and time, but we're hear to help. Please send me a DM and tell me more about what's going on with your email.

  • DotWeekly JamiΞ Zoch (@DotWeekly) berichtet

    Thought: If NameCheap partnered with Newfold Digital (Web/NSI, Register, BuyDomains, SnapNames/NameJet, HostGator, BlueHost etc) and maybe ties in Tucows/eNom or another large registrar, a new powerhouse network (DLS) could be created & expired domain auction service. #shakeitup

  • th3v0t4ry Ƒʉͫcͧкͭιͪηͣ 𝙶𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚙𝚊 👴 (@th3v0t4ry) berichtet

    @TonyLimaPOL @HostGator @braxton_mccoy Handholding is exactly the problem. I should be able to change my own DNS