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HostGator ist ein in Houston ansässiger Anbieter von geteilten, wiederverkauften und privaten Servern, und widmet sich Webhosting mit einem zusätzlichen Standort in Austin, Texas.

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Hostgator Ausfalldiagramm 11/30/2023 12:30

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Im Folgenden sind die neuesten Probleme aufgeführt, die von Hostgator-Benutzern über unsere Website gemeldet wurden.

  1. Hosting (35%)

    Hosting (35%)

  2. Domains (26%)

    Domains (26%)

  3. E-mail (19%)

    E-mail (19%)

  4. Web Werkzeuge (12%)

    Web Werkzeuge (12%)

  5. Cloud-Services (9%)

    Cloud-Services (9%)

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Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von

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City Problem Type Report Time
BrazilRibeirão Preto E-mail
FranceLa Tronche E-mail
United StatesRochester Hosting
ColombiaCali Cloud-Services
United StatesChandler Domains
BrazilSão Paulo Hosting
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Hostgator Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:

  • EsquibalUSA Hugo Cruz (@EsquibalUSA) berichtet

    @HostGator @M9688 I'm already tired of their failures in hostgator, but when it comes to charging the monthly payment they are up to date, but to solve the problems they hide... or they don't answer

  • DeadMan_DDProds Dead (@DeadMan_DDProds) berichtet

    @HGSupport I can't access the Customer Portal, and the Live Chat support just loads forever

  • shakerulllah Shaker Ullah 🇵🇰 (@shakerulllah) berichtet

    @ethanjaack my issue resolved thanks @HGSupport

  • EsquibalUSA Hugo Cruz (@EsquibalUSA) berichtet

    @HostGator I'm already tired of their failures in hostgator, but when it comes to charging the monthly payment they are up to date, but to solve the problems they hide... or they don't answer

  • seboraid Sebastian Perez 🇦🇷 (@seboraid) berichtet

    @HGSupport I contacted 10 times you to solve a SSL issue from a client account. The result is that tell me to wait 2hs or you close the chat. Still waiting that you solve this issue and my client is claiming me for solutions

  • i_dig_adk ADK for Life (@i_dig_adk) berichtet

    @HGSupport I support a website that uses the Twitter widget in the website builder. That appears to not be working. Can you please check to see if the Twitter widget is functioning?

  • diegotaube Diego Taube (@diegotaube) berichtet

    @HGSupport your support is a joke! After 2 full working days the problem is still there. I cannot send/receive emails. Once I login to the control panel i cannot access to the email accounts. The answer that i got is that filters blocking my outgoing mails.

  • shakerulllah Shaker Ullah 🇵🇰 (@shakerulllah) berichtet

    @HGSupport Although at my mobile internet connection it is not showing any issue working fine there

  • BradLeeMe BradLee Aniston Pitt (@BradLeeMe) berichtet von Manhattan, Kansas

    @elonmusk is the biggest liar I’ve ever met in my life. He never worked @HostGator and apparently he did know how to use the @Apple computers floppy disk software.

  • P0wersl4ve Clive Bixby 🦖 (@P0wersl4ve) berichtet

    Pésima atención la de @HostGator @HostGatorES @HGSupport, alguien sabe si tienen más canales de atención? Por medio de los tickets se tardan días en contestar y por chat no está en sus manos. Algún buen proveedor para un servidor dedicado? 👀

  • mgcoverz MG Gaskin (@mgcoverz) berichtet

    @HGSupport Dude, it’s crashed 6 times in the last week. Obvioay there’s a problem and you guys can’t fix it to prevent it from happening again.

  • locaweb Locaweb (@locaweb) berichtet

    @gabiru_cintra @HostGator Olá, Fernando, tudo bem? Essa não é a experiência que queremos que tenha com a gente e também gostaríamos de entender melhor sobre o ocorrido. Por favor, envie o seu login por mensagem e conte mais sobre o problema. Não se preocupe, vamos te ajudar!

  • coldqlay Xu (@coldqlay) berichtet

    fazendo plantão no chat de suporte da hostgator porque alguém la em cima me odeia

  • EsquibalUSA Hugo Cruz (@EsquibalUSA) berichtet

    @HGSupport hey i have many problems again,

  • emveedesign Michael Briggs (@emveedesign) berichtet

    @HostGator I have had an issue with clients SSL certificate and site has been down for over 24 hours. Been in contact with support 4 times and still not fixed. Told it has been escalated last night but still waiting. Totally unacceptable!!

  • rolandogomez Rolando Gómez (@rolandogomez) berichtet

    @HostGator is anyone there? Since your data center migration over a week ago, everything has gone to crap. Your support service is the worst I've ever experienced. Please check the DM I sent you.

  • shakerulllah Shaker Ullah 🇵🇰 (@shakerulllah) berichtet

    @HGSupport I am trying from different browser but not still nobody out there to fix my issue

  • stejpeck Stephanie (@stejpeck) berichtet

    as a web designer, i cannot say enough bad things about @HostGator. it is the absolute worst hosting service i have ever worked with.

  • ReedChristian Christian Reed (@ReedChristian) berichtet

    @HGSupport @PictureTheSouth Just fix it! Sites down for 72 hours last time and now it's down again for 24 so far. Message that we may experience 30min to MAX 2 hrs. Worst hosting experience in 20 yrs by far

  • mgcoverz MG Gaskin (@mgcoverz) berichtet

    @HGSupport Site crashed again and is down please fix!

  • rolandogomez Rolando Gómez (@rolandogomez) berichtet

    @NewfoldDigital pls check ur DM. I remember when @HostGator started in FL then moved to Houston. Tech support fixed your problem over the phone at the actual data center while you waited. Today it takes over a week & they still can't get it right. #hosting

  • renemetayer René Metayer Letzkus (@renemetayer) berichtet

    @HostGator 503 error 3 days Waiting 2 business complete down case # 43200753 @HostGator #hostgator

  • ReedChristian Christian Reed (@ReedChristian) berichtet

    @HGSupport @yay_o1 I'm sure it won't be down for more than a week. Clown show

  • gabiru_cintra Fernando (@gabiru_cintra) berichtet

    Dica: Nunca contrate a @locaweb. Suporte horrível. Use sempre a @HostGator

  • diegotaube Diego Taube (@diegotaube) berichtet

    @HGSupport Do I need a miracle so that a human answers the phone? My email is not working for more than 36 hours. My tkt us already with you, and theoretically it was escalated, but nothing happens! There is no support in your company! Tkt No 43258247

  • yourmomeatsmayo tiff setzler (@yourmomeatsmayo) berichtet

    I keep telling myself I am going to switch from @HostGator, & I don't. Today was the last straw. My site has been down, I've been troubleshooting, found the issue, & stated the issue & their team is "oh let me delete files & plugins".... Why is the @hostgator team misogynistic?

  • M9688 S_collectionsbh (@M9688) berichtet

    @HostGator I want to know why HostGator didn't send any notice or reminders before auctioning /selling my domain name and deleting my hosting service. Beyondvat I had a shared hosting package since 2014, several domains. I am so disappointed and lost. All my hardwork is gone to scam.

  • mgcoverz MG Gaskin (@mgcoverz) berichtet

    @HGSupport Thanks. You are the only one to help! Why are we having so many issues?

  • askwpgirl Angela Bowman (@askwpgirl) berichtet

    @salliegoetsch I have a lot of empathy. Unless you're in software or tech, it's truly hard to understand how email servers work, what all the hosting issues are, etc. I've great analogies like, "HostGator is like living in the cheap dorms. I'd like to move you into a townhome."

  • ScottSandry Sandry (@ScottSandry) berichtet

    @HostGator Almost 48 hours of my site being down. Not a good look. Went to sleep w it working fine, wake up to blank screen. You want to charge me $25 for a restore of something I didnt brake. Your chat always says "5 min" but takes 20-60 min for someone to enter. Case 43267537.