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Benutzer melden Probleme in Bezug auf: E-mail, Hosting und Domains.

HostGator ist ein in Houston ansässiger Anbieter von geteilten, wiederverkauften und privaten Servern, und widmet sich Webhosting mit einem zusätzlichen Standort in Austin, Texas.

Hostgator Probleme in den letzten 24 Stunden

Die folgende Grafik zeigt die Anzahl der Meldungen, die wir in den letzten 24 Stunden über Hostgator nach Tageszeit erhalten haben. Ein Ausfall wird festgestellt, wenn die Anzahl der Berichte höher ist als die Baseline, dargestellt durch die rote Linie.

Hostgator Ausfalldiagramm 09/26/2022 14:55

September 26: Probleme bei Hostgator

Hostgator hat Probleme seit 20:20 CET. Sind Sie auch betroffen? Hinterlassen Sie eine Nachricht im Kommentarbereich!

Meist gemeldete Probleme:

  • E-mail 51.71% E-mail
  • Hosting 27.18% Hosting
  • Domains 15.80% Domains
  • Cloud-Services 3.03% Cloud-Services
  • Web Werkzeuge 2.28% Web Werkzeuge


Die kürzlichst gemeldeten Probleme und Ausfälle entstanden von:

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MexicoSantiago de Querétaro Hosting
MexicoMorelos E-mail
BrazilFlorianópolis E-mail
United StatesGreenville Domains
BrazilCampinas E-mail
BrazilBalneário Camboriú Hosting

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Hostgator Problemmeldungen

Letzte Ausfälle und Probleme die in sozialen Medien gemeldet wurden:
  • ecarlesi Emiliano Carlesi (@ecarlesi) berichtet

    Possible threat on hxxp://saadtabibey[.]com/us/net/login[.]php #hostgator

  • migz_pepper miguel* (@migz_pepper) berichtet

    Hey, trying to reset my password to make a payment but something’s wrong with the website cause I never get the link, where can I get help with this? @HostGator

  • ecarlesi Emiliano Carlesi (@ecarlesi) berichtet

    Possible threat on hxxp://cybesrdynetech[.]com/badri/net/login[.]php #hostgator

  • ecarlesi Emiliano Carlesi (@ecarlesi) berichtet

    Possible threat on hxxps://regencpictureframes[.]com/working/net/login[.]php #hostgator

  • bVHoldingsInc baconVest Holdings Inc. (@bVHoldingsInc) berichtet

    .@Walmart is up there with @HostGator for top sh*ttiest customer service for large companies, brava guys.

  • shoaibhussain Shoaib Hussain (@shoaibhussain) berichtet

    Websites and emails down again @HostGator the shittiest hosting provider. Websites and email down on a Monday morning!!! 😡😡😡

  • v4vapp ⚡ (@v4vapp) berichtet

    @mleonardgy @HostGator is this why my vps is up and down like a yo-yo for 24 hours now? I'm moving off Hostgator as fast as I can.

  • skystracloud Skystra Cloud (@skystracloud) berichtet

    @aidakurdi2 @HostGator Hi Aida! Sorry your websites are down - maybe where I work can help you out. Are you able to login to your web hosting control panel? If you can, we can most likely get your websites back online and running asap!

  • aidakurdi2 aida kurdi (@aidakurdi2) berichtet

    @HGSupport This is disaster.. all of our websites down. You coast us money and time please solve the problems ASAP

  • aidakurdi2 aida kurdi (@aidakurdi2) berichtet

    @HostGator You coast as our websites and money .. and even you didn't answer on chat or customer services channels.. who will make up for my lose?

  • marcelobulk MARCELO BULK (@marcelobulk) berichtet

    @HGSupport Hello there! for some reason, I've forgotten my password, so I can't make the payment... I've tried the I forgot the password, but the temporal one is not coming... could you help me please?

  • monroeandco Monroe&Co. (@monroeandco) berichtet

    To reiterate, no one should EVER recommend .@HostGator .@HGSupport to their clients. Truly awful service for years and I can't believe I thought upgrading to a more $$$ expensive plan would make the support any better.

  • Eunice_Nicholus Eunice Nicholus (@Eunice_Nicholus) berichtet

    @HGSupport what is your official email address for Customer support? kindly this is urgent

  • partha06 Partha Goswami (@partha06) berichtet

    @hostgatorindia @BigRock Hostgator cloud hosting is much better than Bigrock, i spent whole day fixing speed things, But @BigRock team never accepted their fault - thats a feedback

  • AdamsRM1 Ryan Adams 🐺 (@AdamsRM1) berichtet

    @HGSupport So the website you host and whose domain name services you manage, which we pay for, went down and now we have to pay you to fix it? Even if you waive it, it doesn't fix the week of missing tech. Does @GoDaddy do this? Will I have a better experience with @GoDaddyHelp?

  • AdamsRM1 Ryan Adams 🐺 (@AdamsRM1) berichtet

    @HGSupport Your support staff keeps trying to charge me $25 to do a restoration of the site AFTER it went down. It is terrible @HostGator. The website was up on the 6th according to the internet archive, but the back ups are gone according to @HGSupport. It has not been repaired.

  • AdamsRM1 Ryan Adams 🐺 (@AdamsRM1) berichtet

    @skystracloud I set up the DNS myself. @Hostgator utterly failed by: (1) letting the site go down and not alerting me to it (2) seeming to also wipe our backups that we are paying for And no one at @HGSupport seems to know what to do.

  • AdamsRM1 Ryan Adams 🐺 (@AdamsRM1) berichtet

    @skystracloud I can't believe it. @hostgator had an outage and it wiped out our wordpress database and our DNS records. They haven't fixed anything and everyone I speak to at @HGSupport is totally unable to help us. I will be switching to a far better service as soon as possible.

  • AdamsRM1 Ryan Adams 🐺 (@AdamsRM1) berichtet

    Hey @HostGator! You have the worst customer service I have ever encountered by a hosting site. Why is it impossible to get @HGSupport to do anything?

  • BorjaAlcaraz Borja Alcaraz (@BorjaAlcaraz) berichtet

    @HGSupport the Live Chat does not work and I cannot contact you to solve a technical problem.

  • myscotlandtoday Iain Muir (@myscotlandtoday) berichtet

    @HGSupport All good, Tommy. I reset the router and repointed my VPN. Seems to have solved the issue. My fault this time so apologies for blaming you guys.

  • Mutasim_Eltayeb Mutasim Eltayeb (@Mutasim_Eltayeb) berichtet

    Was your customers' support always this bad? @HGSupport

  • analysisdesarol 👩🏻‍💻A juninha en progress💃🖥️🧚🏻‍♀️ (@analysisdesarol) berichtet

    Alguém já teve o problema de não consegue enviar ou receber e-mail no hostgator?

  • jeferod83 Jeferson Rodrigues (@jeferod83) berichtet

    @HGSupport @HostGatorBrasil My website is down WHM down What is happening? Some trouble again with dedicated servers?

  • oom_rl outofmemory 🌻 (@oom_rl) berichtet

    @abyssdomainxprt @HostGator Surprised to see Sophos picked it up. Never had good results with it. Guessing it's doing it on combo: heuristics of "tiny encrypted ISO" plus possibly a hash? I intentionally D/L'd on a box with MalwareBytes just to see whether it picked it up - nope.

  • partha06 Partha Goswami (@partha06) berichtet

    @BigRock your server is too slow but the support team blaming me and saying my script has an issue, But the same scripts does not show any server response issues on my previous issue hostgator i am not sure why you are denying your fault rather than fix it

  • steps_to_change Cherry Tree Therapy Centre (@steps_to_change) berichtet

    @HGSupport Yes, the issue has not been resolved

  • steps_to_change Cherry Tree Therapy Centre (@steps_to_change) berichtet

    @HGSupport our emails are not working, are you experiencing problems?

  • monroeandco Monroe&Co. (@monroeandco) berichtet

    When you migrate a site with .@HostGator to an upgraded server, they leave both accounts open and don't migrate all your services automatically... and then your site breaks. LIKE WTF

  • petsimk S. Simkus (@petsimk) berichtet

    @HostGator 503 Service Unavailable. Can not do anything right now. I wonder how long this will take 🤔.