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IG Ausfalldiagramm 07/06/2022 17:40

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  • MaqsDad ollieMaqsDad (@MaqsDad) berichtet

    It's down another 5% pre-market and even after 1week I still don't have my shares 🤬🤬🤬 @HLInvest @IGClientHelp #Criminal $Tyde

  • InfinityMusicAS ΛMIƬ (@InfinityMusicAS) berichtet

    @DanNicholls03 @englandcricket @IGcom My bad

  • MaqsDad ollieMaqsDad (@MaqsDad) berichtet

    @HLInvest @IGcom $TYDE is down another 10% this morning and you still haven't allocated my shares to me. This is criminal!!!!! When will you deliver them when $TYDE is worth $0

  • AnuragJadia Anurag Jadia (@AnuragJadia) berichtet

    @englandcricket @jimmy9 @IGcom Its such a bad place to play cricket. Should not play international matches in England due to weather conditions. As spectator, it's really annoying 😡

  • KingNidgey King Nidge (@KingNidgey) berichtet

    @IGSquawk @IGClientHelp @Dannystorer Can you confirm who the custodian broker or clearing house is? I still haven't received any updates from your support, its beyond inconvenient at this point.

  • MaqsDad ollieMaqsDad (@MaqsDad) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hi, it seems everyone is receiving shares except your clients. Do you have any more updates? The share price dropped 66% yesterday, and I was unable to do anything about it. Do I need to make a complaint to the @TheFCA

  • MBlauerstein Mordechai Blauerstein (@MBlauerstein) berichtet

    @crashingBitcoin @IGcom What happened to the gold bug guy?

  • KingNidgey King Nidge (@KingNidgey) berichtet

    @Dannystorer @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk Their phone support just told me up to 5 working days once they receive them from their broker. There again, he was probably just throwing out BS because he didn't know himself.

  • Dannystorer Yups (@Dannystorer) berichtet

    @MaqsDad @IGClientHelp I have a bad feeling about this. its open to trade for everyone else in 12 minutes, I have seen hundreds of people that received them today

  • LewBrealey Lewis (@LewBrealey) berichtet

    @AdamDutton1 @englandcricket @IGcom Get buttler opening batting in tests and crash it to all parts

  • THEREALBORO YOUAREMYBORO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇦 🇺🇦 (@THEREALBORO) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom Should of extended play another 30 mins and let's them smash Bracewell worst spinner I've ever seen at this level. Nicely done lads, it's terrific to watch this 🙌🔥

  • peppertree_ave Cobi (@peppertree_ave) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I can't log in to my account. Are you guys still busy with maintenance?

  • news_hft HFT.news (@news_hft) berichtet

    @IGcom Unable to login to a/c and no password request being sent

  • behindthegaze Dan Towell (@behindthegaze) berichtet

    @englandcricket @JamieOverton @IGcom This lad can bat, solid down the lower order

  • mitchw05 Mitch Walmsley (@mitchw05) berichtet

    @GHodgsonSport @englandcricket @IGcom Saw the notification and thought this was a signing gif you've let me down GH


    @englandcricket @IGcom Only the IPL lad scoring runs, maybe IPL was never the problem

  • Fiddlestickzmu1 Fiddlestickzmuzik (@Fiddlestickzmu1) berichtet

    @englandcricket @KNCBcricket @IGcom WTF does ECB geoblock watching cricket on line..? do they not want people to watch and be interested in the game..?

  • izazoriginal Izazul Aftab (@izazoriginal) berichtet

    @englandcricket @KNCBcricket @IGcom Let them score 400 and chase it down

  • rich29uk Mark Gray (@rich29uk) berichtet

    @englandcricket @KNCBcricket @IGcom What's the point bowling first? You'll bowl them out for 250 and then chase it down with 10 overs to spare. The fans wanted to see another run at 500.

  • ScalperVol Bob Reeves (@ScalperVol) berichtet

    @IGcom Another day, another problem with IG. In the middle of a market crash, US 500 options are closed, it is not possible to buy, sell or close a position without calling the desk which does not pickup.

  • larryronaldpar1 The Wolf (@larryronaldpar1) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp why so slow with my sell order, it’s been sitting there for over an hour🤷🏻

  • larryronaldpar1 The Wolf (@larryronaldpar1) berichtet

    @IGcom why so slow with my sell order it’s been sitting there for over an hour 🤷🏻

  • AmgelFox castor pineda (@AmgelFox) berichtet

    @IGcom In June 2011, #Bitcoin price temporarily crashed down to $0.01 from a $32 high following the hack at MtGox. Stay the course, DCA, and secure your coins. You all should Follow @Glomaun he knows his stuff when it comes to BTC and other Cryptos, his tweets have been helpful so far

  • truant2tb Tb (@truant2tb) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp all withdrawal requests are failing, I’ve used this card multiple times. I call in and press “2” on the IVR and it’s a recorded msg in FRENCH wtf is going on?!? I want to be able to withdraw!!

  • peterhorsman3 peter out. (@peterhorsman3) berichtet

    @IGcom Are you able to fix card deposit issues. Ig suck.

  • cp1889 cp (@cp1889) berichtet

    @DonaldPond6 @IGcom I don't understand that, sorry. You're still investing in a business where management have done a bad job and feel the need to evade retail? Directors are always held to account when up for re-election.

  • DonaldPond6 Donald Pond (@DonaldPond6) berichtet

    @cp1889 @IGcom But you don’t know which companies are like that in advance. That’s the problem.

  • cp1889 cp (@cp1889) berichtet

    @DonaldPond6 @IGcom Not a voting issue so contact company direct rather than faffing about via a nominee re attendance. Open door policy for vast majority of AGMs (some security & orderly protest exceptions).

  • kev123703 Mr K.A.A (@kev123703) berichtet

    @IGcom Yes is the worst performer

  • NickyB_london _Nick (@NickyB_london) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp odd spike up on eurjpy with mt4. Can't be real - looks like a decimal point issue