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IG Problemmeldungen

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  • Stock8115 James Oxley (@Stock8115) berichtet

    @mark_etters @IGSquawk @IGClientHelp IG customer service is dreadful. Like a call centre.

  • guydej1 Guy de Jonquières (@guydej1) berichtet

    @IGcom @ChrisB_IG Link is broken.

  • stuuk1 SJ (@stuuk1) berichtet

    @joe31756 @IGcom @ChrisB_IG Exactly this. I was well down on FTSE and this week has been beautifully corrected! Same happened before Christmas on Dow

  • shaunie233 shaun.russell (@shaunie233) berichtet

    @IGcom Thk **** thought it was going to be hugh grant

  • joe31756 joe ele (@joe31756) berichtet

    @IGcom Quarter and monthly Options expiry this week for this reason the oil price is down

  • TradeFloorAudio Trading Floor Audio (@TradeFloorAudio) berichtet

    @IGcom They traded 5.08% intra-day on Wednesday of last week Down nearly 100bp in just two and a half trading sessions !!!!! Quite unbelievable move

  • joe31756 joe ele (@joe31756) berichtet

    @IGcom @ChrisB_IG The problem the market is down not because the banks problem but because the manipulation because this week is options expiry monthly and quarterly for shares and indexes .

  • ehsansharif1 Ehsan Sharif (@ehsansharif1) berichtet

    @englandcricket @RehanAhmed__16 @IGcom 6 bowlers wtf

  • jackbyrne91 Jack (@jackbyrne91) berichtet

    @englandcricket @RehanAhmed__16 @IGcom We’ve got three number 8s batting 5,6,7 and then a tail of sloggers who come off 1 in 25 innings from 8 down.

  • boothysl91 Steven Booth (@boothysl91) berichtet

    @englandcricket @RehanAhmed__16 @IGcom Batting down to 4 is a big risk

  • 57timj Tim James (@57timj) berichtet

    @IGcom Surely private health will be a growth area for the future in the UK, with this government determined to completely break the NHS and Labour promising not to fix the NHS, but to work with private providers! (I won’t be charging for stating the obvious)

  • ayTrader Steve (@ayTrader) berichtet

    @IGcom @JeremyNaylor_IG Hope it gonna collapse. Too high and bad quality.... they print too much fake money

  • Stock8115 James Oxley (@Stock8115) berichtet

    @IGcom @amishshah1968 Your support is like a 3rd call centre, not a trading platform.

  • Devan312 Devan Patel (@Devan312) berichtet

    @IGcom I have been struggling to get my funds from my account, I got a automated email saying I need to verify my account, I am happy to send my documents to a safe email address but no-one even replies from your emails so hesitant to send my documents at the moment, please help

  • Smudgedann smudgedan (@Smudgedann) berichtet

    Taken some $JAGX at $1.5. May have further to fall but is down from a year high of $61 and now a market cap of $3m. Available online with @IGcom which was surprising given its size. Met the company a few weeks back and the forthcoming FDA trial should prove a good catalyst

  • Z_brierley Zach Brierley (@Z_brierley) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom Has James Vince ever had a good score for England? Truly awful player

  • Spl1831 Spl183 (@Spl1831) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I cannot log into SB platform ? I can log in to Account Page but then freezing whenever try to get into platform over past 30 mins. Is this a known issue ? If so ETA on being fixed please ?

  • AndertonJohn John Anderton (@AndertonJohn) berichtet

    @IGcom @AngelineOng Have you looked at the way almost every fund is performing ? All still well down on Oct 21 levels and wallowing in the choppy markets caused by interest rate rises and traders see saw reactions.

  • lennon909uk richard (@lennon909uk) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom How the heck is Zack still keeping his place. I get that he might once in a blue moon help win a game but with his constant low scores & ball dropping he’s more likely to cost us a win.

  • ChrisLe11767290 Chris Lee (@ChrisLe11767290) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom 1 down already then

  • TotalValverde15 ₱rxteek (@TotalValverde15) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom Bc wtf is this timing

  • John197210 John Pearce (@John197210) berichtet

    @AIM_7_8 @englandcricket @IGcom That does trouble Stokes/McCullum. They're more interested in the wickets column!

  • BobMerle3 Bob Merle (@BobMerle3) berichtet

    @IGcom Entendre @ABaradez #MarketLive essayer d'expliquer pourquoi la baisse aurait du avoir lieu est pathétique. Dites lui que le CAC & les marchés européens sont bien moins chers que les USA en P/E. Son coté monomaniaque sur les taux courts est stérile !

  • Dennis_G6YBC Dennis_G6YBC 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇦 (@Dennis_G6YBC) berichtet

    @MTDomain @IGcom @JMahony_IG But the next issue is, Section 106 money is not spent on infrastructure like schools, roads doctors etc. we now have schools with 100 places but 175 wanting a place. Nearest school 1.5K away but they have same issues. And it’ll get bigger with more houses but no infrastructure.

  • Think_London Driver/Sleeper (@Think_London) berichtet

    @Russmcfly @IGcom So do you see year in year increases like this every year? I bet you're one of those that support our warmongering in Ukraine and will happily accept this stupid price rise

  • telx100 telx100 (@telx100) berichtet

    @IGcom @AngelineOng META doesn’t work, it’s a poor product on facebook, I’ve experienced far too many crashes to approve this update other media companies should avoid using META like the Plague, I will leave if they can’t fix this problem!

  • LaugingAtPessi2 LaughingAtPessi (@LaugingAtPessi2) berichtet

    @englandcricket @IGcom Mount chelsea worst player

  • BobMerle3 Bob Merle (@BobMerle3) berichtet

    @IGcom votre analyste @ABaradez bloque tous ceux qui lui font remarquer que ses analyses avec biais baissier sont dangereuses pour les épargnants. Depuis plusieurs semaines il est dans l'erreur et va même chercher des prétextes infantiles pour se justifier.

  • Mogbebor1 Baby_Trader (@Mogbebor1) berichtet

    Hey @IGcom, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • AkhileshwerTiw5 Akhileshwer Tiwari (@AkhileshwerTiw5) berichtet

    @WVenketas @IGcom @DailyFXTeam What will be effect of increase or decrease on gold. And what is previously and predicted. Please help man, I got some money stuck. Thanks