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IG Ausfalldiagramm 01/25/2022 02:20

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  • asaph_choo Asaph Choo (@asaph_choo) berichtet

    @Dh11L0n @IGClientHelp The issue is also happening on iOS

  • Tradeanator Will3572 (@Tradeanator) berichtet

    @PG_Trades @IGClientHelp I had the same issue and didn't receive alerts on trades so I could review the position... its kinda a BIG F'ING PROBLEM you cant get a simple trigger system to work... do I need to write your code? If x > y then "trigger above alert"... convenient it happens now dont you think!

  • RynoTheGreat Ryan Noles (@RynoTheGreat) berichtet

    @IGcom Alerts do not seem to be working properly on the iPhone app. I'm not able to set a new alert at all and the ones I do have set are getting no notifications when the market should be triggering it. Is this a bug from the latest update that took place over the weekend?

  • tozzer121 🐒tozzer🐒 (@tozzer121) berichtet

    IG price alerts not working @IGcom aware

  • PG_Trades PG Trading (@PG_Trades) berichtet

    Anyone else having issues with alerts on the IG mobile app? @IGClientHelp no price alerts have gone off this morning at all, just closing trade notifications.

  • Dh11L0n Singh Dhillon (@Dh11L0n) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hi I've noticed since Saturday alerts are no longer working. I have checked every setting on my side and everything seems fine. I am using android. I have also tried on desktop and same issue price alerts are not being triggered. Any issues on your side?

  • mikey0404 Michael (@mikey0404) berichtet

    @cricvizanalyst @IGcom Not surprising given England's top six's attempted slogging. What I don't understand is when the third wicket goes down they still carry on the same. Was Morgan attempting the Root rotating strike role? Abysmal if so.

  • Sasuuni Sasuuni (@Sasuuni) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Trying to download trade history reports and they are showing the direction incorrectly as sell rather than buy. Any way to fix this?

  • tabhaircom Tabhair (@tabhaircom) berichtet

    @DeepValueInv Fantastic news. As much as I like @IGcom platform and customer service, they have no interest in adding new exchanges to their ISA platform.

  • spanout Tim Spanoudakis (@spanout) berichtet

    @IGcom So far have waited 1 whole week for withdrawal to show in my bank account. Why is it so difficult to get profits out when putting money in is instantaneous? Love the platform, but if it is always this slow, then will have to look elsewhere.

  • Tcs1061 Thibault Salomon (@Tcs1061) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I'm unable to download my statements to a csv file at the moment. The csv file is created but there is no data inside it. Do you know if a fix will be implemented soon?

  • GaryNTrader Gary Newman (@GaryNTrader) berichtet

    @IGcom Thanks for the response - only seemed to be a temporary/intermittent problem for a short while and is all working fine again now (as it generally does and very rare there are issues).

  • AIMInvestor1978 AIMInvestor1978 (@AIMInvestor1978) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp sort your platform out keeps going down

  • B_SandhuLondon Bill (@B_SandhuLondon) berichtet

    @AnnaOfTheOrder @IGcom Thanks Anna , we are so lucky to have you to help us

  • PG_Trades PG Trading (@PG_Trades) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp are you aware of this issue? Can’t execute trades on the mobile app, and can’t close exisiting trades either (unless longs are closed out at 4x account size (as the price is 0)

  • GaryNTrader Gary Newman (@GaryNTrader) berichtet

    @IGcom seems to have gone down for indices, commodities, FX and crypto - all showing as the market being closed!

  • andrewdc208 Andrewdc208 (@andrewdc208) berichtet

    Anyone else's @IGcom EU stock pricing keep having issues, or is it just me?

  • r0ryt13 r0ryt13 (@r0ryt13) berichtet

    @cricvizanalyst @IGcom Don’t most batsmen get out at test level on or around off stump? England’s problem is who replaces him. Haven’t seen as poor a line up in a long time.

  • profitseeker68 ProfitSeeker 🚀💰📉💼 (@profitseeker68) berichtet

    @ZosoGraffiti @IGcom RSP has always been though IG a issue as it gives a proper view of where the money is.

  • ZosoGraffiti 0xFFFE (@ZosoGraffiti) berichtet

    @profitseeker68 @IGcom What do you mean by cracking down???

  • vmcq1002 victor mcqueen (@vmcq1002) berichtet

    @IGcom There is a problem with the date of birth field, I have to scroll back to 1966, it won't let me enter manually will take ages.

  • EdsCricket Ed Speed (@EdsCricket) berichtet

    @cricvizanalyst @IGcom It looks like he is straying down leg far more for left handers. I noticed he was bowling round the wicket to left handers on day 2, which imo is only going to increase the chance of the ball straying down leg.

  • AtLegSlip G S A (@AtLegSlip) berichtet

    @cricvizanalyst @IGcom Hey Ben Bones shut down your useless tool that cannot work even with hindsight.

  • YuLukim Lukim yu (@YuLukim) berichtet

    @cricvizanalyst @IGcom And still wicketless with the worst economy rate of the date.

  • PG_Trades PG Trading (@PG_Trades) berichtet

    @SirMoultrie @iG @IGClientHelp can you help with this?

  • skenn89 Dwayne Musk (@skenn89) berichtet

    @marketgem @IGClientHelp Never had issues on HL

  • wa7ermelon Watermelõn 🍉🥷 (@wa7ermelon) berichtet

    @marketgem @IGClientHelp There was an issue earlier in the year but has been okay since March/April time.

  • ichiandscratchy Heikin Ash (@ichiandscratchy) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp What's happened to Volume data on the Australia 200 chart please? I rely on this for certain indicators, which are now not working.

  • Shineon14352 Crazy Diamond 💎 (@Shineon14352) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp completely useless - appalling customer service and total lack of interest. Will be moving investments away from them in New Year

  • alfmather alf 🍿 (@alfmather) berichtet

    @IGSquawk @IGcom Why ******** have you absolute robbing bastards sold my shares without my consent???? I want this to be investigated immediately!! @TheFCA