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  • baek_taehyun Taehyun Baek (@baek_taehyun) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Please respond to my emails. I have sent three already over the past two days. Please help with issues with my account regarding fund withdrawals!

  • mushadi514 Syed Haider Kazmi (@mushadi514) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Still Can not launch Real pro on my IG live Account (HXV6B) please resolve my issue

  • diaryrektman Diary of a REKT man (@diaryrektman) berichtet

    @IGcom wtf is going on @thomasg_grizzle???

  • PunjabiJams Punjabi Jams (@PunjabiJams) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I have spent hours waiting on the phone, no email and social media response think you could do with some investment into customer service as this is ridiculous

  • Zubairssss Zubair (@Zubairssss) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Extremely unimpressed by the quality of service I've received the last two weeks. Days to get a reply and from someone who didn't even read my query properly. And I'm being asked if the problem persists?

  • conor__clarke conor 💙 (@conor__clarke) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp have been on hold for 15+ mins regarding an account problem??

  • rupsy007 Rupsy (@rupsy007) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hi, I am having issues withdrawing my funds?

  • s33m33P Simona (@s33m33P) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Please find bellow my details: Account ID: PX9QA Full Name: Simona Parker DOB: 06/07/1965 The issue I am having is that some shares don't appear when searching. Diagnostics show two errors in red, the registry access test and the program file access test.

  • gazra10 Gary Collier (@gazra10) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Still doesn’t help my position which I’ve been limited on for a month.

  • markodonnell10 Mark O'Donnell (@markodonnell10) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Sorry - I can’t get through to your help desk - I don’t have hours to wait on the phone I’m afraid - can you help?

  • chrisrobson1163 Robbo@pitchside7 (@chrisrobson1163) berichtet

    @gazra10 @IGClientHelp Wouldn't mind if if was a level playing Field and you couldn't trade either way, The stock will only go one way if sell only. So once the stock goes down they will happily let you close your account. Can see a court date ahead.

  • waitliketengo Lee Evans (@waitliketengo) berichtet

    @jablamsky @etrade Tried 3 times for 30mins each to get through to @IGClientHelp in the UK today...’help’ smh

  • jamal_mismar jimmy mismar (@jamal_mismar) berichtet

    @CNNBusiness @IGcom won’t allow any buying of CC positions, only closing. Anyone else had this problem?

  • jamal_mismar jimmy mismar (@jamal_mismar) berichtet

    @TheStreet @IGcom won’t allow any buying of CC positions, only closing. Anyone else had this problem?

  • ShadArzani Muhammad Shad Arzani (@ShadArzani) berichtet

    @malinda63998104 @IGClientHelp I am facing exactly same issue at the moment

  • ShadArzani Muhammad Shad Arzani (@ShadArzani) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hi. If anyone available at all IG to help unlock an account. Tried online chat and phone but have been waiting for long!

  • s33m33P Simona (@s33m33P) berichtet

    @el_Petrikaitis @IGClientHelp Hi, I have the same problem. Have you managed to sort it yet. So frustrating .....

  • peterdeugenio peter deugenio (@peterdeugenio) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp i've been on hold for over 30mins to find out why you transferred my funds to the wrong currency account. Your live chat feature is a total waste of time and I'm wondering why your service is so hopeless for the amount of money I have onboard?

  • mushadi514 Syed Haider Kazmi (@mushadi514) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Good evening I can not Lunch Real Pro Application From IG Live Account Error code 1003 !!!!!!!!!!! Can Fix that Issue ? Thanks

  • Jam4u_75 Jam4U (@Jam4u_75) berichtet

    @SilentNinjaDude @sharesearch_ I consolidated select ones into one SIP with @IGClientHelp - took ages (not IG's fault, but the incumbent Pension Administrators have a very slow process).

  • anandhinagaraj AnnRaj (@anandhinagaraj) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp have been trying to discuss about the new margin requirements for plus 500 since Monday without success. can you help pl

  • Woodysue gin&tonic (@Woodysue) berichtet

    Here we go again @IGClientHelp trying to partially close #VAR 1 of your hit list but get the message 'unexpected error occurred cannot close position ' forcing me to go to 100% margin..this must be against #FCA guidelines surely?

  • Josh21318170 Josh (@Josh21318170) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hey, I need to find out my account manager's email address. Something went wrong and now I have absolutely no way of contacting them unless they contact me first. I will give you more details in DM's if you're able to help me out

  • cxeq kanda (@cxeq) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Do you have some kind of liquidty problems

  • CraigHo62125246 Craig Holland (@CraigHo62125246) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I signed up for an account today and now I can’t access it. It’s saying my password is incorrect. Can you help?

  • BucklerFern El Fern (Taking the P*ss) (@BucklerFern) berichtet

    Either that, or IG is having some 'issues' that are unclear. Something is not adding up here. @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk

  • Montage512 Monte M (@Montage512) berichtet

    @nickcawley1 @DailyFX @IGcom Apparently write these articles with no real information why the crypto market crashed. F2 mining pool dumped btc into the market. Probably because bitcoin futures are up on Friday. Second there was a flash crash on Kraken that plummeted the prices further and that caused panic.

  • since1982 Allik (@since1982) berichtet

    @eToroService It's everyday the same. "Could not open position". While orders on @IGcom passed flawlessly. May be you should get in contact with them for some help.

  • TonyBonnerChef Tony B (@TonyBonnerChef) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Been trying to withdraw for 2 days...I've emailed. The phone service is seemingly inadequate.

  • MayhemRVF The #DPMO C.E.O 🇯🇲 (@MayhemRVF) berichtet

    Tried to average down and buy more $AMC earlier and @IGcom wouldn’t let me. Piss take #DPMO