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IG ist der weltweit größte Forex Broker und CFD Dealer. Das Unternehmen bietet weltweiten Zugang zu einer umfassenden Produktlinie, die Forex, Aktienindizes, einzelne Aktien, Aktiensektoren, Rohstoffe, Kryptowährungen, Anleihen und Zinssätze auf einer Vielzahl von professionellen webbasierten und mobilen Handelsplattformen umfasst.

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    Login (27%)

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    Abhebungen (2%)

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    Handelsplattform (2%)

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BrazilSão Paulo Login
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IG Problemmeldungen

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  • johncharles247 john charles (@johncharles247) berichtet

    @IGcom I have lost literally thousands of pounds through IG being an absolutely terrible platform - refusing to put trades on claiming ‘price no longer valid’. Your business is a disgrace and a shambles

  • jaeson72 JAESON Debarros (@jaeson72) berichtet

    @Londontrader7 @Lol_Yiddo @IGcom I guess they make their decisions and live with them, balance of profit v risk v customer growth/retention. In the digital age customers will vote with their feet if there's a better platform out there!

  • jorgebastida Jorge Bastida (@jorgebastida) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Client here. There is no a clear place in your website where to raise complains. You only direct people to a public forum. Shall I proceed and contact the Financial Ombudsman Service directly given that that's the @TheFCA advise on their website?

  • aimisthegame123 aim is the game (@aimisthegame123) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I lost a trade coz of their glitch after 2 hours on the phone waiting I maneged to get reimbursed for the trade that I lost

  • ShamimU61554433 Shamilfc (@ShamimU61554433) berichtet

    @SidsPhotos @IGcom It's happened before. System is always down during volotility. Volotility is what traders thrive for as that's were money is made.

  • rsspx Trs🌊🔻👁️⃤ (@rsspx) berichtet


  • SidsPhotos sid (@SidsPhotos) berichtet

    @ShamimU61554433 @IGcom Yep if a few people coming in to trade $GME shuts down their servers it just goes to show how **** their capacity actually is

  • aimisthegame123 aim is the game (@aimisthegame123) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I lost a trade coz of their glitch after 2 hours on the phone waiting I maneged to get reimbursed for the trade that I lost .. so please do the same if your In my position

  • RowlenBoilers Rowlen Boiler Services (@RowlenBoilers) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp you have received multiple emails from me regarding rights issues with TUI, no response look at tui order on 14/01/21 and your order 22/01/21 on account RXSCR you have removed money out of my account, this has now been passed on the the financial ombudsman

  • i_sensing iSensing (@i_sensing) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp @IGClientHelp I still cant login. Been waiting 1hr for someone to answer the phone. Any help would be appreciated to fix this issue.

  • rikkigouda Rikki (@rikkigouda) berichtet

    @IGcom Your RestAPIs are down..

  • Londontrader7 Londontrader 🇬🇧 (@Londontrader7) berichtet

    @jaeson72 @Lol_Yiddo @IGcom This is not new to IG. They have done this in the past too during market volatility. They have enough experience and resources to fix it but they don't want to. My feeling is they themselves act as market maker and take opposite position. When the oprtuntiy comes they pounce on u

  • TTwfake The Deep State (@TTwfake) berichtet

    @IGcom Sounds like IG is facing insolvency from bad risk management. I'm moving my money out before they collapse and suggest everyone else do the same. This type of behaviour should not go unpunished.

  • SidsPhotos sid (@SidsPhotos) berichtet

    @AlexWriggleswo2 @IGcom This is exactly the problem. The brokers restricting certain stocks are losing a lot of credibility this week.

  • FourFour_Stu Spencey (@FourFour_Stu) berichtet

    @IGcom Well, you've managed to make and lose a customer in the space of one week.

  • maneco1964 maneco64 (@maneco1964) berichtet

    @LawrenceLepard @Old_soul84 That's outrageous. They are destroying capitalism ( not that we have real free-market capitalism). I had a few hundred AG with a @IGcom but liquidated them as they kept freezing my account. I'm going down the Olivia Newton-John route: let's get physical!

  • Charlie_gatos Charlie Menegatos (@Charlie_gatos) berichtet

    @AndrewDem @IGClientHelp A few others have had similar issues, but agreed not good enough

  • prc162 pixie (@prc162) berichtet

    @IGcom Your platform was down Friday first hour and last 30 minutes corrupt to line your pockets I lost thousands on this behavior. Will be shutting down my account

  • MarkFetters Fetts (@MarkFetters) berichtet

    @IGcom ‘Prioritise the service’...not quite sure you’ve been doing any service to your clients this week.

  • sofia_benj Sofia Benjelloun (@sofia_benj) berichtet

    @IGcom Why do you charge us 10 pounds per trade ? #injustice i trusted your platform #help

  • ism12 ian minshaw (@ism12) berichtet

    @IGcom yet another institution trying to shut the retail investors down with huge margins but happy to take profit when they get it wrong GameStop corp a joke

  • BolatMuhsin Muhsin Bolat (@BolatMuhsin) berichtet

    @IGcom This week was incredible with IG. Unstable system etc. I am also searching a new broker.

  • ShamimU61554433 Shamilfc (@ShamimU61554433) berichtet

    @IGcom Who cares about gamestop fix your damn platform. I hold alot of money with your platform and wasn't able to trade due to your system crash basically everyopen this week. Not the first time. Whether gamestop or not overall system should not be down. FIX It.

  • hamanegg1983 G Davidson (@hamanegg1983) berichtet

    @IGcom @Watermelon_AIM It’s ok for the banks to do this but **** the peasants

  • technoteee Tarjei Thomassen (@technoteee) berichtet

    @IGcom the platform was down three days in a row! And you do nothing for your customers who has lost money because of this

  • jaeson72 JAESON Debarros (@jaeson72) berichtet

    @IGcom Good decision, happy to hear IG have taken stock and focussing on stabilising platform. Shocking reliability last week so looking forward to a return to normal! Generally been a great service.

  • aimisthegame123 aim is the game (@aimisthegame123) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I lost money today because of your glitch

  • HopelessTrader1 The Hopeless Trader (@HopelessTrader1) berichtet

    @IGcom Bad move. This is already being investigated in the USA and a prominent MP had already taken aim at 212 for doing the same. So while the suits can carry on to trade we have to stop. If you allow this, I guarantee this will be the end of your company

  • Lol_Yiddo Laurence (@Lol_Yiddo) berichtet

    @IGcom Platform has been utterly shocking this week - increased trading fees / unstable platform - maybe time to look elsewhere

  • technoteee Tarjei Thomassen (@technoteee) berichtet

    @IGcom because your service was down for hours and many customers lost a lot of money