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IG ist der weltweit größte Forex Broker und CFD Dealer. Das Unternehmen bietet weltweiten Zugang zu einer umfassenden Produktlinie, die Forex, Aktienindizes, einzelne Aktien, Aktiensektoren, Rohstoffe, Kryptowährungen, Anleihen und Zinssätze auf einer Vielzahl von professionellen webbasierten und mobilen Handelsplattformen umfasst.

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  • bally_o bally (@bally_o) berichtet

    @IGcom Why I don't want to use IG. 1. There is not 2 factor authentication and when asked to the customer care there are no tokens left and if hacked the risk is ours 👏🏽

  • DaveyD95 David (@DaveyD95) berichtet

    @IGcom Doesn't stop your live chat being unable to work out anything and then fobbing customers off saying they will email to help and then don't, doesn't inspire any confidence to switch fully to yourselves

  • DaveyD95 David (@DaveyD95) berichtet

    The great thing about having opened an @IGcom account is that they won't allow me to place any trades and their online chat and email service are nigh on useless so don't even know how to fix an error. Unusuable cash is king

  • HaraldHadrada2 Harald Hadrada (@HaraldHadrada2) berichtet

    @keya5000 @IGcom @ii_couk Its 2021 its not hard and tons want the service now not down the line. Time is money.

  • glassjawbone AM (@glassjawbone) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Fidelity upped their limit sell to 600% of the current price. This limit used to be only 50%. Why can't IG provide that service?

  • prc162 pixie (@prc162) berichtet

    @Fidelity_UK Worst customer experience ever. ISA transfer to @IGcom taken 4 months lost paperwork many times. Finally BACS transfer then cancelled and sent a Cheque in the post unbelievable. @Fidelity_UK living in the 80s. 🤡🤡🤡🎪🎪🎪

  • liamrees_ juciano (@liamrees_) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp on hold for 40 mins now, locked into trade as stop loss amendments all being rejected on one stock, help?

  • stuart06502042 stuart (@stuart06502042) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Can you help me, trying to trade KRBN.P but being told its a 'complex instrument and not eligible to be traded on my account'. I bought this 2 weeks ago and want to add more - can you help?

  • dagama1 vincent (@dagama1) berichtet

    @IGcom They are awful people to deal with. My regret investing in this platform. Don't try it.

  • AOnung ժгε (InfoSec Babysitter) (@AOnung) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Can you sort out the glitch restricting me from trading $LMFA. Problem: ✴Displaying incorrect book cost. ✴inaccurate number of stocks. Been on the phone for 1hr+ now. Thanks!

  • betrbiz Trader Queen 👑 (@betrbiz) berichtet

    @AOnung @IGcom Not a glitch. It's halted

  • melaninsuki Melaninsuki (@melaninsuki) berichtet

    @loveisaduel @IGClientHelp Please I can’t login my Ig account username @melaninsuki because my account was disabled please I need to recover my account help me Sir

  • tombore_sweetie Tom Bore (@tombore_sweetie) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Hi, is there any update on this as Dollar Basket is still not working in demo? Thanks

  • 151design David Stephen (@151design) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Since last week I have noticed many charts not displaying candlestick data for anything other than daily timeframes? The price position at the time is displayed, but nothing proceeding it during that day. Is this a system-wide problem at the moment?

  • MattSkave Matt Skave (@MattSkave) berichtet

    @IGcom I wish this pistorious looking mofoker would **** off

  • rhewins Robert Hewins (@rhewins) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp can you please tell me when the problem with the chart for US Oil Crude will be resolved for spread betting? It stopped working on 30 April - there are no candles to see. I am a student following a trading course using a demo account and unable to trade oil!!!!

  • Shan90aim Shan90 Aim Trader (@Shan90aim) berichtet

    @AimTerminator @ii_couk @IGcom Just gives him that error about buying an instrument

  • CairnInvestor 🅒🅐🅘🅡🅝 🖥 📈 💼 (@CairnInvestor) berichtet

    @profitseeker68 @ii_couk We are in a world where everyone wants more for their money, better value, better service. Such a shame some companies do not seem to understand this and think users will put up with it... voting with your feet is the best thing. Hope @IGcom is better for you and others 👍

  • darlocst darlocst (@darlocst) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp my L2 dealer app - watchlist pro is not longer loading following an update applied this morning. Log file showing error which I have emailed.

  • AttackO06384716 Kenny Lam (@AttackO06384716) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp really **** customer services and CFD platform! Request for removal of bank card bc the website doesn’t allow to delete. The customer service ask me to delete on the website. WTF, I already mentioned you **** company doesn’t allow me to remove!

  • pjb2go 🕗ontheup🕟 (@pjb2go) berichtet

    @Space_Robot1 I'd agree with you mate. Although their stunt with spreadbets this year left a bad test. @IGClientHelp @IGSquawk

  • DanielBeaudry16 Daniel Beaudry (@DanielBeaudry16) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp I am having trouble adding funds to my trading account. And on top of that all 3 phone numbers I call have a recorded message about being busy and can not take calls. This I find quite concerning.

  • AttackO06384716 Kenny Lam (@AttackO06384716) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp worst cfd platform even Delay and unstable system Low efficient customer service High spread and charges (exchange rate) compared to many other platforms in the market

  • rm_murry Randy Murry (@rm_murry) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp It seems that I cannot start Pro Real Time anymore from the portal, known issue ?

  • bo_kanan Hisham Bo Kanan (@bo_kanan) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp need help activating my account no one is answering me on the phone

  • YananNara1 Yanan Nara (@YananNara1) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Dear , But in demo account it doesnt happen and i thought real accunt also same why there is difference between demo and real in this stock split issue ? Why in demo profit is shown for split from old price?

  • YananNara1 Yanan Nara (@YananNara1) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp help me?

  • Bowen85AI AndY B (@Bowen85AI) berichtet

    @IGcom @VictoriaS_IG What to expect from IG. Steel your money, lock you out of open trades and lock your stop loss position. Then make you wait 8 weeks for a **** you not our problem.

  • _BlackSoulLord Usman (@_BlackSoulLord) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp ... hi, not able to login to my account from Pakistan... any issues... ?

  • philipbotelho89 Philip Botelho 🔺 (@philipbotelho89) berichtet

    @IGClientHelp Im trying to withdraw funds using a card that I already verified and withdrawn from previously but I keep getting an error message saying I need to verify the card. When I try to go to the verification page I keep getting an error saying there are technical issues