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XM Ausfalldiagramm 01/23/2021 19:40

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  • BrandonCSwarts Brandon C. Swarts (@BrandonCSwarts) berichtet

    @XM_COM Why do you guys spend lots of money on advertising when it can be used on honesty. You won't need to spend millions on advertising if you stop cheating traders who use your platform. Nobody is happy with you unilaterally closing down accounts blocking traders from their funds.

  • MizzThatoTee Thato (@MizzThatoTee) berichtet

    @MrAI314816 @XM_COM No it's not. The issue is with you. All indices are the same on ALL trading platforms... spreads might be slightly different. Otherwise it's the same ... don't blame the platform ... practice mfana ka 👌🏾🤞🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • kwillix6 Kalu Pipscobar (@kwillix6) berichtet

    @XM_COM Do you support "boom and crash" and volatility indexes?

  • pozisagobeni Popo (@pozisagobeni) berichtet

    @XM_COM I will never refer anyone to XM because of your poor customer service, tried so many platforms to be assisted as I couldn’t withdraw my funds but no one assisted me till today 🥵😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • GiorgioCD11 J.J. (@GiorgioCD11) berichtet

    @XM_COM No me cansaré de decir que esto es una completa estafa, mejor inviertan en otra cosa, aquí se roban la plata bloqueando cuentas cuando se logra ganar algo.

  • DylanSelleck R6 🤢 (@DylanSelleck) berichtet

    @Jerey_leonidas @XM_COM oh okay i had this same issue as another broker i have a demo account was still open but my micro account was frozen

  • DylanSelleck R6 🤢 (@DylanSelleck) berichtet

    @Jerey_leonidas @XM_COM are you still having this issue?

  • sir_mprst ABDUL (@sir_mprst) berichtet

    Dear @XM_COM how can i get my mt5 login details?

  • mfanafuthishaba Robert Ching (@mfanafuthishaba) berichtet

    @XM_COM I have been doing withdrawals straight to my bank account, now when I try to withdraw you reject my withdrawal request. What kind of nonsense is that? I don't want to withdraw via Bitcoin, I want to withdraw straight to my bank account. Sort your issues.

  • xnly_Cash Cash, the Larney (@xnly_Cash) berichtet

    @XM_COM Anyone want to start trading ?? I have a solution for you. Legit

  • CamiloCamiloco ADICTO (@CamiloCamiloco) berichtet

    @XM_COM Alguien entonces este broker es una estafa por que dicen no puede uno retirar su di ero alguien que me diga la verdad.

  • dru_mahape Dru Mahape (@dru_mahape) berichtet

    @Samke023Sammy @XM_COM I'm straggling to login on mt4 or mt5, how did you manage?

  • stanleycelesti2 stanley (@stanleycelesti2) berichtet

    @XM_COM I keep having issues with my identity approval and that made me to loose hope back then. I hope this time around that am confident of restarting, that it'll be smooth on me

  • cooliciuos YoungBlackMaster (@cooliciuos) berichtet

    @XM_COM I need some one to help me trade i have an account but not funded

  • Chinu49255456 IndianFoodLover (@Chinu49255456) berichtet

    @Manisha3005 @XM_COM @pmcguirefinance Oil prices down...Good for India...Good for OMC...BPCL and HPCL... 45$ Good for ONGC too.. Iran going to produce more oil...

  • Cryptoinfowatc1 Cryptoinfowatch (@Cryptoinfowatc1) berichtet

    @XM_COM @XM_COM do you support copy trading?

  • BrianBunu Brian Bunu (@BrianBunu) berichtet

    @XM_COM hie, I registered but I didn't copy ID number can yu help me to recover it

  • Toto1one Toto1 (@Toto1one) berichtet

    @XM_COM what happens in your website is so slow what is your problem

  • rekishenpai Reki Shenpai (@rekishenpai) berichtet

    @XM_COM Shut ******** up

  • Maicol50519 maykel (@Maicol50519) berichtet

    @XM_COM Está ****** que es?. Siempre me sale publicidad y sin saber que es.

  • Arieldavid19 Pedro Gómez 🌎 (@Arieldavid19) berichtet

    @XM_COM No me deja entrar al servidor

  • edinnino Eloodichukwu (@edinnino) berichtet

    @XM_COM Can someone please help and explain maybe I need tutoring on how this works

  • GiorgioCD11 J.J. (@GiorgioCD11) berichtet

    @XM_COM Estafa 100%,lo digo por experiencia propia

  • Glorious82195 Glorious #endsars (@Glorious82195) berichtet


  • 2freshajax 🎲MAGIC BROWN$KIN 🎮 (@2freshajax) berichtet


  • 1000_rolando Rolando_1000 (@1000_rolando) berichtet

    @XM_COM no dan el bono de registro es todo fraude

  • 1000_rolando Rolando_1000 (@1000_rolando) berichtet

    @XM_COM no dan el bono de registro es todo fraude.

  • 1000_rolando Rolando_1000 (@1000_rolando) berichtet

    @XM_COM no dan el bono de registro es todo fraude

  • 1000_rolando Rolando_1000 (@1000_rolando) berichtet

    @XM_COM no dan el bono de registro esto todo fraude!

  • TevinJoseph9 Tevin Joseph (@TevinJoseph9) berichtet

    @XM_COM please fix up the MPESA payment option, I have had problems with my deposits